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Howdy! Could you do some modern AU hc for Bonney, Koala, Perona, Nami and Zoro on how they dress, what kind of outfits they usually wear? :3

fashion is my favorite thing just saying :DDD ♥♥♥


  • pretty much grunge style also soft grunge 
  • a bit punky too
  • She’s pretty chaotic, that also becomes apparent in her clothing
  • two different socks? marmelade stain on her top? Well shit, son she had a busy morning!
  • necklaces, earings, rings, she likes bling a lot
  • Wears pretty bright colors, really loves pink and yellow
  • An outfit she’d wear would be a furjacket, a soft pink crop top, combat boots and shorts and a hat


  • very preppy
  • her clothes are always spick and span
  • her favorite colors to wear are purple and soft pink and blue
  • lots of short flutter skirts
  • She’s a huge fan of knee high socks and tights
  • She’s not really girly rather than just preppy
  • She wears a necklace, but just sometimes
  • You know Koala really loves hats a lot
  • She cannot stand for dear life food on her clothing, she will immideately wash everything


  • Absolute Goth
  • And also a bit Lolita kind of style
  • Perona’s favorite color is pink, which is why she predominantly dyes her hair pink
  • The colors she wears are black, white, red, pink and sometimes gold and silver
  • She loves plateau shoes a damn lot
  • She’s a huge fan of hats like Koala
  • Perona cares for her style a lot, really a damn lot, it’s excentric but she always manages to make her make up and her clothes look awesome even if they’re a bit unsual


  • Nami has a sort of hipster-esque
  • Even during winter she wears pretty light clothing
  • She loves flower prints a lot
  • She would wear sandals all the time if she could, and she has the most ridiculous (in a good way) collection of sandals and flat at home
  • She doesn’t really like dresses, she prefers skirts 
  • Her fave colors to wear are def all the warm summer colors, like yellow, orange, light red and white 
  • She doesn’t wear much jewelry
  • Idk if that counts but…like her tattoo you know it’s not just the little one on her shoulder, she’s got a full sleeve on her left arm


  • sporty
  • A WHOLE BUNCH of sleevless shirts and hoodies
  • He would every day in his life wear comfy jogging pants if he could
  • Often enough wears the hoodie of the police department
  • Zoro has a lot of ‘nike’ sneakers he wears
  • he wears dark colors mostly, dark green is his fave color to wear
  • Man, look Zoro doesn’t want to look fashionable, sexy, trendy or masculine or whatever, he doesn’t give a shit about that. He just wants it comfy, he’d walk around nude if he could
  • He does love army print tho 
  • Has a bunch of bomber jackets

“Who’s there?” Nami whispered warily at the movement on deck.

Two thumps came directly in front of her.

“What was that?!”

“Gimme a sec—”

There was a rustling, and then a click. Zoro had grabbed the lighter from Sanji’s jacket.

“Oh, thank goodness,” Nami said in relief, the flame providing just enough light to see by. “I’m here … there’s Usopp, Sanji-kun, Robin, Ladybug, and Chat Noir.”

A pause.

“Wait—Usopp?! Sanji-kun?! What happened?!” Nami cried. She looked between Luffy and Zoro. “And you two! Again! How did you get here?! And does anyone know where Luffy and Zoro went?!”

Hey there! This is a scene from Chapter 6, Your Best Nightmare, of the ZoLu/Miraculous Ladybug fic I wrote. The akuma (Chopper) shrouded the ship in darkness, and everyone’s only just gotten together again.