An Important Mission

Summary: For the first time since starting their family, Hinata leaves Konoha on a long-term mission, leaving Naruto to look after the kids. Naruhina.

Word count: 2,200-ish.


“Make sure you wake Boruto up at seven to get ready for the Academy, otherwise he just sleeps in. Shino-kun’s been saying that lately he hasn’t been coming to class on time. There’s some leftovers in the fridge that should last until I’m back, so please don’t just eat ramen every night. Remind Boruto and Himawari to practice their Juuken every day as well, and take the-.”

“Hinata,” Naruto said, grasping his wife gently by the shoulders with a chuckle. Hinata fell silent at the gesture, blinking up at him in surprise. Even in the all the time he’d known her and with how much she had grown, it still struck Naruto as amusing to see her speak so freely and with such confidence.

It was in her nature, he supposed. She’d always been nurturing and caring, so attentive to the needs of others. Willing even to lay down her own life for those she loved; much like his own parents before him. It really shouldn’t have surprised him that she would slip into the role of mother so seamlessly.

“Don’t worry about us ‘ttebayo. We’ll be fine.” Naruto said, kissing her softly. His hand cupped her face caressing her cheek, as his gaze held hers earnestly. “I’ll make sure of it.”

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I think that some people cant realise how important and psychologically strong Hinatas character is. She got rejected from her own home. She was just a kind, sensitive kid when her father was extremely harsh on her just because she wasnt as strong as he wanted her to be. The reason her hair was short was because her own blood, her own family had rejected her. That would be so so painful for anyone, but she got over it. And what saved her was Naruto. And people judge that, they judge her because she got courage, strength and hope from him when she needed that the most..

CHANGED My future plans of naruto fanart

Note: may take a while do my studies.


*#1 family picture 
*#2  family picture

*#3 Uzumaki siblings colored version
*4 other family picture

* family photoframe on the wall fake screenshot

 (with all family pictures)

*Risu Uchiha character sheets

- age 9

- age 15

* Kisho Hyuuga char sheets

-age 11

-age 17

(Shinachiku’s annoying sorta friend HE IS NOT HINATA’S SON)

*Hanami Uzumaki char sheet

-age 6-7

*Arashi Uzumaki char sheet(s)

 (need to draw him so bad *w*)

*Karasu Uchiha char sheet 

 *mini doujinshi 2 pages of Karin and team 7

* “cute and funny” family moments doujin

 of narusaku and shinachiku 4-5 age

*next gen databook

* poster thing of shinachiku… 

*My biggest project I ever think of doing….

Doujinshi THE FIRST: 

Going back to what once was important. (A more shounen type with an angsty beginning doujinshi. In other words my way of cleaning all that Kishi’s crap by letting 699 and 700 still be as sort of cannon. The main thing is the bonds between Naruto and Sasuke and also narusaku. Infinite tsukuyomi is involved)

My speculation... and rants(ignore it...)

So what I get from SnK chapter 65:

1. Levi is Kenny’s nephew

2. With kenny saying “ that one branch family”, Mikasa is from branch family while Levi from main.

3. and most important thing, Levi and Mikasa are NOT related directly

I can’t say much because I don’t know how Ackerman family works, if it’s the same as Hyuuga clan from Naruto (main house from older brother, while branch from younger brother) but I can say that Mikasa’s father is not an important person among Ackermans with Kenny gave so little though concerning his family. I think Levi and Mikasa are distant cousin or worse their connection farther than distant cousin

so that conclude why Levi and Mikasa pairing is not Incest, and for God’s sake, stop saying our ship has sunk!!!