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A Lebron James sighting!! 

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Kevin Love is taking his talents to the beach?

While most NBA players are looking overseas to possibly play basketball while the lockout continues Kevin Love has other ideas. Love is planning on playing in the Manhattan Beach Open which is apart of the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP). Love has not found a partner yet but is looking at the opportunity as way to stay active while the lockout continues. Love had this to say about it: “I thought it was a great idea, a way for me to be out in the sun, be active and have fun during the lockout. It’s sport, it’s active, it’s a way to stay in shape, so I just thought it was a home run.” Those who are doubting Love better think again because this is the same guy who many felt did not have NBA game. Not only does Love fit at the NBA level but is damn good. Don’t be surprised it Love walks away with the $200,000 prize money for the weekend event.

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Sorry for the laziness of posting, I’ve been a little but with my re installment back into the blog world is the NBA. Usually around this time we would all be on twitter talking about the season opening NBA games, well at least I would. However, the greed and ego’s of the owners and players has put a delay on the season. So here’s a clip of the “Virtual Opener” which ask questions that many of us (NBA fans) ponder as the lock out continues.