All Hitman Two Victors, this is Hitman Two Actual. We are two klicks out from Al Hayy. Updated reports state there are small pockets of resistance south of the city. Break. Godfather FAC is pushing Cobras north to sweep the routes. Observe everything. Admire nothing.

I’m sorry, but no gun can frighten me and no word can hurt me. No wave can knock me over and no rain can slow me. No night can tire me and no fire can burn me.

Because I have found the strength to do the things I believe in, and the will to stop doing the things I don’t believe in.

So I have discovered what it means, to be at peace.

And you, my friend, will never find a big enough gun.
The Peace I Won When I Stopped Fighting - I Wrote This For You

Operation Get Some - One Character

I took sixty-five men to war and brought sixty-five home. I gave them everything I had. Together, we passed the test. Fear didn’t beat us. I hope life improves for the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, but that’s not why we did it. We fought for each other.

First and Last Shots

The Need - I Wrote This For You