You Look Good In My Shirt


Summary: Or the Bartender!Bellarke series you didn’t realize you needed.
Rating: T (for language) — later installments will definitely hit the E mark

Author’s Note: Not beta-ed, all mistakes are mine.  And thank you for everyone who sent such love over part one!

Night Eleven & Twelve: A Moscow Mule & Tom Collins

“So you used to play for the university, right?  Before grad school?” She’s elbow deep in glass duty when she yells across the bar at her partner for the night.

Bellamy looks up from the register, counting off their tips for the night and finishing up with the deposit so Miller can take it to the bank in the morning.  He gives her a confused look and then she practically sees his ego double in size as his chest puffs up against the worn flannel of his shirt.

“NCAA champs of 2010.  Still hold the scoring record for a single game.”

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Kyle Snyder 2015 World Champ. 2016 & 2017 NCAA Champ. 2016 Olympic Champion (in red shorts) (


Kyle Snyder, 2017 & 2015 World Champ. 2017 & 2016 NCAA Champ. 2016 Olympic Champion (