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Explosion of Light by Jared Beaney

#124: Paint the silence.

[marina riga, long exposure, landscape, thessaloniki, lonely boat, seascape]

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Using ND filters with video to get shallow depth of field in bright sunny conditions.


Reflected Sunrise at Bells Beach

(a rare morning when it was totally flat. Quote from local surf report - “flat as a tack, as bad as it gets, 1/10″)

Thor’s Well

For Bud @bwwhitney and Amy @amymontico

Story time…

Last year, while at the Oregon Coast, I attempted to take a long exposure of waves breaking over the rocks with a sunset in the background, like all of those cool photos I see on Tumblr! All I got was over-exposed shots of white with some dark spots. I tried Googling to figure out where I was going wrong and all I could find were directions on aperture and shutter speed settings, which I had been doing, correctly! A couple of weeks after I returned home, Amy (who reads my mind) sent me a message asking if I had an ND filter. Being clueless, as usual (note blog name), I said no and asked what it was. My jaw dropped… the answer to my problem!!

This past weekend I made a spur of the moment trip back to the coast. Of course, I wasn’t prepared, no ND filter (hey, I didn’t think I’d be going back, this year!). But not to fear, I went to a local camera shop there and over-paid for a variable ND filter!! The coolest thing I’ve ever seen (no, I don’t get out much)! I headed to Thor’s Well because my good friend Bud, had described how he would love to capture it with a sunset in the background. I thought, hmmm… this is my chance to test out this little piece of glass and at a great spot!

Sooo… here is my first attempt. Not as grandiose as some of the ones I’ve seen here. I probably should have overcame my fear of being sucked in and washed out to sea, and gotten a little closer. Instead, I climbed a hill (literally like a billy goat) and used my zoom to try to get the well and the sunset in one frame. All in all, it was a wonderful learning experience and the shot turned out to be pretty okay! 

Thank you to Bud and Amy for being my inspiration, my cheerleaders and my mentors!! *BIG HUGS*  😄💕🤗