Fresh Meat

A/N: This is another request! It’s a lot shorter than I anticipacted but hope its okay!! x
Summary: Y/N is  transfer at Southside and without Sweet Pea by her side she faces harrassment from the Ghoulies.

I’ve been in a relationship with Sweet Pea for a four months and today I start at Southside High. My dad left my mum, saying Riverdale isn’t safe. He tried to get me to come with him but I couldn’t. Angry at me and my mother he stopped paying for things, like my school. MY mum had to sell the house and rent a house on the Southside and I got to move to Southside High. Not that I’m complaining, Sweet Pea will be there.

I stroll through the front doors of the school, going through a metal detector and getting my bag checked. I go to the head office and get my details for my new locker, Toni, a friend I’ve made through Sweet Pea gives me a tour of the school. She shows me where to go for my first class and I sneak in, trying to be inconspicuous.
I sit towards the back, waiting for Sweet Pea to join me, since he texted me telling me we had first period together but he would be late.

I already know about the Serpents vs. the Ghoulies. A conflict I would prefer to stay out of.
A boy I’ve never met before, who’s sat in front of me, turns around in his seat to face me, leaning on the back of the chair.
“Can I help you?” I sneer.
“New girls got balls, I see.” He smirks.
Rolly my eyes I reply, “just not interested in being apart of whatever it is you want me to be apart of.” I look him up and down.
“Hey… watch it now,” he warns.
I look at the door, willing Sweet Pea to come into the room. He doesn’t. Instead, my phone buzzes.
Sorry, gonna have to miss first period, be there soon.
- SP
I roll my eyes and let a sigh. The Ghoulie in front of me watches me.
“Trouble in paradise, love?”
I ignore him.
“Listen, if you want to teach your man a lesson, I’m more than willing to help.”
I still ignore him.
“I get it, he’s some Northsider jock, but I’m a real man.”
I almost look at him, to shoot daggers at him but I fight the urge.
“Listen here, fresh meat, you want me on your side. I’m a Ghoulie. We practically run the school.”
I look at him and raise my eyebrows, almost laughing at him.
“You ought to respect me, if you want to make a day in this school,” he warns with complete, terrifying sincerity.

I make it through the rest of the lesson without being harassed by the Ghoulie. I walk to my locker to get my books for my next lesson. I feel eyes watching me, looking me up and down. As I walk past a group of Ghoulies that growl at me trying to be intimidating. I roll my eyes, thinking I was subtle. Oh boy was I wrong.
One of the girls pushes me against the locker, her face millimetres from mine.
“Have some god-damn respect,” she spits.
“Hey! Get your hands off her!” A deep, familiar voice bellows.
Sweet Pea pulls her off me and wraps a long arm around my shoulder.
“She’s with us. If any of you Ghoulies so much as glance in her direction I will make sure you regret it. Stay away from her.” He steps closer to the girl and leans in, his face millimetres from hers and says “have some god-damn respect.” Sending chills through my body.
Sweet Pea glares at her, and every Ghoulie that has gathered around us.
He puts his arm around me once again and walks with me to my next class.
“I’ll never be late again, I’m sorry,” he mutters.
“Hey, I can look after myself,” I give him a reassuring smile to which he raises his eyebrows at me.
“Ghoulies aren’t like Serpents, Y/N. Hurting and tormenting people is a sport for them. Stay with one of us at all times, okay?”
I nod as he follows me into class.
“I didn’t know we have second period together,” I say with a smirk.
“We do now,” he smiles.

We sit at the back of the classroom, and Sweet Pea glares at anyone and everyone who dares look at me. I should be safe enough with him around.

No one knew why I had come. To see my new friend, they thought. To link families with four sisters who would be friends longer than their lifetimes, through children who would bond them at baptismal rites. Comadres. We would become intimate friends, sharing coffee, gossip, and heartaches. We would endure the female life-cycle—adolescence, marriage, menopause, death, and even divorce, before or after menopause, before or after death.
I had not come for that. I had come for her kiss.
—  Emma Pérez, Gulf Dreams

anonymous asked:

9 and 58? (If you're still doing these) <3

Are you trying romance me Anon? *poses*

Let me start with telling yall about my sexuality and romantic inclinations first. cause idk i feel like i should before i tell you stuff???? sorry if you were expecting something light hearted and get this mess instead;;;;;;;

ok SO i’ve always identified as grey-sexual mostly cause any sexual attraction i have on a person comes and goes very quickly for me. one moment i’m like the thirst is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaal and the next i’m like whew i am full. i wouldnt say its demisexual cause trust me i’ve tried getting to know the person i have affections for, so i can aquire said affections but in the end, the person is now my new best friend. 8))))))))) Also i find myself more sexually attracted to females but more romantically inclined to males. and i have no way to really test this stuff out because for me, romance needs to have at least some kind of sexual attration and that doesnt really happen for me so yeah???

And tbh i dont really like dealing with emotions. and if i am looking for romance and shit theres always fanfiction.

ANYWAYSSSSSSSS when you say mate, i think of someone you’d spend your whole life with romantically. sex is a plus too. but like this is for the person you’re gonna not-platonically cuddle for the rest of your life. wahahahahhahahaha

So here are fictional characters just so yknow what i mean.


dont ask about the voice thing. its not a kink… not that i think so??? but i like listening to people and i have a favorite type of voice. and like if i can listen to Dante or Emmy for the rest of my life that would be amaziiing.

58: What are five ways to win your heart?

  1. food - like ma dude. we both need to be able to eat good food in this relationship. like its fine you cant cook for shit but you need to have that want to learn how to cook with me. we’re gonna be fat (or healthier who knows). either way picky eaters are the worst.
  2. a good voice -i’m a really quiet person irl. i want someone who likes to chatter and not mind feeling like they’re having a one way conversation. like they dont have to be super smart nor constantly have something important to say (cause heavens know i am a dumbass). but like nice idle chatter is nice.
  3. good taste in the arts - i’m no classical art genius or musical prodigy but people who appreciate creativity.
  4. patience - i am not an easy person to get along with. i am also a piece of work. not exatcly the #damage #avengerlifeforme but idk. i dont make friends easily. i need that verbal confirmation and hand written contract that we’re friends before i can fully say we’re in friendships. even then it takes a while. no i wasnt hurt in the past i’m just a massive introvert.
  5. idk man how do romances work?

sorry for the word vomit;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Happy thanksgiving!!!

This year I’m thankful for many things, but since you all can assume the basics, I want to tell you all I’m thankful for you! All my new Tumblr friends who I’ve had such fun interacting/obsessing with!! =) Here’s too many more!

Team Revengers really is the winning team, if for no other reason than the power of friendship. Like Thor’s gunna roll up to earth with a spaceship full of people who love him and meet up with his team like “Hey guys, this is my new friend Valkyrie, and my new friend Korg, and my new friend Miek, and of course you know Heimdal, oh and I found Hulk, too! Its so good to have friends!” meanwhile Tony’s only friend is a teenager and Steve’s been eating rocks in a cave alone for a year. Team Thor all the way.


My friend took many pics at the photoshoot, except didnt get me falling u_u and I’m grateful

Also the chrom that i summoned is my new friend, he made me aware i have a kick me sign on my back. And I’m grateful.

(If ya see yourself, tag yourself, and I’ll summon you next time)