Namco Founder And ‘Father Of Pac-Man’ Dies At 91

Masaya Nakamura has passed away at the age of 91.  Nakamura founded Nakamura Manufacturing in 1955.  The company would go on to be known as Namco - Nakamura Amusement Machine Manufacturing Company.  In 1979, the company released Galaxian,  the first video game to use multicolored sprites.  Then in 1980, the company would release Pac-Man which would go on to be the most recognized video game in the world.  Nakamura was inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame in 2010.

Maybe you already know, but A LOT of seiyuu (especially the male one -__-”), basically surviving by convenience store’s bento and eating out

Kaji Yuki is one of them. 

Seiyuu like Toriumi Kousuke (who can cook AND willing to cook), Yasumoto Hiroki (it’s basically his hobby), Sugiyama Noriaki (hobby also), Sugita Tomokazu-Nakamura Yuuichi (maybe just lazy to go out), Onosaka Masaya (hobby, again), Suzumura Kenichi (hobby, duh) are not many.

The younger one like Shimazaki Nobunaga (who cook because he misses his mother’s taste), or Umehara Yuuichirou (part hobby, part saving money) are even rarer.  

Aoi Shouta only knows how to make pancakes. KNOWS, not good at

Okamoto Nobuhiko basically lives by sweets.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa doesn’t have a preference and thinks that almost everything tastes similar.

Kimura Ryouhei and Uchiyama Kouki likes to go out together, trying a different restaurant each time.

Hosoya Yoshimasa likes drinking (sweet white wine) more than eating.

……… Let’s see if Eguchi Takuya’s still hold on his resolution, next year XD or he just get dragged by his friends and eating out again

Pac-Man creator Masaya Nakamura passes away at 91

One of gaming’s most popular icons wouldn’t have been possible without Masaya Nakamura, who worked in entertainment since 1955, was an early believer in the potential video games had. 

His software company, Nakamura Manufacturing (aka Namco) put out hits like Galaxian, and of course, Pac-Man. Nakamura led Namco until retiring in 2002. He will be missed. 

OMATASE!!! ~ The twitter was updated today with a new story

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The director reveals the inside scoop on Mori-sempai, Nakamura Masaya!

If you think about it, his bright (funny) kansai personality was completely different from his role (in the drama). He brought laughter, and was in charge of bringing excitement to the set. The only thing that was similar was his height (laughs). He was 192 cm which was exactly the same as the manga! Also he was a gentle person who watched over everyone.

He just really understood everyone. At first when Chiba & Haruna were really nervous and didn’t fit in, he talked to them and melted the tension right away. When Yusuke was troubled by his acting, he quickly praised Yusuke by pointing out that it was great. He always deliberately teased ShinMan about their faults. As for Daito… he always walked one step behind him. When staff members were tired, he would massage their shoulders and encourage them.

He really knew how to read the situation on set, and made team work go smoothly. He was a man that was essential on the set of Ouran. However, he had no lines (laughs). If you count his lines for the 11 episodes, he had about 50 lines! For episode 10 we gave him a few more lines but about more than half of it consisted of words like “ah…”.

It must have been tough for him to go through long shooting times without any lines. However, despite the lack of lines, his scenes with Honey became more and more interesting. I think you will be able to see it in the movie! Mori does some great acting there! However, he only had 7 lines in the thick script (laughs)

Also, there was another fate that tied Nakamura Masaya to Ouran… As everyone knew, after the casting was decided on, it was announced he had married Yaguchi Mari-san. Yaguchi-san was a huge fan of Ouran. She has talked about her love for the manga on various TV shows, but when it was announced that her husband was going to be in the drama, she was very happy that she wrote about it on her blog stating her intent to support this drama.

The possibility of Ouran becoming a drama was tied by some mysterious fate, and Masaya was one of them. Please continue your support of the mood-maker who held the team work of the host club together!

*Yaguchi Mari is in fact a huge fan of Kaoru in the manga 


Shirato Osamu ep.08: Ouran Cast makes their cameo appearance!

Tamaki: It’s Honey Senpai!

Osamu: No, I’m Osamu!

Haruhi: He’s not Honey!

Tamaki: He is! *passes rabbit*

Osamu: I’m not! *throws rabbit back*

*drag Tamaki & Mori away* “WAAAATCHHHH OUR MOVIEEEEE!” *drops chirashi*

Roadshow 2012.03.17, which is tomorrow. please support!


The Ouran live action actors demonstrate good theater manners when watching a movie!


Featuring By:

Kenta Kamakari (Cocoa Otoko)

Nakamura Masaya (Ouran High School Host Club Live Action)

Yuya Miyashita (Run&Gun)

Ikeda Junya (Gokai Silver)