Aion - Wings Concept Art Contest 2015

The contest is closed now and we have to wait for the result of the pre-selection (June 1st). Gameforge will publish this selection only on their FB page which means that the other entries will not be published ^^“

So I’d like to show you my entry because I really don’t know if I will be selected. There is a lot of beautiful concepts and my design isn’t as badass as some others. Sometimes, trying to be original is just not a good idea :p That’s why I think I will not win anything ^^”

But the most important is that I really had fun creating my concept :) I like all the steps of designing a concept: brainstorm, benchmark, moodboard, creation, layout!!! I hope you will like my idea regardless ;) And good luck to everyone!!!

[Blade and Soul Tutorial] How to set a gif picture in Character Info [OLD VERSION] *I STOPPED PLAYING* *RIP*

Ok so, I’m sure everyone wondering how gif worked in-game so here is my first guide step by step so READ CAREFULY. I’m not expert sooooo yeah *gomenasai*. (Please note that I’m doing this guide because there are options it’s either you found random gifs that already made OR you draw something and animate it…there is big difference. Hope you get it what i mean ^^)

Let’s get started! Here is the example:

Here is the drawing I made the other day of Dio meme on my in-game character in gif. Pretty neat, huh. Anyways, this how it works and MAKE sure it works!

First, go to character info F2 and press take a picture button and then press that camera icon and register it

It should be like this.

Once you take a picture leave the game OPEN and time to go on photoshop \o/!! (Please note that I have photoshop CC, so if you got older than CC or other software then I can’t help you *sorry*)

As you can see I set it to Motion. Now look for any gif picture that you like or whatever so I choose a simple gif of Saitama dancing :P

Back to photoshop and click File > open > gif picture and it should have layers of frames on the right side. (Remember it should be on Motion not Essentials).

Now what you need to do is select all layers by Shift + left click and drag them to portrait of your character.

Here is the part that you need to resize same as portrait by using free transform ctrl + t. It might show in pixels because it’s either small or bad quality so you have to figure it out or find something that’s clear.

I added some more white background to move Saitama in middle after that you create frame animation.

Now every frame have been set on timeline and I changed into 0.1 seconds forever because that’s what I want so it’s up to you if you want to speed up or slow it down.

Next you save it for web or blogs by going File > save for web and done.

(Save it in CharacterShot folder \Pictures\BnS\CharacterShot)

Now time to go to CharacterShot folder and delete original portrait or just move it somewhere (REMEMBER that you register original picture in-game and it’s shown in Character info before you do this or it will mess up)

Once you done that overwrite the one you edit it and change it like this Portraits_151101_001.gif into Portraits_151101_001.jpg

You will think “why should I set it to .jpg?”

Well, because blade and soul never read/accept .gif pictures in-game..only .jpg so you tricked the game so good that will let .gif work.

Now back to blade and soul > F2 then click take a picture and you will see in photo gallery the original portrait is still there that’s because it wont show the one that you created but it’s already overwritten. register it click refresh button on top of character info and there you go !!

°˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

Feel free to share ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Hope that helps and enjoy ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ !

See you there !!


Literally what Gear in Aion feels like to me. A Christmas tree you need to put all sorts of crap on in order to use.

Also Ncsoft keeps dumping new shit on top every time they make a new update.