Hello, hello! Guess who’s back with another translation? This is the first time I’ve physically wrote on a comic, so please excuse the amateurish editing. This comic is done by うさ仔(Usako)! I made sure to ask if it was okay to translate it first, and she was really nice about it ;; You can check out this comic over at this link.

I took a few liberties with the translation since some phrasings in this comic wouldn’t have worked as well in english. Please enjoy! If you have any corrections to make, please do leave a comment. I’m not exactly Japanese master over here.


[G+] Kawaei Rina 2014.05.27 19:12


Everyone, I’m sorry to worry you.
I’m recovering little by little (^^)

I will appear on Viking by phone tomorrow!

Don’t forget to watch Viking, okay


[G+] Iriyama Anna 2014.05.27 21:02

Everyone, I’m sorry I caused you worry this time.
I have some bone fractures and cuts, but I got sewing operation at a hospital in Iwate and I came back to Tokyo yesterday.
Right now I’m in 
the calm environment and I’m going to spend my time calmly. I’m smiling everyday!
The voice of support and encouragement from everyone are very supportive.
I hope to recover soon.
Wait for me, okay 

Yuttan’s Ameba Blog 2014-08-17
[DIVAと佐江のBirthday/DIVA & Sae’s Birthday]
Yuttan’s Ameba Blog Translation

Hi there!

I’m done reading all the comments.
Thank you so much for the many heartwarming messages.
Since a few days ago as part of DIVA, my days have been packed with recordings, and learning the dance choreography

It’s nostalgic with everyone together in one place, really comforting. I so want to cherish every moment of it.

A few days ago, the day of DIVA’s recording, was also Miyazawa Sae’s 24th birthday

Oshima Yuko & Akimoto Sayaka rushed over and were discussing what surprise they should do, so I tagged along…haha
I’m now going to tell the whole story(^ν^)

Because it was these two, it wasn’t going to be a simple birthday surprise. Everyone knows what I mean right? haha

And so we began preparations…


Hold on…


Where’s Yuko?w

One’s like an alien and the other’s a Dragonball character (I forgot the name. What was it).

With Yuko, I didn’t even recognize who it was at first.

Had to follow this sheet of paper, and attach the seals for the nose and mouth. Such a fussy alien

And yet, she’s so little. Yuko’s really so pint–sized.

We waited until Sae’s work was over. Just like this.

Sayaka lit a flame though it was still early.

It’s going to melt!!! Said the alien who quickly put it out

Why are you putting out the flame on the candle before Sae?!!!!w

And so the two of them kept on doing this in repeat.

Copier and friend

The alien who likes to do fun things

For some reason got wedged in between it’s friend…

Ui-n (Copier sound)

Jya-n!! (Ta-da)

What do you mean Jya-n! www
It looked like a baby’s ultrasound photo!

The alien was proud of it though I really couldn’t see it’s face.

It dropped the paper, and so it went looking under the copier…

Found it…

Still good

That’s enough fun.

No no don’t put that back!!!←

Laughed so hard my stomach was hurting. I had also taken a video as I wanted to show everyone.

Ending the foolishness, we moved on to the surprise!

Right let’s move out!
To the room where Sae is✨✨✨
Umechan joined in with the surprise just as she finished her recording

As everyone sang a happy birthday to you~♪♥♥

A surprised Sae couldn’t help but cry~♥

Suddenly the alien began to dance intensely in front of a crying Sae

The photos taken got all motion blurry!

Anyway, it was a big success with the surprise♥♥♥

Sae’s so lucky~!!!
I’m really happy for her^ ^
Even I received a part of this happiness.

You are really loved when you got people rushing over all for your birthday
Did everybody feel the happiness too?♥♥♥

For Sae, I hope that it’s going to be a fruitful year for her

p.s. After the surprise the 2 went back looking just as they were.

Sayaka didn’t really look that out of place though. Haha

Everyday is so invigorating. Today I’ll be on a live broadcast in Osaka.

I’m back at my parents’ for only 1 day, taking it easy with my parents and my pet dog Momochan~♥

A photo of Momochan and me having a nap got taken haha

Have a smile for today too.



Completely unrelated gif but I needed a visual and that scene made me chuckle.

This took me a helluva long time to translate so please be kind and not repost anywhere without asking first =)


Umehara Yuichiro - Japanese Wikipedia Translation

Nickname: Ume-chan
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Date of Birth: March 8, 1991 (23 years old)
Blood Type: O
Height: 173cm / 5ft 8"
Occupation: Voice Actor
Affiliation: Arts Vision

Years Active: 2014 to Present

梅原 裕一郎 (Umehara Yuichiro, born March 8, 1991-) is a Japanese voice actor from Shizuoka Prefecture. He is affiliated with Arts Vision.

Keep reading


Takamina’s Google+ 2014-06-09 21:21






Takamina’s Google+ Translation

Really Yuuchan thanks for all your hard work!

And thank you♬

Though you didn’t want to be my best friend, Laughs

From now on here’s to being 『Comrades』‼︎‼︎
I love youー‼︎

Has anyone posted about this yet? If not, then Animate will be selling Mekakucity Actors sketchbook in Konoha’s design for 540 JPY (5 USD)!

@animeyoyaku: カゲロウプロジェクト メカクシティアクターズ スケッチブック/ コノハ 2014年9月発売 … #メカクシティアクターズ

Anime Yoyaku:「Mekakucity Actors Sketchbook」to be released on September 4, 2014. 

Yuko’s Twitter 2014-12-08 21:59



Yuko’s Twitter Translation

AKB48, 9th Anniversary!! Congratulations!! There’s now 9 tapes on the pillar!!


Yuko’s Twitter 2014-12-08 21:59



Yuko’s Twitter Translation

Takahashi Minami announced her graduation. At the Akihabara 48 theater.


Yuko’s Twitter 2014-12-08 22:45



Yuko’s Twitter Translation

Please continue to support AKB48 as always!
On to the 10th anniversary…Let it go let it go

Yuko’s Twitter 2014-07-28 24:04


#太陽2068 #前田敦子

Yuko’s Twitter Translation

I went to watch the play 「Taiyo 2068」‼︎
So invigorated by itー Do your best from here on out too Acchanー
#Taiyo2068 #MaedaAtsuko

[Mobile Mail] Shimazaki Haruka 2014.01.21 21:19:04


Tsugi no Ashiato. Tomorrow.

So long!の花の砂时计。
さよならクロールの酸素が足りない 恋の息継ぎ。

My mind has nothing. My body screams.

It’s such a day.

I listen to music to relax.

I feel the depth of the words through the lyrics.

“The flowers are like an hourglass” in So long.

“Love leaves me breathless, has to come up for air" in Sayonara Crawl.

I like these parts.

What is your favorite song?