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hi!!!!! what's your favorite coloring to use for edits/gifs?

i don’t think i actually have any, everything comes with the process. sometimes i use other people’s psds, sometimes i colour each gif differently, it depends :) i think i’ve already said it million times, but this psd pack is one of my faves. i also used colours from these paint samples for my picspams and these posts 1,2. hope some of it helps :3

The Beatles + Discography: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

“Pepper was probably the one Beatle album I can say was my idea,” McCartney says. “It was my idea to say to the guys, ‘Hey, how about disguising ourselves and getting an alter ego, because we’re the Beatles and we’re fed up. Every time you approach a song, John, you gotta sing it like John would. Every time I approach a ballad, it’s gotta be like Paul would. Why don’t we just make up some incredible alter egos and think, "Now how would he sing it? How would he approach this track?”’ And it freed us. It was a very liberating thing to do.“ [x]