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Scott Porter on a scene that got cut from the finale: “There’s a scene where they meet. [My character] Peter and his daughter are at what amounts to a Kidtown, like an indoor jungle gym playtime place. Peter has his daughter and Amber has Zeek. Zeek gets lost in the ball pit and Peter goes bravely in to save him and brings him back to Amber.”

Photo source: Sarah Watson

Now That's How You Write A Series Finale....

Parenthood. I have loved you from the beginning. The Bravermans were so exceptional in their normality & their unflinching realism, honesty and love. The reason we loved the Bravermans was because they could be our family. They were our family.

Tonight’s series finale will go down, in my book, as one of the greatest television series finales of all time. From start to finish it was absolute perfection. Filled with loss, hope, realism and above all love.  Jason Katims gave the audience the perfect series finale gift tonight. It’s what we are all searching for at the end of any series.

To know, in the end, everyone is okay. 

Which is why I can say goodbye.

Bravo Parenthood. And thank you for six wonderful years.