Today I learned that if a character is blonde and has glasses it’s a Felicity ripoff. I don’t know about you, but that annoys the hell outta me. Blonde with glasses is not a Felicity thing, hacking is not a Felicity thing. Hackers helping superheroes existed long before Felicity in the character of Oracle and Chloe (Smallville). Felicity doesn’t own the geeky girl helping to catch bad guys. She is not special and it would be nice if her fans would see that. Felicity Smoak hasn’t started a trend. There are a lot of characters who do exactly the same thing.

Oh look, that is Oracle. Helping superheroes thru her computer skills oh and her wheelchair storyline which was almost given to Felicity.

Let’s not forget about Chloe Sullivan. Oh looks, she is blonde and has computer skills. Felicity totally ripped off her hair color. 

Don’t forget about Nell Jones who helps the NCIS team since 2010 thru her computer skills as well. Madness isn’t it? 

And let’s not forget about Penelope Garcia who’s blonde hair and clothes style scream Felicity Smoak. Some would argue that Arrow also stole from Penelope’s past storyline and gave it to Felicity.

My point is: Felicity Smoak is not a special butterfly who started a trend with geeky hackers in pretty dresses. It’s not necessary to scream ripoff when a woman hacker appears because your beloved is a character patched with attributes from various characters who were popular long before her.

She has nothing original.

This TV show will be the death of me
—  Me literally every day