That video just made think of like mute!Link kind of casually signing very sexually explicit things to Sidon in places where he probably really shouldn’t be talking about that but he gets away with it because Sidon is the only one (usually) who can understand Hylian sign language 

So everyone’s standing around, seeing Link signing to Sidon and they think it’s just normal stuff but are wondering all the while why the Zora Prince is blushing furiously. Most of them would probably just shrug it off and think that Link is being lovey dovey when he’s actually just explaining, in extensive detail, how much he loves sucking Sidon’s dicks  

Ji Chang Wook Fantasies

Why are all my Ji Chang Wook fantasies coming true in Suspicious Partner?

1. Backing me up against a wall

2. Getting stuck in the rain together

3. Doing the dishes together

4. Piggy. Back. Rides.

5. Leg massage when I’m hurt

6. And all those hugs.

Nam Ji Hyun, you are one lucky lady ;)


The last scene in 6b is the pack in the hospital after they defeated the bad guys. maybe Scott got injured and can’t heal ( my ass need him not to heal for the sake of this headcanon ) they all gathered around him as his mom does her magic and clean his wounds. Stiles and Lydia are standing next to his bed, stiles arm around Lydia shoulders, while hers around his middle and her head against his chest. And Malia on the other side of the bed sitting on a chair. Liam sitting on the floor with mason and Corey, eating sandwiches. They all look like a mess, clothes ripped, faces covered in dirt, scars covering their bodies, but they all are happy and safe. before the scene ends we see Scott face as he’s smiling at the family he built over the years, then the screen fades to black. Seconds later we start to hear sounds: people talking, door being closed and opened and dogs barking. then we see someone healing a dog ( we just see the person hand on the dog and maybe we see a wedding ring. ) then we hear a little girl voice saying “doctor McCall is he in pain?” Then we see our man Scott McCall turning around with the a puppy in his arms and a huge sweet smile on his beautiful face as he hands the dog to the little girl and tells her “No, he is no longer in pain, sweetheart.” she smiles at him and thank him before she leaves. 


The camera follows the little girl as she walks to the front door and when she opens the door to get out of the clinic, she bumps into Stiles and Lydia and we hear the little girl saying “ouch.” and Stiles gently saying something like “watch out little kiddo.”

 Then the camera on Scott, we see a grin forming on his face, he without looking, knows that it’s stiles. he says “hey stiles” and stiles is like “how did you know it’s me, you didn’t even look around” then Scott turns around and sees Lydia and stiles ( both wearing their work clothes ), Stiles holding a bag of food and Lydia holding their 10 months old baby girl on her hip.

Lydia replies with something like  “Stiles, he is a werewolf, it has been years I think we are over that fact.”

Scott chuckles and walks across the room to them, Stiles thinks that he is going to hug him so he opens his arms but instead Scott goes and picks Stydia little baby from Lydia arms, he holds her against his chest and rub her back, tenderly.

 “Heard a kid yelling in pain knew that it was you, Stiles.” Scott jokes.  

“Very funny, Scott.” 

“But I didn’t know you brought this little angel with you.” he says it as he cuddle the baby. 

Lydia closes the door before she and stiles start to put the food on the clinic table while Scott sits their baby on the clinic table, and helps her to stand on her feet, he hold her hands and start to encourage her to walk towards him but she keeps falling on her butt, then he takes her in his arms and kisses the top of her head. 

Stiles keeps watching them, a content smile on his face. then wraps his arms around Lydia waist from behind, kissing her shoulders before nuzzling his face into her neck, her hands reach to hold his arms.

“Maybe we should let him adopt her,” he jokes for just the two of them, making Lydia chuckle, then he adds something like “he can add another one to his four kids.”  

“You know I can hear you, buddy, right?”

“Nothing gets past those keen werewolf senses, huh Scott?” 

Scott grins, then Stiles approaches him and gently takes his baby girl from Scott and start to talk to her, slowly and lovingly “I am joking, no one going to take you from daddy.” and Lydia heart melts as she stare at them. 

Then they sit around the clinic table and eat lunch, smiling and laughing. then the screen slowly fades to black and we hear Scott laughter. 

( I wanted to post this later because I wanted to write it better buuut I thought is it worth it lol. )