I see a pattern here.

Will says “I don’t find you that interesting” and boom, season 1 happens with Hannibal trying to prove he’s interesting in every possible way, like “oh yeah! I’m not interesting! We’ll see!!!!”

Apparently in season 2 Will says “you’re not my friend”, and I’m pretty sure Hannibal’s new goal is to show Will he’s his friend in every possible way, like “oh yeah! I’m not your friend??? We’ll see!!!”

Viagra and Hannibal???

Why did I just watch like 6 Viagra commercials on NBC’s website during Hannibal?? Gee I thought Fannibals were all girly girls with flower crowns?

There must be some guys watching the show too or they want women my age to get their Husband’s/Boyfriends to “get busy” after the show…

Either way I want to know what were going to do to tell Viagra thanks for being a sponsor??

What was your favorite part?

lb-submarines answered you:

iablmeanie asked:

I take it you watched it.. My friend had to teach a sewing class so were going to watch it tomorrow. I streamed it on line.  So what was your favorite part. Besides all the puppy loving (Will & Winston) I’d have to say Bev going to ask Will for help and Sad Hanni at the end!

Yes! Beverly and Winston obviously. But I really loved all the careful dancing between Hannibal and Bedelia. I know Bedelia is probably not long for this world, but I need her to make it at least half way through the season - her scenes are just too interesting!  


You set his mind on fire

~For the NBC Hannibal fan art contest~

Hannibal was responsible for Will’s encephalitis going as far as it did. (( “setting his mind on fire” and the example of this being the drawing of the clock and his head ablaze. )) Hannibal framed him for the murders (( by tampering with his fishing gear and making him swallow Abigail’s ear. )) Then Will was sent to the Baltimore state hospital for the criminally insane, so he is wearing the straightjacket and muzzle.