“I don’t mean to sound like it’s all bad out here, there are definitely some really cool things, like space mice those are awesome, and awesome aliens like Shay. Even though I’d prefer to not have my life in danger at all times there is something really cool about helping all those different people,

and that’s why I’m glad I didn’t stay home.”

How about a little fusion of the two 👅💦 

Your Daddy comes up behind you while you’re waiting for your trainer to join you in the meeting room. Pokes you in the side and scares the absolute hell outa you. You were concentrating so hard and forgetting about your need to pee that you didn’t even hear the door open. “Daddy!” You complain, with a little jump in your seat. “Don’t do that! Just ‘bout made me pee myself.” 

Jesse chuckles, gives you a kiss on your temple and says, “Is that right?” 


Your leg giggles under the table, ripples of skin running from knee to upper thigh. McCree eye’s it as he takes a seat in the chair next to you. Gives you a little poke in the side, that makes you gasp and squirm. 

“Well, why don’t’cha go then?” 

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Posessive Cutie

I dressed my Dal DeLorean in a Monster High dress, that was made by DianaWeddingBoutique. This dream of deep purple velvet fits her eye makeup perfectly. I also found these tiny bottles filled with rhinestones. They’re actually supposed to be used for nail art, but my Dal won’t give them away any soon.

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