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Last Thursday, I participated in my first art showcase EVER.  I’m officially a RAW artist, and can now participate in any of their upcoming shows in any city.

This show meant so much to me on professional level as well as a personal level.  It was amazing seeing how well received my work was to complete strangers.  I was greeted with so many encouraging words, and lots of sales.  It’s great motivation to know that my work has an audience and that it can do well with my perseverance behind it.  

I’ve never spoken to people about my work before, because I have always been insecure about it in the past.  This year has been an amazing, and challenging growing experience for me.  I have grown so much artistically, creatively, and spiritually.  This is only the beginning for even better experiences and more challenges! But I will achieve everything I set my mind to, it is all tangible.  

🍃COMPLETED #super30daychallenge🍃

My goals were to:

✅ complete a total of 50 miles
✅ tighter abs
✅ 2 shakes a day
✅ lower my bf %

- I completed 30 miles out of 50 and fell back in love with cardio, especially running!!

- I cut some of the juice off my abs.

- Smashed down 2-3 Tastey shakes a day

- lowered my bf by 2% and lost a total of 3 lbs

Super duper excited to continue this health and fitness journey with incredible people! We are currently cooking up our own challenge that will start August 1st!

Leading this healthy new lifestyle and helping others is what we are super passionate about! If you or ANYONE you know is looking to lead a healthier life, gain lean muscle, lose weight, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I would love to help!!

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