I wanted to do a romantic comedy with Jack and Ianto, and the obstacle between them getting together is a pterodactyl! But Gareth added a wonderful depth to it, when, unseen by Jack, he starts to cry at the end. Obviously, the unspoken thing is that Ianto wants to get in to Torchwood so he can keep his girlfriend Lisa alive, so that’s a beautiful bit of empathising by Gareth that wasn’t in the script. That’s the extraordinary thing about this cast: they never stop creating.
—  Chris Chibnall on Ianto’s Story in Fragments (Torchwood: The Official Magazine Issue #4)

“This part of the day was actually the one he enjoyed the most. Some would have called it dead boring…but strangely enough it was the only chance where he was allowed to be something else than pretty, mysterious, deadpan, treacherous, brave, caring, strong or just a sneaky git with a major Bond-complex. ”

I was meaning to a Myfanwy and Ianto picture, but I didn’t have the motivation until I read this fantastic fanfiction.

It’s the cutest fic ever! A lot of it is Myfanwy’s view of Torchwood at different times over Series 1 and 2, and how Jack and Ianto are ridiculous and just need to have sex already, and…ugh, it’s just perfect! Read it if you like fluff, and/or just want some Jack/Ianto sexytimes.


Archives: File #113904

Subject: Torchwood Three’s Pteranodon

Classification: Pet

Name: Myfanwy (Note: The name, meaning ‘my beloved’, is of Welsh origin. (Naturally.) And it’s pronounced 'Muh-vah-noo-ay’. Not 'My fanny’. And I named her for a Welsh Goddess who sung beautifully. Jack and Owen don’t appreciate my humor at all -.I.J.)

History: In 2007, this Pteranodon fell through the Cardiff Space-Time rift before finding a temporary home in the countryside; emerging only at night to hunt sheep. She was tracked down and corned in a warehouse by Ianto Jones. After teaming up with Captain Jack Harkness, the pair managed to sedate her. She was relocated to the Hub where she currently resides. (Note: If not for her, I wouldn’t have gotten a job at Torchwood Three. I have no problem feeding her extra chocolate weekly for that.-I.J.)


  • Her food habits include chocolate (Note: Preferably dark- I.J.) sheep, birds, and any food coated with a special barbecue sauce developed by Suzie Costello.
  • She is trained to never attack a member of the staff, to never make a mess of her meals, and to return to the hub if Captain Jack Harkness activates a subsonic signal on his watch. (Note: Myfanwy seems to be protective of the hub and it’s staff. She’s saved Tosh from falling to her death as well as protected it from alien intruders. Must be because we feed her.- I.J.)

Fragments : Ianto’s story

“Ianto Jones, born August 19th 1983. Able student but not exceptional. One minor conviction for shoplifting in your teens. Number of temporary jobs, mainly a drifter, until two years ago you join the Torchwood Institute in London. Junior researcher. Girlfriend, Lisa Hallett.”