“Shirahige waterfall”
※ The river is not blue … it is a secret.

“Blue River”
※ You can see this river blue by seeing this title.

“Shirogane Fudo waterfall”
※ After getting off the car, you can reach this waterfall by walking 200 steps.

14th June 2017


exercise 07072017

at the hotel gym in Williston, ND

  • 4 x 20 decline push ups
  • 4 x 20 sit ups
  • 8 x 10 air squats
  • 30 minutes on the elliptical

felt good to exercise after a couple of busy work days with no exercise

Trump & Putin on TV.   a little scary, but i couldn’t get the channel to change.  TV might have been haunted.

In Dreams 6

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Rating: Gen



The road disappears under his tires and he imagines that behind him, nothing exists anymore, as if the world is being devoured the second he passes.

The persistent throbbing in his head is only outpaced by the thrumming ache in his chest.

There is but one thing on his mind: her, her, always her.

He presses the gas a little harder as if he might be able to simply physically get ahead of the pain and let it sink into oblivion somewhere in the black void in his rearview mirror. The effort is in vain, of course, but at least he will get there that much faster.

He reaches blindly and manages to shake a couple Tylenol from the bottle with one hand. He throws them back like a shot of tequila and swallows them dry.

I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming…

Exhaustion hangs around the edges of everything like a fog. He’s been afraid to close his eyes, terrified of how he will watch her die this time. Sleep deprived, he’s driving with the windows down, depending on the frigid wind to help him stay alert. He blinks and sees her smiling. He blinks again and sees her laughing, an impish crinkle around her eyes. He blinks and suddenly feels weightless, like every bit of fear and anxiety is floating out the windows and freezing in the cold night air.

The roof of the car caves in with a garish crunch as the car rolls. He opens his eyes and realizes, much too late, that he must have fallen asleep. There is a cacophony of breaking glass and screaming metal all around him. The car barrel rolls again and again and comes to rest in a deep ditch. He wonders, as he dangles from his seat, if he will ever see her again. He can hear the wheels spinning and smell gasoline and antifreeze all around him. His head is swimming in a whirlpool of pain and confusion. He closes his eyes and sees her laughing, eyes bright and cheeks flushed. She looks so happy, like she’s lit from within. He smiles and lets the warmth of her wrap around him. She is the last thing on his mind as the nothingness catches up.

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I gaze upon you and yet again I am mesmerized by the spectacle before me. I can’t help but pause and take everything in. The sun shines its warm light on you and reveals the texture of your skin; all the tiny little details that mere words alone will not do it justice. The wind blows the fabric of your being, gently yet constantly, and you come to life. I am just here sitting by your side,enjoying the silence that passes between us. Words need not be spoken. We just revel in each others company and we commit this feeling, this wonderful experience, to memory so that it may never be forgotten. Until we meet again. 

This is a 15 minute timelapse; comprised of 30 still images with the settings of 30 seconds, f/11, ISO 100. A 10 stop ND filter, an ND4 grad, and a Circular Polarizer were used.

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

Stand Up Chuck

Roid Week Day 1 - Image 1! I love this week every year. I usually try and go out during this week to create and share new images but luckily for the busy times I have quite a backlog of images to share as well.

Took this photo with Anthony at Brushy Creek park a few years back some time before he got his lung transplant. It was a pretty awesome day of goofing off and brotherly bonding.

Polaroid SX-70 on 600 film using an ND4 filter.

Available in the print store.

New Perspective

Dug into the archives for Roid Week 2001 - Tuesday #1. Didn’t get out to take any new pictures yesterday. Not much to say really, other than I love going on photowalks (or in this case, photo bike rides).

As it turns out I actually have about a hundred or so integral film shots that I have never scanned and uploaded to flickr. I think it is mostly because newton rings piss me off. Haha.