Let the Nancy Drew 31 Day Challenge begin.

Before it can start, I have to set some ground rules:

  1. You are allowed to copy and paste this image onto your blog or onto a post, but you are not allowed to cut my name from the image.
  2. Keep in mind that not everyone has played every single game, so spoilers should be put under a cut with a warning for the viewer that the post contains spoilers.
  3. Please keep everything civil. The Nancy Drew Clue Crew is not a fandom where half of the people hate each other for having a different opinion and I think we’d all like to keep it that way.

And then some general notices:

  • Feel free to make a post about your reactions to playing DED, the next games trailer or anything else about DED any day that is the 23rd or after. Spoilers should still be put under a cut. This includes puzzles, reviews with spoilers and talking about the next games trailer.
  • I will be posting a general Nancy Drew 31 Day Challenge that does not specify that DED is the next game to come out, so anyone could do that challenge at any time. I will have a link to that challenge on my blog and will also have a post about it.
  • If you remember, try to tag your post with Nancy Drew 31 Day Challenge or ND31DC. If someone wants to scroll through all of the responses, it will make it easier for them.

Okay, that’s about it.

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Nancy Drew 31 Day Challenge #28: Favorite GIF(s)

Anyone you all have probably gathered by now, I am rather excessive in my use of gifs.  I have around 200 ND gifs at present, and I’m still collecting.  I’m sorry about how many I’m probably going to end up posting, but know that I am, indeed, showing considerable restraint–considering my gif addiction.  I guess you guys could always just use this as a simi-masterpost for ND gifs or something.  So those of you not in need of ND gifs , but those of you who were looking for some epic gifs to keep .

 (Btw, I feel that this Elliot gif should be our official angry fandom reaction gif.  It’s too perfect not to be.)(I don’t think I am capable of expressing my love for this Mason “SOMEONE WILL PAY” gif.  His face is just fabulous.  XD )

And spoilery ones under the cut.  (Spoilers for SSH and SAW, and things that probably don’t even count as spoilers for ICE and CRY.)  (There are only four more gifs, one for each.)

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So I’m picturing the ND31DC as a big party in the theater-style entertainment room in the Mystery Mansion. We’re all just sitting around in beanbag chairs with snuggly blankets and lots of delicious food chatting about all of these challenge topics like a big weird family.

Day Four: Favorite Suspect

Henry Bolet. His entire story was just so tragic. He lost his parents at a time in his life he wasn’t mature enough to deal with it, then got dumped with a creepy old relative that I’m sure scared the crap out of him. Then this relative acted like he wanted nothing to do with poor Henry. Seriously. He lost his parents and the only person willing to take him in “shipped him out” right away, spending no time with him. He was forced to put up this guarded front with this brooding, dark exterior to hide how lonely and unwanted he felt inside. I just imagine Ned, being the kind soul he is, sensed this and tried desperately to connect with him but still couldn’t get through the walls Henry put up. Henry felt so poorly of himself he threw himself at a rotten girl who sensed his weakness and knew she could exploit him. JUST POOR HENRY LET ME HOLD YOU TO MY BOSOM AND COMFORT YOU.

You can just tell talking to him that he’s a nice person, he just doesn’t want to get close to anyone out of fear.
So, that’s why he’s my favorite. 

Plus he’s such a cutie wow Henry calm your sex appeal.

(Photo Credit)

Nancy Drew 31 Day Challenge #29: Favorite Meme(s)

I feel like I’m going to win some over achievement patch that says “But srsly.  Stop making your posts so long” on the back.  XD  Okay, here goes.  And I refuse to accept responsibility for how long this is.  There are just too many awesome memes!  And for some reason if you read like eighty of them one after another, they get funnier and funnier.  XD

Oh, you thought that my meme collection wasn’t completely full of awesomeness?  How about…


XD  Oh my gosh I love the Moon Chunk thing.   Oh, and the Tino meme’s pretty funny too.  :) 

I’m sorry to get all sentimental about our fandom.

But we just spent an entire day talking about shipping. Some people had tons of ships and some people had never thought about shipping within the Drewniverse, but nobody was rude. There were no ship wars.This fandom is just the best fandom. I can’t even think of another fandom that could civilly discuss shipping like this.

Rock and roll, Clue Crew. Keep on being the considerate, clever, all-around awesome people you are.



Day 9: Michael Gray/Arglefumph


So the video I posted above is how I found Arglefumph on youtube, and I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. never before had I known about the Nancy Drew fandom, so I started looking immediately after, and I was hooked. I think the walkthroughs are hilarious. I love watching for certain puzzles or just the funny commentary he provides. 

We love you Michael Gray!

Day Eleven: Sonny Joon

(My favourite Sonny ‘Moment’ - Look at all of those jobs!)

Ah Sonny. What is there to say about him, except that he’s probably my favourite unseen, unheard character. I love that he’s become such a big part of the games. I love that the Clue Crew loves him. I love that we’re probably going to see more of him in the games. I love that he was such a big part of TMB. Sonny is just the best basically. I love that he used to be like this big slacker who just took whatever job, and moved around so much, and now he’s sort of focused on the whole alien thing, he’s got this group, he gives talks, you know. He’s turned into a proper adult if you will.

In TMB, we found out so much more about Sonny (Which I was surprised by!), and I’m just really excited to see where they take him next, and how he evolves as a character.

As for any theories, right now I don’t have many. I don’t want to see Sonny as a villain, so I’m hoping that in someway, maybe he and Nancy will team up together.

(Another favourite Sonny Moment)

I’ve also talked about a lot about the various Sonny moments here.

ND 31 Day Challenge : Day #5

 Favorite quote/catch phrase: 

I could probably go on and on but I’ll narrow it down to just a few. 

1. “She was perfect in everyone’s eyes. Even mine. I wanted to be her when I grew up. But then one day I was older than my older sister, and older still today." - Harper Thornton, Ghost of Thornton Hall

2. "Gotta have some torque!”- Nancy Drew, Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

3. “This is my center of operations! My desk!" - Nancy Drew

4. "Jake spent his whole life searching for gold when all along, he possessed something far more valuable - his uncanny knack for making friends." - Nancy Drew, Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

5. "We are not besties. We are worsties." - Mason Quinto, The Deadly Device

6. "This is the kind of love that’s spelled capital L, capital O, heart instead of a V, capital E! - Professor Hotchkiss, Tomb of The Lost Queen

7. "A knight in shining armor never did nothing for nobody. He never fought. A knight in dented, scraped armor, now that’s what you want." - Renate Stoller, The Captive Curse

Day 4: Favorite Suspect

I couldn’t possibly choose anyone other than…

The strong-willed, articulate, fabulous Jamila Al-Dine!

I absolutely adore Jamila.  She is HI’s first Muslim woman in a game, and I love her for it.  I had actually guessed some of her story before we find out about it (I won’t spoil this for anyone who hasn’t played/finished TMB), and I feel so inspired by her.  It also means a lot to me that she wears the headscarf as well.  A lot of Western feminists seem to be under the impression that a woman wearing the headscarf = oppressed.  Rather, oppression is when governments either force women to wear it or ban them from wearing it.  Patriarchy exists in other forms in many Muslim countries (as they do in every single other country in the world, including the U.S.)  But I believe in women being able to wear whatever they choose, and that any patriarchal government attempting to dictate how women should dress are the true oppressors.  So seeing a character in Nancy Drew (one who is particularly determined and intelligent) wearing a hijab and portrayed in a positive manner just makes my life.  

Also, she called out Abdullah and gave him one hell of a fight.  I freaking love her.  

And, this:

(Photo credits to nancydrewgamesofficial)

Day Three: Favorite Main Character

Bess Marvin is my queen.

I love her because she’s hilarious, I love her because she’s sweet, I love her because she’s loyal. But the thing I love most about her is the fact that she’s so comfortable with herself. She’s a girly-girl who loves shopping and eating and staring at boys, and her two best friends are a tomboy no-nonsense athlete and an intrepid detective. Anyone else in her position would probably feel desperate to live up to their standards - they’d try to talk less about clothes or boys so that they wouldn’t seem shallow, they’d feign enthusiasm for their friends’ interests, they’d try to hide their fear when  Nancy was making them go into a creepy cemetery or ruin or tunnel. But Bess doesn’t. She won’t apologize for her girly interests, she’ll ask questions if her friends are being confusing, and if she feels uncomfortable or afraid, she just says so. Bess’ behavior might be silly and lighthearted most of the time, but I think that kind of honesty shows a lot of confidence and inner strength, and it makes me really respect her.

And speaking of strength, can we talk about how badass she is? I think the moment she officially became my favorite was in Legend of the Crystal Skull. I won’t go into detail for anyone who hasn’t played, but you know That One Scene where Bess is in major trouble and all of a sudden she’s kicking ass and taking control and generally handling the situation better than even Nancy would? Yeah. Yeah. She is absolutely fierce, even if she doesn’t often show it. I love that about her as a character, and I also love that the games/books are subtly showing that you don’t have to behave in traditionally masculine ways to be awesome. You can wear pink and spend most of your free time shopping and then just verbally beat the crap out of creepy cult leaders, as you do. 

Bess is adorable and amazing and, in her own way, just as inspiring to me as Nancy. Choosing her for this category was a no-brainer.