Honestly I haven’t watched NCIS properly in a while. Not because I stopped loving it, because that’ll never happen. No it was because I watched episode 1 of S14 and didn’t recognise the show anymore. It’s changed and grown so far from what it once was and I’m just not that into it. Which is fine before anyone attacks me, I know shows change over time but I really don’t like what NCIS is now.

But last night for something to watch I decided on Kill Ari part 1 which led to Part 2 until I’d watched 4 episodes solid and it was like coming home. The old show, the old characters, the show I’ve loved for years. I’ll always love NCIS, my heart will always have a piece of it dedicated to the show.


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Gibbs proposing to you (like your a team member and he wasn’t expecting a relationship but it just happened) and being all nervous because he never thought he’d get married again but here he is. 

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Gibbs had resigned himself to never getting married again. One part of him (a big part) was happy. In the end, marriage didn’t seem to be worth it.

But damn, did you change his mind. Forcing him to do a complete 180 because now, all Gibbs wanted to do was make you his, in every sense of the word. He wanted to hear you call him your husband. He wanted to wake up every morning and know that he belonged to you and you belonged to him.

Though, it was hard to remember that right now, kneeling before you, about to bring out the ring. Gibbs swallowed down that unfamiliar feeling of jittery nervousness, forcing himself to act brave. “I wanna be yours forever, sweetheart.”


Excuse me, pass the tissues would you?

Ahem. “As long as we have each other, we’re okay.”

Their love for each other is so beautiful and neither had to say a word- their faces say everything for them. *heart eyes forever*

Don’t Mind Me

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Pairing: Tony x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: not a clue!

A/N: So, I was listening to Sinatra on the way to work and this song (recommend listening while reading!)came on and I had an idea. I’m planning on working on some of my DiNozzo stuff this week and decided to do a little writing exercise with the song as inspiration while I have a moment. So like the title says-don’t mind me! (this is unbetad/edited)

Y/N had things running very smoothly as she cleaned the house. The girls were occupied in their playroom and the Sinatra station was playing softly in the background.

As she softly sang and floated from one spot to the other, her husband walked through the door. He spotted her as soon as he walked in and quietly went to check on the girls. “Okay girls, quietly, let’s go help Mommy.” Kate and Jenny walked on tip toe as they followed their father to where Y/N was cleaning.

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Except for the whole out of character thing about Ziva hiding pregnancy, not knowing Tony at all and stuff, “Family First” is proof all the way that she is alive, come on guys the bag full of things, the photo, the scarf and everything ugh don’t get me started.

bonus: Paris, the flashbacks, the “I loved her Tim”, she was my family and ABA! *sobbing*

I’m already crying with only that… I’m not gonna survive the episode like really 😭😭😭 And I’m sure I’m gonna be disappointed because he doesn’t leaves for Ziva (the only way I would be ok with him leaving) It will never be the same OMG I can’t


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Imagine first kiss with Dwayne Pride 

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“I hope you liked the dinner.” Dwayne said with a soft smile. And as always, his smile brought on one of yours. It was just an effect he put on others.

“Of course, I did.” You replied. The hand you had on his upper arm smoothed up to his shoulder, continuing the light swaying along to the beat of the slow song in the background. And you noticed Dwayne’s arm tightened just slightly, bringing you closer. “I don’t think there’s ever a time I don’t like your cooking.”

He laughed shyly, head ducking a little before he raised it again, meeting your eyes with his own soft ones. “I’m glad.” Dwayne said, his voice considerably softer. “I wanted t’make tonight perfect for you. It’s what you deserve, after all.”

Now, it was your turn to blush. And it wasn’t the first time tonight Dwayne had accomplished that; it was like he turned up the charm tonight. So many compliments and little comments that made you feel like the most special person in the world. And to Pride, you probably were. At least tonight.

You both fell into silence, dancing to the music under the lights crossing over the courtyard. Dwayne’s eyes were locked on yours, and the urge to look away was nonexistent. Especially as he started leaning in, slowly, to give you time to move away if you wanted to. But once the thought of kissing him entered your mind, it felt like you’d die if you didn’t get to feel his lips on yours at least once.

Dwayne was a little surprised when you went to your tiptoes to kiss him, but not at all unhappy. He immediately kissed you back, eyes closing so he can memorize the feeling forever.


When you’re the best of friends
Having so much fun together
You’re not even aware, you’re such a funny pair
You’re the best of friends

Happy Friendship Fluffy Friday! Because Sam is G’s dawg. And G is Sam’s fox friend, and they’re gonna be friends forever*. 


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A quiet, relaxing night in with Reeves for an imagine? Xx 

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Clayton hasn’t said anything since the movie started. You figured he was just really into it, surprisingly. He wasn’t really one to get into movies. He was a man of action; always on the move. It was rare that you got him so settled down for the night.

So, curious, you lifted your head up from his chest. You were ready to tease Clayton about getting into a movie he had previously complained about watching. But his eyes were closed, head lolled to the side with slow, even breathes rolling in and out. It was obvious he was asleep.

The sight nearly made you laugh. When you bring this up tomorrow, he’ll probably say something along the lines of, ‘the movie was so boring, I fell asleep.’ But for now, you can stop and admire how peaceful and rested he looked. It wouldn’t last forever.

Why you kidding me?
  • Someone: Why do you bother watching so many kids shows? Aren't they dumb? Useless?
  • Me: oh, you mean Steven Universe which teaches you heroes come in all shapes and sizes? Gravity Falls which shows you there is mystery in everything? That trust can mean the difference between the end of family or the end of the world? My Little Pony which teaches you the value of Friendship, and that differences make us who we are? Randy Cunningham 9th grade Ninja which shows responsibilities sometimes must come before fun (also cause I like Julian, that darn cutie), Penn Zero which shows you that a person who is honest, kind hearted, and generous can go a long way, especially with teamwork, Pound Puppies because a good leader is backed by a team that is just as good and reliable as he is, regardless of their strengths, etc. I am not afraid to admit what shows I watch.
  • Someone: well, your almost an adult now, shouldn't you watch something more... Your age?
  • Me: depends. What is my age?
  • Someone: almost an adult, now grow up.
  • Me: No, you grow up.
  • Someone: What?
  • Me: Yeah. Just because I don't watch "age appropriate" shows like jersey shore, sixteen and pregnant, naked and afraid, MTV, Kate plus eight, Justin Beiber documentaries, and the local trash talk, doesn't mean I am un cultured and childish. I watch shows like Forever, Castle, NCIS, Impracticle Jokers, How to be a Grown Up, and such. Those are grown up shows. Right? As for the age you speak of, you talk of physical age, yet, you seem to misunderstand that I am not merely a physical being. I have a mind, a soul, and emotional aspect too. I can be almost an adult, while still being the age of 2 at heart. I watch these shows because they mean something to me. They please me. They entertain and inspire me to do great things. These shows taught me what it was to have friends, how mysterious our world could be, and that power comes in different forms. What you seem to have overlooked is the question you should be asking yourself: Why do /you/ watch those shows? Do they inspire you too?
  • Someone: ...
  • Me: I don't mind it if you like those shows. I am grown up enough to respect your likes and acknowledge that you are different than I. That you may like things that I may not like. Only a child... No... A bully would force someone else their age to conform to something they are not comfortable with.
  • Someone: ... I'm sorry...
  • me: I forgive you. Forgiving you is the grown up thing to do. Now, what show do you want to watch? (Hands them the remote)
  • Someone: ...(gets up and walks away to think about life)
  • Me: (to myself) now I can watch that My Little Pony/Steven U/Randy Cunningham/Gravity Falls/Over the Garden Wall/etc. marathon I have been meaning to watch.