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Ok I'm honestly here to talk about the chabooty. Like, I started learning about vixx and getting into them BECAUSE OF THE CHABOOTY AND HIS OWNER LIKE. The dude has me SHOOK TO MY OWN BOOTY. I've watched his solo dance in love me do more times than I remember. PLEASE LORD LET THIS COMEBACK FEATURE CHABOOTY & CO MORE. (I know very little about vixx's history tho, so if u can help me/tell me where I can start I would luv u so much thanks fam

Anon, first I commend you on your good taste because the Chabooty truly is one fine booty

*sheds a tear* bootyful~

And now: *cracks knuckles* a brief history of VIXX

VIXX is Jellyfish Entertainment’s first idol group, formed through the reality show, MyDol. They debuted on May 24, 2012 with the absolute masterpiece, Super Hero, but it was their 2013 release On and On that gave them the nickname ‘ConceptDols’

I’m ready to get hurt

If you want to reduce a Starlight to tears, all you need to do is show them the video of VIXX’s first ever win.

God bless Voodoo Doll era

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With their position as ConceptDols firmly established, VIXX continued to return with unique (sometimes kinky) concepts like Jekyll and Hyde,  cyborgs, the meaninglessness of time (or at least that’s my interpretation), BDSMslaves of love” (which P.S has the most views of any VIXX MV so you know this fandom needs Jesus) and Greek mythology.

No post about VIXX is complete without VIXX LRs debut Beautiful Liar possibly the gayest thing VIXX has ever done like the sexual tension is palpable jfc

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Also let’s not forget their disrespect concert tours, the highlights of which include Hakyeon (VIXX’s N) and Hongbin’s infamous performance of Toxic

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Boys bye e e

Also Memory, which I think was life-changing because we finally got a full song featuring Hyuk’s beautiful voice (thanks Ravi)

I could make an entire post on the absolute gems that came out of the concerts but I’ll stop here

And of course the boys have done a lot of individual activities over the years as well! Hakyeon has appeared in dramas (Hotel King, The Family is Coming, Sassy Go Go, Tomorrow Boy, and recently Tunnel and Perfect Wife) as have Hongbin (Moorim School, Glorious Day and What’s Up With These Kids with Hakyeon) and Ken (Boarding House No. 24).

Ken (Cinderella, Chess, Boys Over Flowers), Leo (Monte Cristo, Full House, Mata Hari) and recently Hakyeon (In The Heights) have starred in musicals. Hyuk made his acting debut in Chasing.

Finally, Ravi became the first VIXX member to debut solo (January this year) with Bomb~

And with that, welcome to the fandom, little Starlight!

Okay, so I'm sorry but I just saw a post that got me thinking

do you guys remember when this guy

and this guy

didn’t use to talk?

when this guy

was afraid so afraid of this guy

that he avoided him?

when this guy

was so shy and the only on who seemed to make an effort was this guy

When this guy

didn’t really seem all that close with anyone member?

when this guy

didn’t really joke around?

remember when this guy

didn’t used to hug the members all the time?

when this guy

wasn’t all that confident in himself?

when these guys

weren’t all that close?

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