MyAnna Buring


The Descent (Neil Marshall | 2005)

“The worst thing that could have happened to you has already happened, okay? And you’re still here. This is just a poxy cave, and there’s nothing left to be afraid of.”


Ripper Street 1.04 The Good of This City | 10 gifs and one quote 

You knew of her guilt and a man who holds secrets is a secretive man. And you have the right to pronounce on that, do you? That mess about your shoulder. All who have laid eyes on it, every man in this station too afraid to talk about it even among themselves. Does Drake enquire after it? Because I’d lay money on it that he doesn’t. Well, that’s loyalty for you, Reid. A dog unable to question the pain or motivation of the man that it tails about the place. Well, I shall ask you. I’d hear you speak of what befell your girl…