Writing Advice

Don’t trick yourself into thinking your writing is dull or lifeless just because you’re used to it.

And I don’t mean because you know what happens or you know what you wrote. I mean, there are particular turn-of-phrases and descriptions that you use all the time that are completely fresh and exciting to your readers. Don’t convince yourself that you have nothing new to say just because you’re used to how you say it. To someone out there, your “generic” word choice is unlike anything they’ve ever read before. 

Only you can put words together the way you do.


I love masterposts and I love Pokemon, so I thought, why not combine the two? Let me know if any links are broken or you want me to link to something you think belongs here!

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So, I have an American friend named Jane who married this English guy about 7 years ago. They live in Sussex together (god rest their souls), and they had a little boy pretty much right after they got married. As he grew up, they figured he would have a mix of their accents with a heavy lean towards English (because he’d go to school with English kids and teachers and the like.)

That’s not how it fucking worked out at all though. Instead, he says individual words with either an American or an English accent. Like, one second he’ll be like, “Daddy, I’m knackered” and the next he’ll be like, “AY YO MA WHERE YOU AT???” Every time they send me a video I just fucking piss myself listening to this kid.

No one ever teaches you how to mourn your health. You just realize one day that it’s gone, and you are not the same as you were before. Most days, it’s all right, but then something happens: you can’t go to dinner with your family because you’re nauseous, you can’t go hiking because fatigue and pain. You can’t you can’t you can’t, and then it hits you: you are irreversibly changed.