NAMI walk


19-year old Namie Amuro opening her Tokyo Dome tour date in 1997, the youngest artist ever to perform at the famous stadium. It was one of eight stops on her 1997 dome tour where she played for over 300,000 people, a feat she would duplicate 15 years later on her 20th Anniversary Dome Tour, becoming the domestic female artist with the most dates played at Tokyo Dome.

  • Coby: I was in charge of the cake. To be fair, it's not a cake so much as it is a vegetable loaf. You got your mushrooms, your alfalfa sprouts, your spinach, and I had it sweetened with fruit reduction.
  • Luffy: But did they ask you to bring a vegetable loaf or a cake?
  • Coby: No, a cake, but this is so much healthier.
  • Luffy: So not only does this thing exist, but now you have deprived everyone of cake.
  • Nami: Take a walk, Luffy.
  • Luffy: Yup.

Volunteering at NAMI Walk - May 11, 2013
A little break from volunteering and waiting for the walkers to entertain some tourists (y)