Just Killing Stalking Things <3 (Sorry it got blurry)

I’m going to hell for some of these



The flowers blooming by the roadside change as the seasons change bit by bit. I wonder what the name of the flower that bloomed during that season was.

Movie 21 Teaser Scene [English Translation]

  • K: Look look Ran-chan! It’s snowing! So beautiful!
  • R: Y-you… It’s beautiful just like Kazuha!
  • K: Ran-chan, Heiji’ll never say that!
  • K: A, Kudo-kun told you that?
  • R: N-no, it’s not like that! Geez, Kazuha-chan!
  • K: But he confessed in front of London’s Big Ben, right? What’s expected from Kudo-kun!
  • R: But… it felt like I made him confess… Besides, Hattori-kun will surely…
  • K: Ha-ha, no-no! But rly, when you speak of Heiji, a case happens and he disappears into somewhere…
  • R: Right, right!
  • R: Geez, this guy… When will he return?
  • R: Loving a detective…
  • Both: That’s so hard…
  • K: But…  If we’ve seen this just by the two of us, it’ll be rly terrific…
  • R: Maybe one day we’ll see it with Shinichi…
  • Both: Love premonition, right!
  • K: Well, anyway, let’s go? Ta the cinema!