This year’s N.O.W. Special Screenings at Tribeca 2017 feature AWAKE, A Dream From Standing Rock, executive produced by Shailene Woodley.

The film captures the story of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s peaceful resistance against the North Dakota Pipeline that captured the world’s attention and changed the fight for clean water and the future of the planet.

A live discussion with filmmakers Josh Fox and James Spione (both Tribeca alums and Oscar nominees), along with their co-director Myron Dewey, follows the screening.

Be there. (And learn more about Tribeca N.O.W.)


A 2017 Tribeca N.O.W. selection, Bonnie Wright and Martin Cohn’s dreamy, gorgeously-shot Phone Calls is an anthology series of conversations exploring the way people speak to each other when not face to face. Free of physical proximity, a space is born in which personal truths and, often times, ugliness are unleashed by those closest to you as well as those most foreign.

Watch it now, over on our site.

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rejectedvegetable  asked:

Feminism is wanting equal rights for everyone with little to no gender barriers in between. Men's rights are also necessary but if I am correct Men fall under the category of EVERYONE.

Do you believe men should have the same right as women to opt out of parenthood or have complete control over their reproduction as women do (ie. financial abortion leaving all women’s reproductive rights intact)?

Do you believe men should have the same right as women to genital integrity at birth (circumcision)?

Do you believe women should be forced into Selective Service to possibly fight and die for their country?

Do you believe that male exotic dancers and porn stars should earn the same amount as their female coworkers - equal pay for equal work?

Do you believe N.O.W. is wrong for opposing shared parenting and equal access to kids after a divorce?

Do you believe drunken women who grab, pinch or otherwise engage in any sexualized touching or flirtation with men without their consent are women who feel ‘entitled to mens bodies’ and should be charged with sexual assault and/or harassment?

Do you believe that men should be allowed (and supported by women) to lobby/protest/boycott movies like Magic Mike, products like Old Spice, and magazines like Mens Health or Cosmo for portraying unrealistic body images of ripped men and 8 pack abs?

Do you believe sexist/stereotyped portrayals of men as bumbling idiots/incompetent/always needing a woman to guide/fix their decisions should be outlawed and replaced in TV sitcoms and advertising?

Do you believe that the standard depiction in film, where a single father may only live with his children if his wife had an untimely death and never through divorce, is wrong?

Do you believe that a depiction in film, where a single non-custodial father must be shown flawed in some way, slanting the viewer to believe he is less a loving, equal parent than a pain in the mother’s side, is outdated and should end?

Do you believe NFL stars who hit women deserve jail time, and that Hope Solo shouldn’t have been allowed to continue playing for the US women’s soccer team but rather she should have faced similar consequences?

Do you believe that a woman throwing slaps and punches at a man in a bar is deserving of a few nights in jail for assault?

Do you believe that men should be able to stop paying child support when they discover that the child they thought was theirs biologically is discovered to be another man’s through paternity fraud?

Do you believe in 100% DNA paternity testing for each child born in this country?

Do you believe that when a legally “cannot drive” drunk man and sober women have sex with each other, the woman is a rapist?

Do you believe that women who are proven to have lied about being raped should serve the same prison sentence as rapists?

Do you believe that resources for Domestic Violence advocacy, shelters, etc., should be allocated on a realistic basis, that when all victims are considered including men, women, children, and elders, women are every bit as violent to those who live with them as men?

Would you support an “affirmative action” plan that would force state and federal courts to give equal prison sentences to men and to women, as classes, for the same crime?

Do you believe that schools should recognize their shortcomings in teaching boys, with the aim of giving them a good education and ending the epidemic of ADHD medication abuse? Such self reflection should seek to make equal the number of young men vs. women in our colleges. Do you support this?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions - you are a feminist. But you certainly do not support equality in any sense of the word.


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You Wish: Eye Candy

This is defo long awaited. As some of you know my normal routine is gone down the drain at the moment. 

This is part Twenty-two. Other parts in Masterlist.

Wasn’t my decision going to be obvious? The girl leaning against the wall with just my top on was always going to come first. No amount of money or threats could change that. By the look on her face I could tell she was having doubts. It’s Josie for fucks sake. She’ll put my well being before her own happiness.

Michael kept looking at Josie. He was practically eye fucking her in front of me and I wanted to smack the back of his head into next year. But I restrained myself and gave him a warning look when he finally stopped, earning a guilty chuckle from him.

He grabbed the letter and shook his head. “I don’t get why he’s doing it.” He said, his brows furrowing as he reread everything.

“He hates the fact he doesn’t control me anymore and I guess losing the fight topped it all off.”

Michael froze and his eyes darted around the sheet of paper. I furrowed my brows and watched his behavior. Shaking it off, I looked at Josie who stared at me longingly. She hated this. Hated having her life ruled. She was too confident and carefree to live like this. Was I being selfish for wanting to stay with her? Hopefully not. I mean, look at her. Who would give that up?

For some reason, looking at her in my top made me start to feel turned on. Our earlier shenanigans still made me want her. Having her stand in front of me like that only made me want to bend her over this sofa and take her. If only I wasn’t pathetically hurt and Michael wasn’t here.

“I’ve got a job tomorrow.” Michael said, interrupting my day dream. “I need your help.”

I sighed and quickly glanced at Josie before giving him a look to continue.

“There’s a private party down at The Enterprise and I’m supposed to grab a car from the carpark behind it but I need a look out.”

The Enterprise was were the roof incident happened. That was the day I knew Josie was going to be mine. It was also the day I made over five hundred pounds from selling weed in the place.

“I can’t, Mike.” I sighed. “I’m too fucked up to even get dressed let alone help you steal a car.”

Michael rubbed his forehead and sighed. “I’ll just see if Zak or anyone will help.”

I nodded and ran my fingers through my tangled hair. I needed Michael to go soon. When I mean soon, I mean n.o.w.

“Right. I’m gonna go.” He said, rising from the sofa. “Got games to play, people to piss off.”

I rose from the sofa and walked over to the front door. “See ya.” I chirped, opening it.

He walked over and quirked his brows up at me with a smirk before walking through the threshold. “Bye.”

The door immediately closed and I turned around to see Josie smirking, walking over to me. She was making my insides do somersaults and I had no idea why.

Once we reached each other I grabbed her waist and pinned her against me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and smiled at me, letting her fingers roam through my hair.

“You know I’m keeping you right.” I said, bringing my mouth close to her ear.

“I didn’t know you owned me in the first place.”

Smirking, I ran my hands down to her ass and squeezed. “I can prove it to you.”

“And how are you going to do that?”

I crashed my lips against hers, becoming needy for her as I added tongue. This is how I was going to show her. I was going to fuck her so she’d moan my name branding her mine. The small stinging pain in my lip was easily ignored because it was Josie who was numbing it with her kiss.

My body began to ignite as our lips moved together. There’s never been a girl that I’ve wanted so bad. Josie was different from the rest. She didn’t give into me so easily which made me want her even more.

She removed her lips from mine and began kissing along my jaw to my neck, sucking and nibbling at it so she could mark me. I couldn’t help the groan slipping through my lips and I felt her smirk, running his hands from my hair all the way down to my bruised chest.

Getting fed up of her taking control, I pushed her back so she fell onto the sofa. I still needed to punish her for standing there in front of my best friend like this but it would come… or she will.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me close to her, biting on her lip in the meantime. Fuck, she knew how to get me going. Anytime soon I’d be having my way with her because I was getting eagar. Her hands ran softly down my chest to the waistband of my shorts before briefly tugging on it.

I hovered over her, placing open mouthed kisses down her neck then back up to her mouth as I slipped my hand under under her top. Her hands were in my hair as I felt how wet for me she was. A moan fell from her lips as I ran a finger along her wet folds before I began rubbing her clit.

To have her react to me the way she did, her hands running down to my biceps and gripping on them, felt amazing. I wonder how many inexperienced boys have made her feel like this. None.

“Calum.” She breathily moaned, biting on that lip of hers.

I continued my actions, determined to make her feel good because I knew she was having doubts in her mind about that letter. I pushed my finger inside of her and smirked, slowly bring it in and out.

“Do I make you feel good, baby girl?”

She nodded, still biting on her lip and pulled me closer. Her lips connected with mine and I felt that fire run over my skin.

Josie’s POV:

I can’t explain it, but every time both our lips connected I felt my skin begin to burn up. I don’t know if it was the way he was making me feel or how much I loved him but when that feeling goes I just know I’m going to miss it.

Calum started peppering wet kisses down my neck before marking me his. He removed his finger from me and brought it up to my mouth. Fuck. I parted my lips, allowing his fingers access before suckin on them, licking them clean.

He smirked at me and took them out, letting the tips of them linger of my bottom lip before grabbing my hands and pinning them above my head. His mouth was so close so mine to the extent that our lips grazed off each others.

“Tell me you love me.”

I connected our lips together, they gently moved together before I pulled away. I looked into his vulnerable chocolate eyes, never want in them to lose their spark.

“I love you.”

He smiled and ducked his head down to my neck and began to mark me again. His hands released my own, running them down my arms before they reached my hips and squeezed them.

“I remember the first time I saw you,” he murmured, slowly continuing to pepper open mouthed kisses. “I wanted you so bad. Ollie wanted you, Dean wanted you. Fuck, even Zak wanted you. Now look, you’re here underneath me.”

“You’re the only person I want.” I whispered, running my hands down his toned back.

I felt his grip on my waist get tighter before he flipped us over so I was hovering over him. I couldn’t help but smile. He was being so brave, trying to cover up the fact that he was hurting all over.

“Prove it.” He said, a smirk playing on his lips.

I had to think for a moment before I realized why he meant. This was going to be fun. Without a second thought I ripped the top over my head and threw it on the floor. His eyes burned all over my skin and I bit my lip before planting kisses along his collarbone and down to the middle of his bruised chest.

His hands went to my boobs and gave them a squeeze, rolling his thumb along my nipples making me take a sharp intake of breath. This allowed him time to slip his tongue into my mouth. He took one if his hands off and trailer one finger down my spine before his hand had a firm grip on my ass.

“I’ll never let anyone hurt you, Josie.” He murmured, his eyes burning into mine. “Never.”

“The only one who can really hurt me is you.”

He looked taken aback. Probably not expecting that response. It was the truth and I’m not going to hold back on it.

Then he began to look upset. “I’d never hurt you, Josie. That’s the last thing I’d want to do.”

Little did I know…

Before I could reply he crashed his lips against mine, wrapping his arms around my waist so he could pin me against him. By the way his face tightened up I could tell the pressure on his chest was hurting him. But he loved the power he had on me, he was dominating me in many more ways than one. Mind, body and soul.

“Calum, don’t do this if it hurts.” I muttered close to his plump lips.

“How we’re about to feel will make it worth it.”

That shut me up. Well, the fact he crashed his lips against mine did too. I felt his arm slid down before his finger pressed against my wet core making me gasp into the kiss.

“I love how wet you are, baby. Who’s made you this wet?” He whispered into my ear.

He pushed two fingers into me, pumping them in and out and curling them at the perfect point. This boy has had experience. It was kinda hot. I could feel how hard he was underneath me. Time to do something about that.

My hips began to move up and down as I grinded along Calums hard on while he kept his fingers inside of me. His breathing began to pick up and I bit on my lip, our eyes locking together.

“I don’t like the fact you still have shorts on, Calum.”

He chuckled and smirked at me, pushing his fingers in deeper. “Maybe you should do something about it.”

My brows rose and I accepted the challenge. He pulled out his finger and I moved my body down far enough so I could remove his shorts. My fingers grabbed the waistband and slid them down his legs painfully slow.

When his hard length was freed from its silky condiments I yanked the rest of the material off before pumping him. He watched me through lustful eyes and caught his lip between his teeth. I wrapped my lips around the tip, never losing eye contact with him and his hands went to my hair.

“Go further, baby.” He moaned, pushing my head down slightly.

I did as I was told and took him some more until I felt him hit the back if my throat making my eyes water. I began bobbing my head up and down, his grip on my hair tightening as I heard small whimpers leave his mouth.

“Josie, you have to stop.” He moaned. “I’m gonna cum soon.”

I kept up my actions, branding him too weak to stop me from making him feel good. He seemed to forget we didn’t have a condom so him cumming in my mouth would be so much easier and safer. 

His legs began to shake underneath me and he couldn’t help taking control of his soon to be orgasm by thrusting into my mouth. He suddenly stilled and I felt his load spill into my mouth. I swallowed it and sucked on his sensitive tip before my mouth was forcefully pulled away from him by a hand in my hair.

“When I say stop, I mean stop.” He growled, lowering his head to be close to mine.

“I didn’t see you trying to stop me.” I taunted, a smirk appearing on my face.

His face became stern and a evil grin appeared on his face. “Do you like being punished, baby?”

I licked my lips and tried to look at him as innocently as I could. An amused chuckle fell from his lip before he grabbed my hips and pulled me back up so I was straddling his waist. His calloused fingers ran circles on my soon to be bruised hips from his earlier grip as he peered up at me.

“Don’t ever do that again, Josie. When I cum I want to be inside you.”

“We didn’t have a condom.”

He began to fiddle down the side of the sofa before pulling up a shiny blue condom packet. I rolled my eyes with a small smile on my face and he laughed, throwing the condom onto the coffee table close by.

“There’s not a problem that can’t be solved by Calum Hood.” I joked, running my fingers down his bare chest.

He smirked and I saw his eyes grow darker. “Now I’ve got to solve yours.”

Within seconds, I was pulled up to his mouth. His tongue met my core and I instantly felt some much needed release. I felt his nails nig into my hips but that didn’t matter because I was too overwhelmed by his mouth on me as I began to grind on his tongue. He chuckled at my actions making a vibration motion on my clit.

A minute or so later I could feel my body begin to burn up and the knot in my stomach was about to unravel. With one swift action, Calum had me releasing on his tongue as I moaned his name. 

Fuck, it felt so good and we both drawed out the last as my orgasm. Both of our breath was heavy as I climbed off him and settled myself against him on the sofa that wasn’t big enough for the both of us.

Calum grabbed a small fur blanket from the corner of the sofa and pulled it over us before wrapping his arms around me. He did the most random thing and licked the shell of my ear before giggling. I rolled my eyes and snuggled closer to him.

“I’m going to fix everything, Josie. I need the job and I need you. Just, remember you’ll always come first.”

“I know, Cal. Just be careful. That bastard isn’t friendly.”

“Trust me, I know.”

There was a moment of silence before Calum spoke again.

“I want you to meet my family.”

Hope you liked. It’s a bit longer than usual.
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i-put-the-lose-in-winchester  asked:

How would exo react if they see their girlfriend being adorable and playing with their puppy :) thank you and I very love you

i love you too ”3”

Kris: *internal crazy thoughts coz u are being cute as fuck*

*hugs teddy bear to get rid of this semi- sexual frustration*

Suho: we should get married and i’ll buy you 50 puppies, don’t forget to act same way everyday~

Tao: asdfghjkkllllllllllll  you love puPPIEESS?// AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

Xiumin: I wish I was that puppy *regrets*

Chen: ducks are cuteeer than puppies, love mee not him

Baekhyun: girl that is so fake, you need to shut that show N.O.W

*internally thanking the puppy to exist*

Chanyeol : Are you okay? you look u smoked too much crack

Kai: *sees your boob jiggling* hmmm niceuuu~

External image

Kyungsoo: omg squishier than me

External image

if she knows what I mean

Lay: hi there earthling, you taken?

External image

lol just kidding, you look very kawai desu

Sehun: oh so you are the one making those noises huh?

External image

please get out no one cuter than me allowed!

Luhan: apparently those puppies are not my style 

*skypes you next day*


External image

Country Sunrise 01 – Indian Land, South Carolina, December 13, 2015

Greg McKeown, in his book, “Essentialsm: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less,” uses the acronym WIN as the short form of “What’s Important Now?”

Shortstops can be so consumed with their error on the last play that they continue the trend on the coming play.

What’s Important Now focuses us on the only time we have to work with: N.O.W.

Now is the focal point.

The fulcrum.

The pivot point.

Levering ourselves into position

To live our life as only we can–

By deciding What’s Important NOW?

And giving it our full, here comes that word again,

Mindful, compassionate, attention.

No matter what has gone on before,

Or what we are afraid will happen in the future,

HERE we are NOW!

NOW what?

What’s important NOW?

Answering the question

The way it begs to be answered

Is the key to all that follows.