There’s a difference between loving him right and letting him step all over you.
—  Love advices and schtuff #4 // lily rose.

@sir-scandalous, I finally get to draw chu, AAHH!! Ur persona’s so cute, I’mma cuddle u so hard!!! >:3c But, in all honesty, this is also a gift, for putting up with my depressive state this past year, including recently. I know of no one else that can do what you can and I am EXTREMELY grateful that you worry about me, (even tho technically it should be the other way around >:p) Anyways, yeah, thanks for putting up with this dragon demon’s stupid emotions ;p <3

Oh, for those reading this, follow him, PLZ!!!! He’s a way better artist than me, he deserves more followers!!^^


Paint Splattered Stars in a mini paint can! 

This piece is a miniature paint can filled with around 280 origami, paint splattered stars! As you can see from the picture, it’s only about half as tall as a normal Converse shoe, and comes with a rainbow assortment of stars. Each star is handmade and hand paint splattered by me. This piece comes as is, with all of the stars inside- coming to a grand total of $15. Check out it and the rest of my schtuff on Etsy, as I do custom orders for almost anything!

Some of my favorite personal belongings

I don’t know why I feel like posting these all the sudden, probably because I’ve been meaning to for like a million years but anyway…

All of them are displayed over the fireplace in the living room because family photos do not take precedence in this house okay 

Turco town

Gross sobbing ville

Foreigner trail

Since the Selfie Day is back as a Selfie Sunday, maybe I’m gonna upload something for the celebration! That one is a few months old but it’s either that or my crappy webcam :D

I’m Corentin (he/him - straight) and I’m 20. I’m a frenchy who his main hobbies are music making, drawing, LEGO building, video game playing, meme loving… Here are some links to my schtuff!

I’m in my last year of studies/apprenticeship and oh boi it’ll be tough to survive 9 more months!