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#124: Paint the silence.

[marina riga, long exposure, landscape, thessaloniki, lonely boat, seascape]

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Abluvion by Zeb Andrews
Via Flickr:
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes I also think a single word can be worth a thousand words. This word and this image fit each other well. Hasselblad 500C / Kodak Portra 400

California Dreamin’, by DaniloFaria

All the leaves are brown And the sky is grey I’ve been for a walk On a winter’s day I’d be safe and warm If I was in L.A. California dreamin’ On such a winter’s day… The gentle flow the Merced River reflecting Half Dome in a balmy fall’s ending morning. Thank you all for your visits and feedback!


Sapphire Sky by Jackie Nell


Waterloo Station


ND for Scotland

I’ve never really had the patience for long exposure photography, but have decided to buy some ND filters, these were shot on a 10 stop ND filter at midday. 

Picked them up in preparation for my road trip tomorrow from London to Edinburgh whilst photographing the mountains, castles and coasts of Scotland.

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Oxford Street Christmas Lights