i hate how whenever you see a gay love scene in movies or tv in the company of straight people the atmosphere gets tense regardless of tolerance level. like conservatives are visibly uncomfortable or disgusted and that tension could easily become fear while liberals are like “this is weird but I’ll prove I’m open minded. Come on, game face” and they alternate between making comments about how Okay With It they are and looking a little constipated. either way you just hope it ends


Navi, proving that the photo below (from 2015) was real & not photoshopped

For a laugh, click here to see what I made back then, when I didn’t believe it 😂


“I feel happy to be a leader in these times when I realize that they know how much I think of them. It comforts me a lot. When the members say, “Hyung, thank you for this”, and when they know my heart, I feel so grateful.”

Happy birthday, Hakyeon ♡