My speculation... and rants(ignore it...)

So what I get from SnK chapter 65:

1. Levi is Kenny’s nephew

2. With kenny saying “ that one branch family”, Mikasa is from branch family while Levi from main.

3. and most important thing, Levi and Mikasa are NOT related directly

I can’t say much because I don’t know how Ackerman family works, if it’s the same as Hyuuga clan from Naruto (main house from older brother, while branch from younger brother) but I can say that Mikasa’s father is not an important person among Ackermans with Kenny gave so little though concerning his family. I think Levi and Mikasa are distant cousin or worse their connection farther than distant cousin

so that conclude why Levi and Mikasa pairing is not Incest, and for God’s sake, stop saying our ship has sunk!!!

I really don’t like to get into arguments but how in the world would anything but Naruhina and Sasusaku open up massive plotholes in Naruto, are we reading the same manga?

Taking off my shipper glasses and just looking at the manga objectively, this is the worst ending anyone could think of.

For the billionth time Naruto and Hinata have barely interacted with each other for the past 15 years. Hinata has hid behind a damn tree for 15 years stalking naruto and suddenly she’s the most important character. Who is supposed to believe that a tertiary character became that important in the blink of an eye. Her cousin had to be killed off just so she could be “connected” with Naruto. Her sister who should’ve and most likely became the Hyuuga heiress had to havr her eyes torn out so this “ship” could happen. And suddenly they’re married with two kids due to a magical scarf.

It sounds like being around Naruto puts her family members in mortal danger

Sasuke and Sakura have tried to kill each other multiple times and Sasuke would’ve succeeded if Naruto wasn’t there. And now they’re suddenly married with a kid. How the FUCK is that normal to go from an abusive relationship, if you can even call that a relationship to suddenly procreating with each other.

The entire point of shippuden was Naruto getting Sasuke back to Konoha. Not Naruto getting Hinata, she’s not even an afterthought. Where the hell does she fit in this?

Sasuke had to be removed from the movie that must not be named period because Naruto would only focus on Sasuke and they had to tear Naruto and Sakura apart just for the sake of their Hinatasama. Sasuke is missing from the wedding/funeral and Sakura is alone.

Tell me how Naruto’s best friend would miss his wedding? I doubt that would happen if it was NaruSaku.

Tell me why Sakura is alone.

Tell me why Sai is suddenly straight.

Tell me why Sasuke is not in Konoha after Naruto spent the last 5 years trying to drag him back to Konoha.

Tell me why Kakashi still has that mask on.

Tell me why Kiba and Shino are not apart of the rescue team for Hanabi even though they would be the best suited out of the entire village for this kind of mission.

Tell me where the hell Orochimaru and Team Taka are.

Tell me where Yamato is.

Tell me how Kakashi became Hokage and why.

Tell me how and when Naruto became Hokage.

Tell me why Konoha looks like New York City.

Tell me why these children still need to learn how to be ninjas even though they’re in an era of peace.

Tell me why Sasuke’s a deadbeat dad, Sakura’s a housewife, and Naruto doesn’t pay attention to his kid after everything he went through.

I could go on.

But Naruhina and Sasusaku are the only pairings that wouldn’t open massive plotholes in naruto……………..