But can we all just hang on to that moment when NCW said, “He would be better off with her I think,” and then looked up, looked as if he was going to say something but then stopped himself, and then quickly averted his gaze and mumbled “let’s see if it happens,” and then snapped his head to the right and stared at the interviewer to get the subject changed

Wtf is happening in s7 

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ur walking in a dark alley u hear his laugh bahahha u turn around lin manwell miranda he corners u "i kno u hav the bootlegs ho" min lanuel miranda u shake, knoing he won't let u go u shakily hand over the bootlegs "srry" he taks them, and pulls u into a hug "it ok" "rlly?" u ask "no" he stabs u in the nck and u fall, dieing "no bootlegs of my musical"

Welp. Happy Valentine’s Day, I suppose.

im so torn on the “stop saying mean things about seth’s clothes” train because on one hand: yes he’s a human being with real living feelings and I’m glad that he’s not on social media because some of y’all get really fucking weird and really fucking creepy and need to tone it down a little

on the other hand remember that one time someone thought it was okay to make him wear like 4 layered v-necks?

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ღ trimberly ღ

swho’s the first to wake up in the morning:

trini prbly bc she’s used to doing yoga p early in th quarry

who’s the one to make breakfast:

they both give it a shot but they’re not tht great of cooks unless they make dishes thtre common in their houses but they dnt always make real easy breakfast foods so they usually opt for bagels n jus stuf that doesn’t take too much to make

who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed:

both!! they do it equally evn though iss literally jus lyk a pile of whippd cream and a half eaten waffle,, yet still every time trini gets Emotional cos she’s emo n iss still lyk ??i can’t believe a girl????lyks me???

who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work:

ths one is definitely kim and trini iss a gay mess n although she tries to establish tht they hav thngs to do, she jus caves whn kim kisses her nck n asks her to stay a while

who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:

trini actually, usually aftr their notsoquickies she’s got lotsa hickies n iss just lyk ‘??? u do realize i will get expelled if zack or jason tries to tease me abt these bc i will yeet thm into space??’ but they still go aftr a few yt tutorials on how to covr up hickies that fail n she jus wears a hoodie n tries to covr it w that n her hair

who chooses the movies:

trini bc although she recently came out she’d alwys knwn abt all th gay movies n shows n lyks shwng thm to kim who has already seen thm lyk 383789 times but dsn’t tell trini bc iss jus so cute to wtch her get excited abt thm

who initiates kissing during the movie, thus distracting the other from the movie all together:

kim bc agn she’s seen thm all a billion times n gets jus a little bored n jus ends up straddling her whn trini dsn’t get th hnt tht she’d mch rthr b doing smthn else; needless to say trini p much implodes whn kim does so

who orders lunch:

both abt equally cos they usually try n show each othr restaurants tht serve food more traditionally mexican and indian, respectively; and order each othr th foods they thmslves grew up liking or making, both love learning abt each othrs cultures 

who steals food from the other’s plate without asking:

kim prbly, n trini’s lyk ‘ you ordered us th same thng why are u stealng ?? ‘ n kim’s jus lyk ‘ yyya?? but it looks bettr on yr plate sso ://///’

who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy:

trini, she’s v small and sleeps a lot n kim finds it exceedingly adorable, n always snps th boyz pics w th caption ‘she cute she cute’ n is met with billy n jason snapping her pics back of each othr n zack snapping pics of his hand all w th same caption kim sent 

who distracts the other from trying to work at home:

kim prbly cos she gets all her work done p easy at home and whn trini doesn’t text back she snaps more…suggestive pics n whn trini finally checks her phone iss jus,… miss trini?? miss trini??? oh my fuckfinf god she fuckfinf dead

who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old:

i’m gnna cheat a lil here and say iss one of trini’s brthrs while kim’s ovr n trini thnks kim will take it w a grain of salt but instead she’s lyk okay let’s go, i’m getting us all ice cream n trini’s heart nuts 

who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream:

kim! she lyks taking pics of trini in general and iss evn cutr whn she’s trying not to let it all fall apart

who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face:

kim bc trini iss not doing a good job at making it stay tgthr and whn kim comments on it she jus goes beet red n her brthrs are lyk, “that’s not how u use th word come kimmy!! did you evn go to 2nd grade???” 

who cooks dinner:

they take turns!! bc kim has depression sometimes iss hard for her to work herslf up to b able to do thngs lyk tht n trini picks up on it and cooks for thm n sometimes trini has issues with her family or in general jus has hiccups in her own mental health and in tht case kim cooks

who cleans up the kitchen afterwards:

agn they take turns, sso it depends on their moods

who stays up until 2 reading:

trini!! she’s vvv new to th sapphic community but she’s rlly On Top Of th Game w lgbt shows n reads fanfics of f/f ships till th sun rises 

who stares at their partner while they’re sleeping:

kim, cos she jus thnks tht she’s sso lucky tht she was able to change aftr fkcing up and evrything she did n said and that now she’s able to be w trini n jus enjoy her company

who kisses their partner while they sleep:

trini, n kim picks up on it one day whn she’s not even rlly takng a depression as mch as jus a depression-laying-abt-tm n she feels trini kiss her forehead gently n just continues to pretend to b asleep

What Colour is Nerdanel’s Hair? - Overthinking it with Genetics and Probability

There’s a general headcanon that Nerdanel was a red head, which is reasonable, but as far as I know Tolkien never confirmed her hair colour. She might not be a red head.

But if we assume elf hair colour genetics works like human genetics, and probability on Middle Earth works normally, we can work out whether she is more likely to have red or dark hair.

What we want to find out: What colour was Nerdanel’s hair colour most likely to be?

What we are assuming: Elf hair colour works like human hair colour. (And human hair genetics are way more well behaved than they actually are).

‘E’ is the allele for eumelanin/dark hair. It is dominant

‘e’ is the allele for not producing eumelanin

Ee, EE = Dark haired (including blonde, for weird genetic reasons.)

ee = red haired.

What we know: Nerdanel had red headed children, which means she has at least one ‘e’ allele. If she only had E alleles, she couldn’t pass on the recessive gene to her children.

Feanor has a genotype of ‘Ee.’ We know he is dark haired, but he also needs a copy of the recessive allele to pass on to the children.


This leads to two possible Punnett Squares. 

This is the Punnet square of a dark haired Nerdanel. Top row and first column and Feanor and Nerdanel’s genotypes respectively, and the middle are the possible genotypes of their children. It also shows the relative probability of each offspring genotype. If Nerdanel had dark hair, she and Feanor have a 75% chance of having a dark haired child, and 25% chance of having a red haired child.

This is the Punnett square of a red haired Nerdanel. There’s a 50% percent chance of having either a dark or red hair child.


This is where it gets weird, and I start using tools incorrectly.

Luckily for us, Feanor and Nerdanel had a lot of children, which makes this easier. The more children, the closer to the actual probabilities we get.

3/7 of her children are red haired, and 4/7 are “dark haired” (including Celergorm, because blonde counts as dark for this case.) And now we can use Binomial probability to work out which of Nerdanel’s possible genotypes makes this more likely. 

Binomial probability can be summed up as “if there are only two possibilities, how likely is it to get a certain number of an outcome (generally called ‘success’) out of a certain number of trials.” In our case “how likely is it get three red headed children out seven?”

The equation for it is

P(X=k) = nCk * pk * qn-k

That looks scary, but it’s quite simple. K is the number of successes, p is the probability of a success, and q is the probability of failure, and n is the number of trials. In words it is ‘The probability of k successes equals the number of ways to choose n things out k options, time the probability of getting the number of success we want times the probability of the number of failures we want.”

So, what’s the probability of getting 3/7 red headed children with a 50% chance of a red headed child?

P(X=3) = 7C3 * 0.53 * 0.54

            = 0.27

            = 27%

What’s the probability of 3/7 red headed children with a 25% chance?

P(X=3) = 7C3 * 0.253 * 0.754

           = 0.17

          = 17%

As you can see, having 3 out of 7 red haired children is more likely if there’s a 50% chance of having a red haired child. So Nerdanel probably has red hair. Probably. There’s still a reasonable chance she is dark haired and the number red headed kids was a little flukey (it’s less likely, but not impossible). Also, if Amrod and Amras are identical, that changes the probabilities. Or maybe elven genetics is weird. 

TL;DR: Nerdanel probably has red hair.

another old sketch i colored in

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who’s the first to wake up in the morning:

jason! prbly mostly outta habit bc he usd to hav practice rlly early in th morning and it jus knda stuck, n billy asks him to wake him up but jason takes one look at him asleep n he jus c a n’t 

who’s the one to make breakfast:

billy!! all th way, he’s an amazing chef and lovs cooking for th people he cares abt, lyk aftr his dad died, he got into th habit of cooking for his mom and whn he befriends jason n th rangrs he cooks for thm p oftn evn if iss jus making snacks for thm to have during training but he rlly goes all out for jason n makes him lyk 5 star meals n everyone jokes to jace abt it n tell him to “wife that boy jace”

who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed:

ths one is jason bc he wnts to treat billy whn he’s ovr and all he rlly knws to make is lyk th mac n cheese tht come in boxes but w a little help frm his sistr pearl they manage to make smthn edible for billy n whn they do, billy jus melts cos iss so cute

who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work:

billy definitely, n it takes jsn aback a lil cos he seems lyk th most innocent dude but he got s t a m i n a n 9 times outta 10 jason iss dwn w it n iss th rsn they’re both late to wrk half th time 

who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:

jason n he’ll try to bargain w billy n say “c’mon we can skip at least first period” n billy’s lyk “yr already in detention if you skip too much you’ll get suspended ya doof, i’ll carry you if yr too tired! let’s go babe,” n jace whines but goes anyways 

who chooses the movies:

they take turns! although jace rlly isn’t good at picking thm, billy still insists he chooses bc the ones jason chooses are rlly fun to make fun of; th movies billy picks out are usually rlly good but frick if they wld knw they both get too impatient to wtch thm all th way through 

who initiates kissing during the movie, thus distracting the other from the movie all together:

billy one ths one ! bc as well as having a knack for choosing th movies he’s rlly good at guessing their plot twists and how they’ll end so he gets disinterestd mosta th time n he’ll jus start kissing jace’s nck but jsn gets rlly into thm so it takes a little while before he realizes wht billy’s tryna do n they get a little more than distracted

who orders lunch: 

jason! bc billy is p indecisive whn it comes to being handed a menu and asked to choose a dish, and he lyks th gesture of jsn ordering for thm both

who steals food from the other’s plate without asking:

both! they steal frm each othr a lot n it turns into a sorta game to see who can steal th most food frm th othr without thm noticing (spoiler, iss always billy that wins bc jsns usually jus a little too uncoordinated in his movements)

who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy:

both prbly!! they prbly jus lay down lyk ‘let’s wait till we feel a lil less full’ n end up falling asleep wrappd around one anothr

who distracts the other from trying to work at home:

jason, bc although billy gets his hw done during detention most of th time, he usually lyks working on his inventions whn they finish training; he usually texts him or facetimes bfore he jus sneaks ovr n tries to get his attention cos he’s CLingy but billy’s got an iron will so it takes a while 

who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old:

jasn! he’s got a p big sweet tooth n texts billy at lyk 11 at night proposing they go n get some n billy’s jus lyk ??? i am not getting dressd to go to mcdonalds fr some soft serves n jus buys a tub of it n they chill on jaces rooftop eating it n cuddling

who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream:

billy rlly lyks taking pictures bc he prbly rlly lyks renaissance paintings and tries to imitate thm in pics of jace n uses lyk th fibonacci spiral as a guideline sorta n lines jason up to arches in doorways n stuf n poses jason whn they’re eating ice cream

who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face:

jason,, he’s literally a high school football player, let’s face it lmao, n billy’s lyk, cum looks nothing lyk ths wth??? jason you’ve seen cum????wht????

who cooks dinner:

both!! usually billy does th actual cooking n jasn chops up th veggies but ends up eating a good portion of thm before billy gets th chance to cook em rip in pieces

who cleans up the kitchen afterwards:

jason!! he always insists on it since billy does a good portion of th cooking

who stays up until 2 reading:

billy, he gets rlly invested in th stories he reads and won’t put dwn th book for hrs at a time and sometimes jace can’t sleep n sends him a text of smthn n jus gets sso shook whn billy responds???? lyk ??? iss 3.45???? sleep??

who stares at their partner while their sleeping:

jason definitely, he jus gets caught up in how attractive billy is?? lyk hot dam thas  a man right there 

who kisses their partner while they sleep:

billy,, lyk awh look at how cute jace is whn he isn’t tryna do dum sht

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Your reactions/headcanons are my favorite! I love your writing. Would you please do something with the companions waking up with sole? Doesn't have to be sex, just something fluffy or intimate with them waking up together.

I really like this a lot. I put more time into it than I thought I would and you are just such a nice person. Thank you for your nice things to say at me

edit: I added maxson woops

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Lazy Day - Isaac Lahey Imagine

Request: I don’t know if you’d want to do it or if you have ever done it before, but could you do a lazy day with Isaac. Literally you could do anything with Isaac and I would be a happy bean.Ç

 A/N: Hey guys! I’m alive! Sorry for not writing imagines these days I’ve been in a writer lapsus. Anyways, I’m back! So, If you guys have any request, tell me! (Btw, If I don’t like the request or I don’t understand what you guys are trying to say, I’m sorry, but I will delete it. Anyways, happy reading! Xo M- 


 It was sunday, and like every sunday Isaac and you go to the gym together. It was 7 AM and Isaac was kissing your nck to wake you up. You move slowly and smile with your eyes closed. You finally wake up and you see that Isaac had all the sports clothes waiting in the table. “So… Are we going to the gym?” These week was exams week and yu were exausted. You rub your eyes and sit at the bed. You look at Isaac with a sleepy look and say “Do I look like I want to?” He smiles and he brings his computer. You two lay on the bed while you watch some movies and he prepares you pop corn. Basically this was the whole day with him. -Hope you like it! Sorry if it’s short-

When he becomes uneasy about his body (You x EXO Suho)


“It’s not that bad…”

“My mouth is open!”

“You were singing!”

“Well at least I look good.”

Everyone in the room gives Tao the side-eye, but he shrugs indifferently, continuing to scroll through photos on his laptop. You had crashed EXO’s dorm for the afternoon, seeking out your boyfriend Suho. It was a lazy Saturday, one that the guys didn’t have off, but you did.

After a lunch of leftovers, the thirteen if you lay spread out across the room, browsing the internet. It had proved to be a dangerous idea after you had ended up on one of their fan cafés. Now everyone was looking at fan-taken photos, whether they were high-quality shots or a collection of continuous derps.

Suho lays on the couch behind you, tugging at the ends of your hair and glancing at the screen. He’s been pretty proud of all the shots so far. You hadn’t come across any embarrassing ones (yet).

“Um, wow.”

You lean against the back of the couch, your mouth open. You had come across a series of edited photos, each one in black and white. This one was of a full-body shot of Kai, tank top flipped up to expose muscled abs.

“Look at this one, guys.”

You flip your computer screen around and show them. Mouths drop open at the quality of the shot. “Why can’t I look that good when I dance?” Chen whines. “That’s so cool.”

“Eh.” Kai ruffles his hair shyly at the picture, embarrassed. “It’s nothing. It’s not that great of a shot anyway.” You widen your eyes in surprise. “What are you talking about. It’s amazing.”

“It’s in black and white so you can’t tell my skin tone.” He snorts.

“You don’t know that!” You announce with confidence. “Besides, you look sexy in this one. Trust me, I know.”

Every ear in the room perks up and the boys hoot and holler. “Yah!” Suho whines. “You’re going To call another guy sexy in front of me?” You brush him off.

“You think so?” Kai rubs the back of his neck, his cheeks pink. You nod. “I know so.”

A few days later you’re on the hunt for Suho again, this time bringing a meal that you cooked. The two of you had been texted back and forth all day, and you could tell he was having a hard time. Usually some of your homemade stew could fix things, so you had decided to come over.

But when you arrive at the dorm, Suho isn’t there. Luhan lets you in, and the smell of the food brings every guy out of his room. “You brought food!” Sehun claps giddily, reaching for the lid.

“For Suho!” You correct him, tapping his knuckles with the serving spoon. “Where is he, anyway?”

“He went to the gym with Tao earlier.” Sehun pouts, running his knuckles. “They’ve been gone for hours.”

You frown. It was a bit unlike Suho to go to the gym, but nearly all the guys worked out once or twice a week. You pull out a bowl to save some stew for him while the other guys dig in. Once it’s wrapped up and safely stowed in the fridge, you flop on the couch to wait.

“We’re back!”

You crack an eye open sleepily. Had you dozed off? What time was it? Tao and Suho come in, kicking off their shoes in the doorway and dropping if feel bags by the door.

“Hey, babe.”

You raise up, shaking off the sleepiness and giving Suho a peck on the lips. “Hey.” You yawn. “I’ve been waiting for you. Where have you been? I brought you dinner, too.”

“Working out with Tao.” He says. He pads into the kitchen or a glass of water, and you heat up the stew, sitting it in front of him.

“I can’t eat that.”

You give him a funny look. “But this is your favorite stew.” You huff. “I made it just for you. You don’t want it?”

“I can’t have it.” He says firmly, leaving the kitchen.

Weird. Suho usually didn’t act this way, especially when it came to his favorite foods. Why was he acting like this? You had barely been able to see him all week. Did something happen?

“Suho.” You follow him to his room, squeezing him in a back hug. “Did I do something wrong?” He winces, pulling your arms away. “No. Let go.” You give him a funny look. “Suho, be honest with me. Are you dieting again?”

He looks up, bristling a little. “No. Of course not.” Even though you understood the pressures he was under, you hated when he dieted. He still ate, but you knew him to well. You’d had to deal with a grumpy boyfriend for weeks. “Don’t act like you’ve never done it before.” He turns his lip up at you. “It’s not like that.”

“We need to talk, Suho.” You close the door to give you privacy. “What’s going on with you?”

“It’s nothing.” He sighs impatiently. “I’m just sore from the gym. Don’t worry about it.”

“Suho, you sing and dance for a living. You shouldn’t be this tired. How many times have you been to the gym this week?”

He avoids your eyes. “Nine.”

"Nine?!” You squeal. For someone who worked as hard as Suho did, that was way too much. “Why?”

“Because I don’t have any muscle.”

“Of course you do, babe.”

“Not like you want.” He blurts defensively. “You like guys who have abs. Guys who are sexy. This body is not sexy!” You look at him in surprise as he gets flustered, sitting on the bed. “Is that why you’re working out so much?”

He nods. You sigh, sitting beside him. Just because I like guys with muscles doesn’t mean that you have to be that way.” You say. “I like you because you’re more than appearances or anything like that. You’re my best friend. You don’t have to do all this for me.”

“Babe.” He sighs. “I don’t know…I just thought that I should. Even my juniors have good bodies. Do you…do you think I’m old?”

You roll your eyes. “No, Suho, I don’t. And you aren’t going to get muscles in a week. I thought even you knew better than that.”

“Everyone has to start somewhere.” He counters grumpily. It’s your turn to sigh, and you grab his hand, lacing his fingers into yours.

“Suho, I didn’t even think it was possible for me to like you even more than I do right now.” You laugh, blushing. “But I don’t want to change a thing about you. You shouldn’t either.”

He laughs. “I guess I went a little overboard.” He rubs at his nck, moaning and flexing his arm.

“On a scale of one to ten, how sore are you?”

“Fourteen.” He groans.

“That’s what happens when you work out like that!” You laugh. He flops back on the bed. “I couldn’t keep up with Tao.” You snort. “I could have told you that. Now lay there.” You flip him over, pressing your palms into his back. He jerks away, giving you the look of a kicked puppy. “It hurts!” He whines.

“Shhhh~” You shush him, slipping your hands under his t-shirt. The whine dies in his throat, giving way to a strangled noise. “Feels good?” You ask. He nods, flopping onto a pillow. “Yes.”



“Don’t worry about what your juniors look like. I like you for who you are.”


Scenario end! I was kind of iffy on the ending, but the concept was really cute! ~Jjangpanda

Has anyone else noticed whenever Val hugs or kisses Zendaya a lot of the time its always in the neck/ear region rather than on her actual cheek?

you know kinda like a boyfriend who likes kissing your ear would do… who knows maybe its just cuz she tall but… come on now.

Oh btw lets be honest here that first one just looks like he is straight up making out with her neck.