Aion Modding

I couldn’t attend Gameforge’s Meet&Greet thingy to express my passion about wing animations to the creators of Aion directly, so i asked a friend to do it for me and here’s the answer: 

At first i thought that maybe we could send an email to NCsoft telling them that since Aion department isn’t funded enough to remake a huge key component from scratch, the community could lend a hand, but then i sat back and realized that what im asking is basically 
“hey, uh… NCsoft… can a group of strangers rummage through 1 fifth of the game files and remake them for you, you lazy piece of businessmodel?”
which won’t do, if we want to have nice things. :/ 

What im thinking is that if we were to get on the project of remaking the wings, we’d have to do it secretly and present the final product to them in one go, so that the end result would overshadow our illegal actions of you know… messing with game files in the most brutal way possible. 

So who’s on board of this suicide train? 

The dangers include mental exhaustion, difficulty in communication, project freezes, massive time sinks, alien invasion, spontaneous house fires, dogs dying in movies and last but not least, 

getting sued to death by NCsoft.


R we remaking wings or nah?


NCSoft’s releases gameplay highlights for Project HON

NCSoft has released the trailer to what seems to be a mecha based MMO, titled Project HON. The trailer, which is set in an urban environment shows off what is presumably different aspects of PvP (possibly PvPvE) game play - seeing as all the mech’s involved are controllable by the player.

These aspects include using harpoon like wire to pull objects and enemies and objects, boosting around, wall running, being heli-dropped, plenty of FPS and TPS action, awesome mecha grappling and more.

While there’s no denying it gives off a Titanfall-esque vibe, it does seem to be a little more fast paced and varied in the action as well as going for a more robo warrior type aesthetic with its mechas.

check out the awesome video yourself by going here.

Dredgion Que

I normally am able to Que in my dredgion team pretty fast….at least within the first 5 minutes unless I royally mess up the timing or there’s a DC. This noon dredgion we had a few of those DC mishaps and it got me thinking… Why doesn’t the dredgion entry Box show your team’s position in the que? I think that would be pretty interesting, and it would also allows others to estimate the time it would take to enter the instance.

External image