Yolanda: Not Another Storm for Northehanons

News is spreading that a super typhoon is approaching the Philippines and it tracks especially Samar and Leyte provinces. However it will reach the PAR on thursday and will have its landfall on Friday.This typhoon is Yolanda. Personally i felt scared, beacause if possible, signal No.4 will be raised here in my province, Northern Samar.

However, I am a witness on how God spared Northern Samar from any calamities. Although every once in a while Northern Samar experiences such events as typhoon and earthquake (that raises a tsunami alert level sometimes). My province did not experience a calamity so devastating that lives had been risked and destroyed.

We, Northehanons are known for our great devotion to God.Many times we have been spared from any calamities. Typhoon Yolanda is another challenge for us to show this great devotion. And prove to the people of the Philippines that we really are maisog and that this storm will not break our spirits. 

To my kababayans, do not be afraid. Prepare for any contingencies and never ever forget to pray. It is the only way that Yolanda will not be another storm for us, Northehanons