The best part about cosplaying Rose Quartz:

For the first time while I am making a cosplay, I am not stressing about my weight! Usually I’m thinking about how I need to make my tummy flat again or just generally loose weight to look better in my cosplay, but now every time I catch myself thinking like that I say to myself: It’s ok, I don’t need to do anything about my weight, I am perfect the way I am right now. 

Because in the end, while I don’t have the same physical shape as Rose, body positivity and loving your self is what Rose Quartz is all about ^_^

which fma characters you should fight

edward elric | who wins: ed, probably

ok sure, ed is a nerd, but have you seen?? the shit he pulls off?? half his limbs are made of steel and he can practically control the earth by fuckin clapping. on the flip side, he’s short as hell and a fucking nerd so if you caught him off guard maybe you could win.

alphonse elric | who wins: alphonse

first of all, why the FUCK would you fight this golden ray of sunshine?? even if you managed to be enough of an asshole to actually go for it, he’s literally a hunk of animated steel that cannot feel pain or get exhausted, and he’s beat his alchemic-prodigy-genius-brother in every single fight. do not fight alphonse elric

winry rockbell | who wins: winry

do i need to even explain this. she is a fucking engineer she can and will give you a concussion with her wrench. she let herself be kidnapped by her parent’s murderer just for some mission literally she is the bravest bamf in fma, do not fight her above all costs.

envy | who wins: you

ok i probably should’ve put riza and roy before this lil shit, but i couldn’t wait, because you will win this fight. i dont care if he’s powered by millions of souls and can shapeshift and transform into a dinosaur, he’s fucking stupid and you’d be doing the world a favor if you punched him in the face. fight envy.

roy mustang | who wins: roy, probably

i mean, sure…he is a nerd, but this man has incinerated innocent people with a snap of his fingers. catching him off guard is a no-no, he has ridiculous reflexes. however, if you can catch him on a rainy day, you’ll be able to take him without a doubt. check your weather forecast before fighting roy mustang.

riza hawkeye | who wins: riza

you’re kidding, right?? i mean, if she doesn’t have a gun, you might be able to take her. after all, have we ever seen riza do martial arts? one problem with that. riza has guns at every moment. she probably has guns inside her guns. do not fight riza hawkeye.

maes hughes | who wins: maes

WHAT THE FUCK?? are you for real??? do not fight maes hughes. why the hell would you fight maes hughes. i dont even wanna talk to you if you fight maes hughes. you know what? go ahead and do it. you’ll find out the hard way he keeps literal knives up his fucking sleeves. he also has a wife and child and they love him so if you fight him they will be sad. fuck you. do not fight maes hughes

alex louis armstrong | who wins: you

sure, he has muscles the size of fuckin canada, but have we actually ever seen him win a fight?? he literally turns his weapons into statues of himself. what a big nerd. fight armstrong. 

olivier mira armstrong | who wins: are you fucking serious


yoki | who wins: you

yoki would probably die if you looked at him funny. punch him directly in his stupid fucking mustache. you will win no matter what advantages he has.

roy mustang’s mustache | who wins: nobody

nobody can fight the mustache. the entire fma fandom is at the mercy of the mustache. the mustache wont even fight a puny underling like you. stay far, far away from the mustache.

signs - what u like to eat

aries - ass

taures - ass

gemini - ass

cancer - ass

leo - ass

virgo - ass

capricorn - ass

libra - ass

scorpio - ass

sagittarius - ass

aquarius - ass

pisces - ass

I think the reason why women on this site are always saying, “I wanna look cute but also ferocious” and “I want people to think I could strangle the life out of them but also that I bake cookies on weekends” is because we’re all desperate for someone, anyone to see us as multi-faceted, complex beings instead of the one-note virgin/whore/mother shit we’re spoon fed every day.