Since MyDol through all the way until Vixx first win.

I could not be more proud of you guys. We st☆rlights know how much effort you guys put in everything you do and no one deserve this right now more than you. Everything about you guys is so special. The way you care about each other, care about the the fans, your dork way of being that make us laugh and support you more everyday. I admire you in so many ways. We, your devoted fans, know everything you guys went through to be where you are now and see you guys crying on that stage, tears of happiness, I can’t even describe what I felt… I couldn’t ask for more, I couldn’t be happier. Vixx still has so much to show, and I know you guys gonna make it, because vixx deserve it. Each one of you deserve this. Thank you Cha Hakyeon, Jung Taekwoon, Lee Jaehwan, Kim Wonshik, Lee Hongbin and Han Sanghyuk for bringing such joy to my life ♥ Let’s all eat chicken to celebrate vixx 1st win!