Alright so I’m making a new tag Its called The Beautiful Person Tag You have to compliment 5 things you like about your picture then tag some friends 1. My hair looks v good 2. My shirt because its TØP 3. My eyes look good af 4. My braid in my hair looks good 5. Whatever I’m doing with my hand looks nice I tag lesterwishes, lesterwillmakeyouhowell, danny-lester, so-my-sister-is-annoying bringmethejaryn, the–phangirl, what-are-my-fandoms-again, and who ever else wants to try this!

anonymous asked:

hey ! so i just kind of lost a really close friend, she kinda became 'too cool' for me since now she hangs out with ppl who do drugs and all so im asking u what tfb songs do you recommend for losing a friend ,, thanks !!

this message instantly reminded me of “taking my uzi to the gym”, so give that a listen! (it’s about a relationship, not a friendship, but it does have the lines “ur way too cool for me, and u do drugs now”). 

and i would also recommend “you wouldn’t be laughing”, “the boredom is the reason i started swimming. it’s also the reason i started sinking” and “current events” 


“I’m not sure what makes me me
I say to you
You make you you
you say to me

But what makes you you
I ask you
I make me me
you say to me

We are a we we you and we me
You are a you inside of a me
and I am a me draped on a you
and we are an intermingling sense of we

your hand becomes my hand becomes
your thigh on mine and my lips become
your breath becomes my breath on your breadth
and we are a pulsating we to which she did not agree

She is not a you to me
she is the mere idea of a she
But to you she is a you
And to we she isn’t and is a she

So here we are, we and we
here is she, she a we with you
here is me, you a we with me
So is she I and am I she?

Are we a we, she and me?
She isn’t a she to me and I am not a she to her
And we are the you and you to you
So we are all three a we

She and you and me
She and she and me
You and me and she
We and we and we”


Meet my new friend. He posed so nicely for the picture. I think I’ll keep him. I’ve always wanted a donkey. 🐴

Dress- lightinthebox

Bracelet- Forever 21

Necklace- Nordstrom

“For the two of us, home isn’t a place, it’s a person.”