anonymous asked:

You said you live in NC, so do you live by Chapel Hill too?

Why, yes, actually! I’m usually–…

*abruptly flashes back to work today*

*realizes he spent a good chunk of the morning inside an old, ominous crypt*

*realizes Durham was clearly a town inside a Scooby-Doo episode all along*

Heck, even “photographing a nursing graduation in the old chapel” sounds like a Scooby-Doo plot.

At last, it all makes sense!

Let’s look at the facts. Creepy stairwells with flickering lights, which I always end up exploring?


Dog companions to solve mysteries with?

Oh yes. Extremely check. 

Heck, 2 of those 3 moments happened on medical shoots… pooches infect absolutely everything in the Triangle.

Spooky, foreboding trees all over the place?

…ok, maybe not, but I did see some at the art museum.

…which was actually in Raleigh, but still, check.

And they were more than spooky enough to count.

Unexpected, weird weather coming out of nowhere?

Check… though sadly, it didn’t bring a snow monster.

…as far as we know.

Welp. Looks like it’s time to assemble a rag-tag band of youthful super-sleuths.

I call being Freddy… though the closest thing I have to an ascot might be, uh…

just a touch too long ‘n’ neck-wrappy to count.

Well hey, hopefully any local Velmas or Daphnes don’t mind. 

[Insert sentence here that humorously conveys “call me, ladies” without making me feel shy or creepy, ‘cause after 30 minutes of pondering, *I* sure can’t!]

–Colin (photo blog | instagram)