NC Lenoir

Interesting how all muslims get blamed for daesh’s evil (despite speaking against it, creating community groups to combat it, and being the biggest targets of them) but no one has yet to blame all christians for

The cult in Lenoir, NC that beat and killed babies and children for talking or laughing, barred their followers from higher education unless that education led to a job with the cult, used their connections with a DA and social worker, both members, to hide their abuse for years, and exiled any free thinkers from their own families. Oh and they have branches across the world.

The quiverfull movement that marries teen girls to men within the cult to breed as much as possible to create an army of christian soldiers. Girls are oppressed in every since of the word.

The christian cult that literally tried to assassinate the former president and called him the antichrist.

The entire church of jehova witnesses that hid abuse and rape for decades.

The entire Catholic church that hid abuse and rape for decades and told women being beaten by their husbands to basically “suck it up” cause divorce is a sin.

Conversion therapy that is literally led and funded by christian groups and leads to suicide and death through their abuse of children and teenagers.

The church in NY that killed a boy and beat his brother near death because the boy wanted out of the cult.


“The Last Moment” - Tori Edsel, Dancers Edge (Winston-Salem NC), teen contemporary solo, 2nd place, Competitive Level, Showstopper Lenoir NC, March 2015
Last Moment ~ Christophe Filippi