Appreciation post- TBBT Sheldon and Amy´s relationship

Although this may turn out to be merely a few lines and not a very long post, I feel like it still needs to be said, even if only in a couple of words. As the new episodes will soon start to air, I felt it the right time to say something at the matter of the last seasons cliffhanger and the sneak peek that appeared for the new season. Now I know not every body things The Big Bang Theory is a good show to begin with, and people have different thoughts about it, but I can only speak about my own thoughts sure, so I will only do so.
Yesterday I watched on TV the episode “The Prom Equivalency” of season 8. when it stuck me: this show is amazing. Its not like I did not think so for a while, but after watching that episode again- and especially the moment Amy and Sheldon have near the end- I was 100% sure of it. (Just to put down in a few words what happened: the girls plan a prom night for the group and everybody hints to Sheldon what happens on such nights, so when he sees Amy in her dress he panics only to later be comforted by her, after what he tells her he loves her)

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From now on I may stumble with my words on the amount of my thoughts I have for that scene alone, but I hope somehow to be able to bring across just how unbelievable amazing the writing for this show is. Personally, I´ve never seen a couple on TV like theirs, and, personally, I´ve never felt so happy to see a couple like theirs on TV. What ever TV shows or movies you may have grown up with, no matter how bad or awesome they were, there was kinda always a vibe behind that- if you haven´t kissed someone or been intimate with someone at least at the age of 20- there is something wrong with you or you simply don´t exist. Yes, I know I´m putting things a bit up to an extreme, but basically thats how it is. And then these two dorks come across and you feel that, (yes, this “dumb and silly” comedy show) understands the world so much better than most other shows. I feel like- I don´t know- I feel like these two are something so rare and so important that it is a miracle they were able to see the light of network airing. I mean (now my words start to stumble) they don´t start of like most couples do. They have date nights but are not “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”, especially form Sheldon´s point of view Amy is only a “girl” and a “friend”. They make a “relationship contract” where holding hands and cuddling are the only things allowed. Even when Amy starts to warm up more there is still nothing more then a few (two or three) kisses. The episode “The Opening Night Excitation” of season 9 is one of the greatest TBBT episodes (and maybe TV show episodes in general). The talk they share before they really become intimate for the first time is just so sincere and honest. It kinda makes you cry. I don´t say that being intimate with your partner is unneeded, its one of the most natural things in the world, but it is just as important showing that a romantic relationship can start of and go deep even before that. It just shows how important love is in all its ways. Both Sheldon and Amy are a bit like caricature characters, like all the characters in the show, I don´t say people just exactly like them exist, but they are still real and three dimensional characters with all their flaws. It is just so wonderful to see how they help each other to grow. We know that Sheldon wanted to propose to Amy a long time before “The Long Distance Dissonance” and yet the moment when he finally does was unexpected and a surprise how far both of them had come.
Before the end I must say that I actually really love all the character on the show, all of them, and all the couples. But for now it felt really important to focus just on these two.
I wish them all the best and may TV-show-fate be kind to them.

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Hi Steph ! I was thinking about this : why was Sherlock so scared in "The Hounds of Baskerville" ? Was he REALLY, TRULY scared or was it like the drugs making him shaky or something else ?? Thanks !!!

Hi Lovely!

I’ve covered this scene before on an unrelated but sort-of topic, but I actually do think Sherlock was for real scared, amplified by the drugs, in my opinion. I think the events of ASiB are still resonating heavily with him, and his fears about just how much he cares about John exploded into anger. I think Sherlock is genuinely terrified of losing John because of something he will do, and doesn’t know how to deal with that, because the fear of loss is something hitting him too hard; the Hound possibly drudging up old memories of losing Redbeard and all that [this post here too].

Plus, there’s also the suggestion that The Hound represents homosexuality [here too], and that Sherlock is struggling with that also because of John – essentially Sherlock is afraid to love John, because he thinks it’s not what John wants. He won’t realize until TAB that it is INDEED what John wants and that he can confess and John will still be there for him (this is a pre-S4 meta, but the message I feel is still the same).

Keith: “I said I wouldn’t cry!”

So does this mean Keith cries whenever he’s faced with something personal? This implies that he cries regularly for some reason (or used to), though that reason is still speculation. But seeing how he has a temper (and realizes that), I’m betting that dealing with personal issues does, in fact, make Keith very upset, which is probably why he doesn’t do it. Some people in fandom think Keith isn’t very emotional, or has very strict control over his emotions, but I’ve always thought it was the opposite. I think Keith just removes himself from potentially emotional situations when he can so as to prevent himself showing emotion or getting upset (like how he never said a single word to Allura after she found out he was Galra. He just stayed quiet while she was angry and even after she later approached him, he didn’t say much because that, too, would likely have made him upset). Anger is harder to reel in on the spot, so him losing his temper is more expected, but I’m betting Keith knows that horrible, suffocating feeling that wells up through you when you’re upset and can’t stop the tears. And so he avoids it whenever possible, thus resulting in him avoiding talking about his personal issues. 

Unlike Lance, who is often portrayed in fanon as the emotional one, but that I think has considerable emotional control. Lance very rarely gets upset or loses his temper, despite his insecurities and how much he misses his family. He jokes around and whines, sure, but that’s a conscious kind of display that he uses, I think, as a defense mechanism. The only time in the show that I think Lance has gotten honestly angry (and I don’t mean simply annoyed like when the black lion rejected  him (although I think that did upset him to a certain extent) or desperate like when he was trying to pull Keith back in season 3) is when Shiro chose Keith over him to go into the Marmora Base. Lance gives off an aura of emotionalism as a way of hiding how he really feels, and even when he does get angry, he pulls back quite quickly and doesn’t usually end up yelling, like Keith does. 

Just some character thoughts I guess.    

one of the more interesting things to me about the force awakens (and something i found underappreciated because i see a lot of negativity of how his character was handled) is how, despite luke skywalker only appearing for about a minute of screentime, everything is like a big shadow or echo of his past. the entire plot revolves around finding out where this luke skywalker has been the past few years. everyone is looking for him, both bad and good, both sides of his family. his lightsaber literally calls to rey and wants her to claim it. but it also goes beyond that.. rey, much like luke, is from a desert planet and is tempted at first by the force but refuses for her “family.” finn is the person who we can see this universe through or the narrrator - much like luke in anh - and is brave and eager to protect his friends and willing to put himself at risk if need be. poe is a gifted pilot with a unique friendship with a droid, another trait shared by luke. even his nephew, kylo ren, is a dark-sided inversion of the journey luke took throughout the original trilogy. it all comes back to him - whether literally or in the meta. it also begins with him (luke skywalker has vanished) and it ends with him.

idk, just wanted to share that, it’s something i really like about tfa on a thematic level.

Zodiac teachers 🍏

Lessons from the signs, the sign that comes after can teach the sign before it.

🔅Aries teaches Pisces to live in the now and not takes things too serious

🔅Taurus teaches Aries to stop and process, smell the roses

🔅Gemini teaches Taurus to handle the details, and then to move on

🔅Cancer teaches Gemini to protect their heart

🔅Leo teaches cancer to come out of their shell

🔅Virgo teaches Leo to be selfless

🔅Libra teaches Virgo tolerance and patience with others

🔅Scorpio teaches libra to go deeper, dig deeper

🔅Sagittarius teaches Scorpio to go broader and let go

🔅Capricorn teaches Sagittarius discipline and focus and timing

🔅Aquarius teaches Capricorn to be free and break the mold

🔅Pisces teaches Aquarius to transcend their thoughts and feelings into the collective

Do you ever get stuck in old memories, but only emotionally? Like you’re here in the present but you can feel the EMOTIONS from those memories SO INTENSELY it’s almost debilitating. Your heart races and your head spins and you get shakey and you can’t breathe and you want it to GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY….. bc same.

I may lose followers over this, but...

You can read whatever the heck you want, but if you hate read a book by an author you don’t like just so you can complain about it being filled with things you didn’t like, cry because it didn’t have what you wanted, and use it as a way to put down those that did like/enjoy it then guess what…you’re a toxic bully. 

I don’t know if anyone can relate with me about this point but I had never associated “beautiful” with men. Handsome? sure. Sexy? hell yeah. Cute? why not. But never “beautiful”. Somehow the word didn’t feel just right to me. Which is especially why Benedict Cumberbatch took me totally by surprise. Because my God the man sure is BEAUTIFUL.

The PewDiePie Situation

So, I’ve heard about the situation with PewDiePie, and I had to say something about it.

For those of you don’t know what happened, Felix used the ‘n’ word - you know, the racial slur - during a livestream.

First of all, I should emphasise the fact that I do not condone what he said. I do not think that it is okay to use racial slurs. I’ve said it plainly now, so that nothing else I say can be misconstrued.

It’s hard to know how to feel about this. I’ve been watching Felix for quite a while now. I know that people can sometimes say things they don’t mean when they are raging at games, but I feel like this time he may have gone too far.

Of course, apologising is a good start. But that won’t take away his responsibility. And I don’t want to defend him just because he’s a YouTuber that I’ve been watching.

But at the same time, I don’t really know if he had malicious intent or not. Some would say that, if he used that word, he must have meant it in a bad way. But honestly, I don’t know. We all know he has a dark sense of humour. Maybe he takes it too far without realising, until he’s said it and it’s too late.

The other thing is that smaller YouTubers can say the same thing, or worse, and they don’t really face any repercussions for it. But because Felix has a bigger channel, he gets a lot more for it. 

It’s kind of weird to see articles being written about it. As bad as it is, there are worse things - like the hurricanes that have happened. People have had to fight to survive. Someone saying a word, even a bad one, seems trivial. I don’t think it is trivial, it just seems it by comparison.

Some people have used the ‘it’s just a word’ argument, and I don’t know whether I agree or not. It’s partly true. The word has power, if we give it power. Offence is said to be taken, not given. That said, it’s hard to detach all meaning and history from it, and it’s not invalid for people to be hurt by it.

I really don’t want to have to unsubscribe from Felix, but it’s getting harder not to. I don’t want to defend this. I don’t want to support racism. It makes me sad that I have to consider leaving the channel, but I don’t know what kind of a person I would be if I didn’t.

Lastly, there’s something else that I think is important to remember. Jack and Mark are his friends, yes, but that doesn’t mean they have to respond to everything wrong Felix does. Hopefully they will condemn it, but they are not terrible people if they don’t. Especially with what happened last time. People gave them all sorts of shit for saying anything that even remotely defended him, but then called them traitors and backstabbers if they called him out on what he did. They couldn’t win either way. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they are afraid of responding to the situation.

So please, don’t drag them down with him. They are separate people, remember that. They didn’t say the bad word. They are not responsible for it. They shouldn’t have to suffer. Until Jack and Mark give me a reason to hate them, I won’t, and I will continue to follow them. 

You’re welcome to respond to this with your view on the situation, but please don’t hate on me. I’m not defending what Felix did. I’m not saying that racism is right, that slurs should ever be used. This is just hard to take in, as a fan. I’m honestly disappointed to hear what he said. I certainly don’t mean any malicious intent by anything in this post. I’m not a horrible person.