thoughts on S4E1

Red burning the world down to get Liz back = yep, that’s right, Red is a badass.

Kirk telling Liz that Katarina and Red had an affair = expected daddybait. Sure, fine, whatever, I’m past this silliness.

Red speaking to Liz through the mirrored window = yep!

The eye thing = ick. A gross out to simply gross out is typical teen boy writing.

The long explanation as to why Ressler was being involved in the hunt = waste of time. Ressler somehow traveling from Washington D.C. to Cuba in what had to be minutes = seriously, was he beamed there?

The tension between Red and Kaplan = made the episode.

Liz’s “good” at Kirk’s illness = LOL.

Having Fakob on my screen = worse than the gross eye thing. Maybe one of those tropical parasites bored through his bare feet and will kill him when the spin off bombs.

Red running and being all buff = n-i-c-e!

Samar explaining that Liz is responsible for the mess she’s in = preach!

Are you a moron? LOL. At times, but at least he doesn’t abuse women.

Red and Agnes. Red looking at Agnes. Red holding Agnes. Red touching Agnes. Hmmm. Odd choice by 3-time Emmy winning Spader. Another and all together different form of daddybait? Yeah, I’m sure tptb are laughing at shippers, but that’s what fans do, try and fix the mess created by a bunch of writers when they make an abuser a father.