NAMI walk

“Mama clipped my nails so that means I must be going somewhere tomorrow and I’m very excited!” -Oliver

On 11/04, we will be at the NAMI walk from 9 am to 1 pm at Heritage Park in Rome, Georgia. We would love to see you there!

You can read about our visit last year here:

❝ I need you now !❞

Plot:  Tae is your best friend, always sweet and nice, but one day that changes when he wants to have you….

Pairing: Taehyung x Yoon Nami

Words Count: 2,0k+

Genre: Smut/ Fluff

I write for Asian Fanfics as well, and this was a request I was given. Hope you like it

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

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‘I can always drop you off if you want, Nami?’ A voice asked said person who just packed up her things from the lounge of the dorm.

‘You really don’t have to do that Taehyung, I can walk home.’ She reassured him.

‘In this weather?’ He asked with a raised brow, ‘It looks like it’s about to rain and it is late.’

‘I will be fine, hyung.’ She smiled up at him, throwing her bag over her shoulder.

‘Will you ever call me oppa, like normal girls?’ The singer huffed.

‘Nah, this is more fun.’ She teased.

Taehyung and Nami had been best friends since they were both young. They would spend hours together when they were children, and as they got older, nothing really changed. Now that he was an idol, she still found herself around her kind and thoughtful friend. He was always the boy that was kind and nice to everyone, nothing more and nothing less. Since debuting, Nami was at the dorm almost daily due to the elder having attachment issues with her.

‘Are you going home now, Nami?’ Namjoon asked, walking into the lounge.

‘Yeah, I was about to just leave.’ She reminded her best friend, who had a weird look in his eyes.

‘Well it’s raining outside, so ask Tae to drop you off.’ The leader plopped down on the couch as a smile spread upon Taehyung’s face.

Before she knew what was happening, he had pulled her out of the dorm and towards the car. Nami shouted at him because she were wearing a skirt which was rising up due to the fluid movements. It was no lie that puberty hit her hard, but it was getting hard to adjust from a tomboy life into being a lady with dresses and skirts.

‘Slow down will you?’ Nami shouted, ‘I am not that tomboy I was all those years ago.’

Halting his steps, Tae released her from his hold and turned to face his best friend, ‘Trust me, I have noticed.’

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One Piece Tokyo haul~

So I’ve been in Tokyo for 3 weeks and just got back home yesterday. I’ve managed to buy way too much One Piece merch (again), but still thought it might be fun to share some of my finds. :) I’m sorry about the quality of the photots, they’re taken with my phone.

I bought a whoopin’ 33 volumes of One Piece in japanese, because I like to read the original words. I’m still missing about 30+ books, but I’m getting closer to the whole collection. I also bought the two latest volumes of course.

Then I bought the 7th Color Walk (the stickers on top of the Color Walk are sketches from Movie Gold and I got them with a magazine), 2 One Piece logs and two issues of Shonen Jump, one which has chapter 839 in it aka. Sanji’s stroy breaking my heart.

And as you might be able to see in the picture I also bought a lot of some dounjishi. (17 for ZoSan and 7 for SaNami) ^__^

And since I went to two mugiwara stores of course I got some small tidbits and merch there too. And I spent way too much on their gachapon. (I haven’t included all of it, because it’s mostly just small keycahins ans pins and such.) I also bought a few T-shirts but they are in the laundry, so no pictures. :P Also, I couldn’t help myself with the Sanji socks…. So ugly, yet adorable.

Then they had these nice canvas pictures of a few cover pages that I really like. I got one for Sanji, one for Nami and one of my favorite pictures of Zoro and Sanji. :)

I also bought a few figurines… I have too many already, especially of Sanji, but I just can’t help myself~

Movie Gold Sanji is just too cool not to have. And he’s got a really nice face despite being quite small. The chibi Sanji is really cute and it’s probably gonna end up on my desk. Then I finally found a figure of Usopp that I really like! I’m trying to collect at least one figure of each strawhat, but so far I only have Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji and now finally Usopp. (My sister has a really nice Robin though.) I found some nice ones of Brook as well, but I simply didn’t have enough space left at that point… ^^’‘’ And now on to my babies~

I bought a new pair of Sanji and Nami that I think match really well. I’m really sorry about the bad quality. They are both quite big and has some really nice details. Luckily they were cheap too, less than 2000 yen each. :)

And then… I bought one that was brand new. A figure I’ve had my eyes on since I first saw it. It was sold out in the regular Mugiwara store, but by some miracle they actually had it in One Piece Tokyo Tower! So I bought it and even though it’s super fanservice-y I love it!

Look at him (even though he’s kinda blurry)! Just look at the details, look at his shoes! I am so happy I was able to find him! Now I just need to clean up my room and find space for all my new figures I bought ones not from One Piece too, and has a lot since before, so it might actually be a challange. ^^’‘

So that was my haul. ^__^ I had a great time in Tokyo, and I’ll definitely post a few more things about my visit to One Piece Tokyo Tower once I get the photos in the computer.

I hope you enjoyed this post, even though it’s not like my usual content. :)

okay SO this is a day late but happy (late) birthday @ichnisunshine !!! here is ur writing present lmao

Title: Sunny Day

Summary: With nothing but open ocean for miles, Luffy looks to Zoro for entertainment.

“How long until we reach the next island?” Luffy asked Nami, walking up to her chair on deck.

“Still two days,” Nami said “Asking again won’t make us go any faster, Luffy. Go see what someone else is doing.”

Luffy frowned and nodded, not liking the answer. He walked off to go find someone else to bother. He could find Usopp and Chopper, though both of them were busy, Usopp in his workshop and Chopper the infirmary. Sanji was in the kitchen, Brook having joined him inside. Luffy wasn’t sure where Franky was, and he was fairly sure Robin was reading in the library. The most obvious of his friends, though, was Zoro, who was just a few feet away on deck. He’d been training all morning, and now he was relaxing. Luffy made his way over, jumping the railing to get to the deck. Zoro acknowledged him by opening an eye, closing it again a moment later.

“What’re you doing?” Luffy asked, sitting down in front of Zoro.

“Napping,” Zoro said.

“That’s boring,” Luffy complained “We should do something fun.”

“We? I don’t remember agreeing to anything,” Zoro said.

“I’ve already decided, Zoro and I are going to do something fun,” Luffy declared, standing up. He grabbed Zoro’s arm to try and pull Zoro up with him, but Zoro wouldn’t budge.

“I’m already having fun,” Zoro said.

“Napping isn’t fun!” Luffy argued. Zoro didn’t seem to agree, though he let himself be pulled to standing by Luffy.

“Fine, I’m up. What do you suggest?” Zoro asked, standing and then folding his arms.

“Help me raid the kitchen! I want meat, and Zoro can get a drink,” Luffy said.

“I’ve apparently got nothing better to do,” Zoro said, since his nap had been interrupted. He uncrossed his arms and followed Luffy to the kitchen, the pair intending to sneak in.

“Sanji won’t even know we were there!” Luffy said, laughing to himself.


It took under a minute for both Luffy and Zoro to get thrown out in a heap on deck, neither of them stealthy in the least. Sanji knew they were there and up to something as soon as Luffy opened the door, especially when it slammed into the wall from how forcefully he opened it.

“If you want food so bad, go catch something!” Sanji said, shutting the door on them both.
Luffy’s wasn’t deterred. He couldn’t get food from Sanji, so he’d take Sanji’s advice and go fishing. Of course, Luffy brought Zoro with him, his swordsman trailing just a step or two behind him as he went looking for supplies.

“You have to help me fish,” Luffy said, handing Zoro a fishing rod. Luffy had all the bait, the worms being one of the only foods Luffy wouldn’t steal. He led Zoro to the railing, sitting down on the side.

“Be careful not to fall in,” Zoro said, standing a few feet behind him.

“I’m not gonna fall in,” Luffy said, though the way he was sitting wasn’t very reassuring. Though, Luffy did sit on the figure head all the time without falling. “Come fish with me!”

Zoro stepped closer to the railing and tossed his line in, then turned around and sat down with his back to the rail next to Luffy. While he knew he likely couldn’t fish all that well like this, it’d be comfortable enough for a nap. Luffy didn’t comment, as he was already focused on his fishing line. It was probably fine if Zoro napped while fishing, anyway, since they likely wouldn’t hook anything for a while.

Time went by like that, neither of them getting any fish but just silently enjoying each other’s company. It was maybe ten minutes before Luffy hooked anything. When he did, though, Luffy cheered.

“Zoro! Zoro, get up!” Luffy said, trying to reel in whatever was on the end of his line. whatever it was, it had to be huge. Zoro opened his eye and looked up, seeing Luffy leaning out over the water to try to catch his fish.

“Careful, Luffy,” Zoro said, caring more about Luffy getting pulled overboard than about any fish. Luffy barely listened to him, grinning with anticipation.

“This fish is gonna be huge!” Luffy said “Look at how much my fishing rod is bending!”

The rod in question, however, was clearly bent too much. There was an audible snap as the rod broke into two, one hand in Luffy’s hands and the other over the side of the ship. Luffy immediately leaned forward, out and over the rail’s edge even farther to try and catch the falling piece. His balance suffered as he practically launched himself over the side.

Zoro was on his feet before Luffy even noticed he’d stood, fishing rod discarded onto the floor. He wrapped both arms tightly around Luffy’s waist to keep him from actually throwing himself into the ocean over half a fishing rod.

“Careful!” Zoro said, pulling Luffy off the railing. There was a small splash as half of Luffy’s fishing rod fell into the water.

“Oops,” Luffy said, realizing only now what he’d almost done. “Thanks, Zoro.”

Zoro only sighed. He lingered a moment before unwrapping his arms from Luffy’s body, then grabbed his fishing rod off the ground and passed it to Luffy.

“Here, take mine. Just don’t sit on the rail this time or you’re going to fall in, and I don’t feel like swimming,” Zoro said, taking a step back so he could sit down. He leaned on the wall, so that now he could face Luffy and the railing rather than have his back to them.

“We can share,” Luffy said, sitting down in Zoro’s lap with the fishing rod in his hands. He took Zoro’s hands and wrapped them around himself, bringing them to his stomach so he could also reach the fishing rod. Zoro didn’t mind, as he probably would’ve done something like that anyway. Zoro only adjusted his hold to be more secure around Luffy’s waist, Luffy not minding in the least.

“I’m going to take a nap,” Zoro said, closing his eye. No longer having to worry about Luffy falling over the side, Zoro could actually sleep.

“I’ll wake you up when I catch something,” Luffy assured Zoro, and with that Zoro was out. A few more minutes went by, the quiet rocking of the Sunny and the warmth from Zoro starting to make him want to join Zoro for his nap.

Luffy leaned back more into Zoro’s chest and closed his eyes. Surely if something bit, it’d wake at least one of them up. He could take a nap, no problem. Until then, he could just sleep and enjoy Zoro’s company.


When the fishing rod was yanked out of Luffy’s hands an hour later, neither snoring swordsman nor captain noticed. They were enjoying each other’s sleeping company too much to stop the fishing rod from being pulled over the side of the ship.

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Hi I left a comment on your fic about nami and tulin meeting and I still feel strongly about the potential energy of their friendship thanks for the good work I believe in you

Gaaaah I’m gonna have to write more for these two!! So I wrote their first meeting but gosh darn it they’re going to have many adventures together I can feel it in my bones. 

Quick note considering my last prompt: at any time frame where Nami refers to Link by his name instead of Papa, it is before Link and Sidon get married. 

Link and Sidon are dating by this point~ :D 

Nami shivered and took a deep breath through her mouth. 

She was learning quickly that she hated the cold.

Sure, winters in the Domain could get rough, especially when the waters froze over but class wasn’t canceled because the waters were still swimmable. But cold water and cold air were too entirely different things, especially at high altitudes. 

But it was the furthest Minami had also traveled as well, and when Dad was sent to meet with the elder of the Rito at the same time that Link was tasked to rendezvous with the Champion of Vah Medoh, they both saw it as an opportunity for Nami to see another part of the world that she hadn’t been to before.

Of course, for two Zora to traverse all the way to the Tabantha Frontier, extensive preparations and precautions needed to be taken. Dad and Minami were both outfitted with thick parkas and special insulated armor. It was also the first time Nami had worn pants and shoes and she had to admit that Daddy looked really silly in boots and mitten with the end of his tail tucked under a scarf. 

But the biggest thing Nami was having trouble with, however, was how the clothes she now wore made it hard for her to breathe since her gills were covered underneath several layers. Dad and Link kept telling her to breath through her mouth, but that was much easier said than done and hard to get used to.

“Sweetheart, are you alright?” Dad asked, turning back to her as she climbed the rest of the way up the hill. “Do you want me to carry you?”

“No, I’m okay,” Nami insisted. She had made it this far, why stop now? 

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  • Coby: I was in charge of the cake. To be fair, it's not a cake so much as it is a vegetable loaf. You got your mushrooms, your alfalfa sprouts, your spinach, and I had it sweetened with fruit reduction.
  • Luffy: But did they ask you to bring a vegetable loaf or a cake?
  • Coby: No, a cake, but this is so much healthier.
  • Luffy: So not only does this thing exist, but now you have deprived everyone of cake.
  • Nami: Take a walk, Luffy.
  • Luffy: Yup.

izanamie domestic au

  1. “honey :)” “what did you do this time.”
  2. “i love you” “how much money do you need”
  3. izaya always teasing and seducing namie for fun and though she never reacts, when izaya gets bored and saunters off, she’ll let out this little breath because he’s an asshole but even she can’t be fully immune to his charm. especially when he’s intentionally being smooth
  4. izaya picking her up, kissing her as he hoists her onto a counter or presses her against the wall
  5. namie letting him play with her hair when he’s stressed or upset
  6. afternoons where she’s reading and he’s napping with his head in her lap and he smiles slightly when she absentmindedly runs her fingers through his hair
  7. “you use my conditioner didn’t you” “what’s yours is mine” “don’t you mean what’s mine is yours?” “nope!”
  8. she doesn’t ever cry (unless i guess seiji dies) but one night he comes home and sees her in the kitchen, biting her lip and shoulders shaking as she’s ripping up napkins and he just says ‘tell me what you want done and i’ll make sure it happens’ (or alternatively he just leaves and comes back once he’s finished and has good news for her)
  9. “that’s my girl”
  10. izaya’s standing by his floor to ceiling window, one arm folded over his stomach as the other holds his mug of coffee and he’s just staring at the city. namie walks up to him and she wordlessly leans up, stands on her tip toes so she can kiss him softly, her hands grasping at the hem of his shirt. he kisses her back just as gently with no questions, no taunts and when she pulls back, her eyes stay closed until she absolutely needs to take a breath, at which point she opens her eyes and they exchange the same, slight smirk
  11. that’s the first time they say i’m in love with you without words

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Omg 44 with Yoongi and Hobi with the whole ship thing pls

ᴏᴛᴘ: ʏᴏᴏɴsᴇᴏᴋ
ᴘʀᴏᴍᴘᴛ #44: ᴛᴇʀᴍɪɴᴀʟ ɪʟʟɴᴇss ᴀᴜ
ᴡᴏʀᴅᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ: 1.2ᴋ
A/N: Since I’ve already written this prompt for vmin, I’ve taken a slightly different approach for this ficlet. I hope this doesn’t break your heart too much. As you read, you’ll notice more clues to their relationship that I’ve carefully embedded throughout the ficlet. Hope you can empathize with their love. Enjoy! :)

My dearest Hoseok,

It’s almost four in the morning now, the dawn to our seventh anniversary. If you knew that I am still awake, you’d definitely be mad at me for staying up so late. I can almost picture it - your hands on your hips, a pout on your lips, and the characteristic frown between your brows. I’d laugh and brush you off. You’d nag until I relent. 

It has always been like this. 

For seven years. 

Happy anniversary, by the way. If this were a perfect world, I’d buy you the sunflowers you adore and take you to Nami island for a walk because you’ve always loved that sappy tv drama. But this isn’t a perfect world, at least not for us, so I can only be a coward and hope that as the ink bleeds into this paper, my feelings for you will flow with it. 

There’s so much I want to say but I can’t. I’m not a man of words. You know this. You know me better than anyone else. I’ve written lyrics for Jungkook and I’ve written songs for Jimin, but I’ve never written a letter to anyone. This is my first. You’re my first, like everything else. Did you know that? I hope you don’t though, because you’ll tease me. You’ll wrap an arm around my shoulder, squeeze me tight and tip your head back in laughter. I’ve always told you that your laughter is too loud, too sharp and just too bright for my liking. 

It’s one of the many regrets I hold close to heart. Your laughter exists in my memories, hoseok, that’s how much you’ve been crying these days. I remember asking you once, back when we were still in high school and you were dating Namjoon, why are you always so fucking happy? I was this rude, immature boy who didn’t know how to express myself. I was envious that you could be so honest with your feelings. It came to a point when I could read you like an open book. Even though we weren’t friends, I could tell. I could read your emotions from the slouch of your shoulders and the bounce in your footsteps. I wanted to be like you, wanted to share a little bit of myself with the world, but I was too afraid to do so. 

And you taught me how. You held my hand and showed me how the world wasn’t such a mean place. It wasn’t like what I feared it to be; it didn’t chew my feelings and spit it out like mangled bodies after a long-drawn war. Because of you, I’ve grown. It took me 35 years to let myself be free and it’s all thank to you.

Man, if you ever read this letter you’re going to use it as blackmail. I know it. You’ll wave it in the air and brag about it to our friends; boisterous, annoying yet endearing all at once. But you wouldn’t be able to read this letter. Even if you do, you’re probably not going to understand whatever I’ve written so far, and that’s okay, I guess. Moreover, you’re not going to be able to find this letter. I’m not intending to keep it in the drawer where we store my music sheets, or slot it into the bookshelf in our living room. I don’t know why this matters. It shouldn’t, not when you’ll be away from home for a while. 

That being said, I’m going to burn it after I’m done. I know what you’d say. Stop being melodramatic, Yoongi. What are you practicing? Witchcraft? I can hear you laughing again. 

But no, I’m not burning it because I’m dramatic. I’m burning it so that I wouldn’t ever need to read it again, like how I read my diaries from time to time to remind myself of how I’ve changed. Yeah, that. I don’t want to do the same for this letter. I don’t want to remember how things between us changed, or be reminded of the reasons why I’m writing this to you. 

I’m tired, Hoseok. I truly am. This isn’t like our younger days when you’d chastise me for refusing to jog with you or to climb Bukhansan with you. This is similar to when my grandmother had suddenly passed away, except that I’m not entirely sure if I can pick myself up this time. How can I, when you’re the one who sewed me back together again?

You’re dying Hoseok. It’s the truth that I haven’t be able to tell you. You’re a smart kid, you’ve probably figured it out already. I’m sorry it has taken me a while to come to terms with it and I’m sorry that I haven’t been a better husband. I’m sorry that the first reaction to your hospitalization wasn’t to kiss you better, but to walk out of the door because I had been too scared. 

Seokjin-hyung had knocked some sense into me that day. He told me that I shouldn’t abuse the honesty you shared with me, shouldn’t trample on it like a petulant child. It was such a simple piece of logic that my cheeks had burnt in shame. I bet when Heerae-sshi gives birth to our baby daughter, she’ll learn faster than her daddies. If I ever tell her about this someday, she’ll frown the same way as you, with her hands on her little hips and a familiar pout on her lips.   

I thought about us a lot, amongst the frequent trips to the hospital. I’ve thought about the days we have left. It scares me. It tires me. Honestly, I’m still at a loss of what I’m supposed to do. You get it, right? When bad things hit people, they don’t just miraculously see a beacon of light amidst the darkness. It takes time. It takes time for them to formulate some battle plan that can’t even guarantee them success. We’re a little different than those people, though. We’re fighting a losing battle and time isn’t exactly on our side.

Still, I’ve had enough of running away. When tomorrow comes, I’ll tell you a few things honestly. I’ll tell you that you’re dying and then I’m telling you that I will stay. I’ll be beside you as you sleep and be the first person you see when you awake. I won’t walk out of the door anymore. I grounded my fate when I married you. To death do us apart? Can you believe we actually promised each other that? It’s stupid, really, when I’ll still be here even when you’re gone. 

I love you Hoseok. I’ll tell you that tomorrow too. And the next day. And the day after next. The doctors said your illness will make you forget. It doesn’t matter because I’ll remind you, again and again, day after day, week after week and year after year if time permits. 

I’ll also tell you that I love it when you laugh. Its so bright, loud and warm that it reminds me so much of the sun-kissed sand at the beaches. I hope that you’ll be able to laugh once more before you pass on, so that we’ll remember, for old times sake, that the first time Min Yoongi fell in love with Jung Hoseok was when he heard him laugh.

Ironic isn’t it?


Min Yoongi. 

A/N: Ah my yoonseok heart </3. I’ve tried to write this whilst sticking close to Yoongi’s personality. I hope you like this, sorry this took awhile. :’) Also, Hoseok is suffering from a rare, degenerative, invariably fatal brain disorder, also known as the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. You can read about it here