Mino’s thoughts before the diss battle with Team Brand New Music (trans)

Can’t believe that the actor that played Troy Barnes in Community, Donald Glover, is also Childish Gambino… I once had a mate who said her favourite artist was Childish Gambino and obsessed over him regularly. I remember Googling the name and seeing pictures and reading about him and thinking nothing of it. Then, after watching Community and Googling the actor, I see that it’s him that is Childish Gambino and my mind is blown. Probably a very small thing to be a “mind blown” moment but it’s these things in life that shock me lots but are also just so satisfying.

It’s similar to how whilst I was watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine I spent the 3 seasons trying to remember where I know the actor who plays Peralta (Andy Samberg) from, and my little brother later told me that he’s part of the comedy group The Lonely Island! Haha, I remember watching their music video to “Jizz in my pants” years ago, laughing my arse off. It was strangely satisfying to watch it again recently after seeing Brooklyn Nine-Nine, because it literally felt like Peralta was in that music video.

I really don’t know why or how I’m pleased by the simple things in life like this but I love it. It makes me a lot happier than massive conventional things like receiving a really cool birthday gift or being told that you mean a lot to someone. Strange but meh, I guess that’s me.



I CAN BARELY BREATHE I AM SO EXCITED (so ignore my absolute shit phone quality BUT) I finally got the Idolon Chapter One books in today!! I’m going to be sending out the orders over the next three days along with the sketches! The books turned out better than I could have hoped and I really hope everyone who ordered a copy will love it as much as I do!

I have always dreamed of being published like this, my own story and everything, and I couldn’t have done it with out you all. I’ve been published in anthologies and the like before and while it’s always an amazing feeling, there is nothing quite like having your personal work published. My mind is blown.

Whether you bought a copy for yourself or you come back week after week to read the newest page, I just want you guys to know that your support means THE WORLD to me, and I hope to pay all of you back somehow one day. Thank you, everyone! <3 Thank you for continuing to support IDOLON!

If you never read any of my posts, please please read this one

the ‘I Will Trust In You’ Christian Challenge

Day 11: Read Matthew 27:32-56. This passage is also know as The Crucifixion of Jesus. You have probably heard it a million times, but read it with a deeper perspective. Pause after each verse and picture it as vividly as you can. Did you know that “His appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any man and his form marred beyond human likeness?”

To be honest, I don’t feel like reading this passage. It’s not because I don’t love Jesus. It’s not because I will throw up at the gore. It’s not because I think I’m too good to read this.
It is because I cannot face my own sin.
I was supposed to do this yesterday, but I was running from God (sadly). I had sinned majorly (major to me, maybe not to others; sin is sin) on Tuesday and refused to accept God’s forgiveness for the past 3 days. THREE WHOLE DAYS. Yet God forgives me– isn’t that amazing? :’( :’)
Even though I am born again, I sin. It’s awful but if I’m being honest, I do. When I sin, it makes me upset because I have to ask forgiveness when I know better. But God is still forgiving. (That doesn’t mean that you can keep sinning, then ask for forgiveness and make a cycle out of it!)

v. 34, Jesus refused the vinegar, which was used as a sort of pain killer back then. His refusal meant He felt e v e r y t h i n g.
v.35, This is what Jesus’ main aim was when He came to earth: to be killed for our sins.
v.37, buuuut that’s no way to treat a king, what’s more, The King. Oh sadness.
v.40 “If”? If?!?!! He IS the Son of God, and He is all-powerful. He could have come off the cross, but He stayed up there for the entire human race, including the people that were mocking Him.
v.45-46, Jesus cried, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Do you know why? Because God HAD looked away from Jesus. Want to know why? Because right then, Jesus Christ, Lord Supreme, Master of the universe that was made a sinless human being, was bearing OUR SIN. All of it. Every single sin of every single human being that was alive back then and all those to come. I’m crying as I write this because Jesus took my sins and He became so marred, so damaged just for me, just for us all. Is your mind blown yet? God turned His back on His only begotten Son for the sinful human race, that we may come to the knowledge of this and accept Him as Lord, so that one day, we’ll be with Him in Heaven. Jesus did that for us.
v.50, I killed a man before I was even alive! His name is Jesus, and He took my sin upon Himself, died and was raised up again. I’m crying so hard right now :/
v.51, I finally understood the significance of this verse this year at Easter time. The veil was a very thick cloth that was hung up in the temple. It was a partition between God and humans. Only the priests were allowed to enter the holy of holies, which is where God’s presence was. The day of Christ’s crucifixion was the day that God tore that veil from top to bottom (He did it that way so that no one could say a man did it by tearing it from the bottom go up.) By doing that, God is giving us the chance to come to Him, with nothing to hinder us any longer.
H A L L E L U J A H ~
He loves me so much that He provided a way for the two of us to commune even before my great-great grandma was conceived!

Well, I’m all out of tears.
I really want people to understand the depth of this passage. How can you live comfortably in sin when you know that there is comfort in Jesus?
I just wish that everyone could turn away from sin and accept God’s free gift of salvation.

Give up sin and accept salvation. It’s the best change one can make. I have never regretted giving my life to Christ, and neither will you. Trust in God today.

Westallen: The Exception to the Rule


So yesterday the Westallen fandom was blessed with glorious pics of our babies having what I imagine is their first kiss. Now today the Westallen fandom died and came back to life after seeing pictures of Barry in his Flash costume to reveal himself to Iris RIGHT AFTER HE KISSED HER (this is what the source says not me). Right now my mind is blown. EVERY SINGLE EXPECTATION I HAVE EVER HAD FOR THE SHOW HAS ALWAYS BEEN MET AND HAS ACTUALLY BEEN EVEN BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED. 

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, most shows do not have a character close to the main character find out about his HUGE secret from the very first episode. Most shows do not have the leading man confess his love for the leading lady nine episodes into the first season of the show. Most shows DO NOT have the main couple (when it’s a slowburn and they’re endgame) kiss in the first season of the show (unless it’s a dream sequence or an AU). Most (superhero) shows DEFINITELY DO NOT HAVE THE SUPERHERO REVEAL HIS SECRET IDENTITY TO HIS LADY LOVE IN THE FIRST SEASON OF THE SHOW.

Of course there are Westallen detractors who are trying to soothe themselves about the release of these pictures that are actual pieces of heaven by using the things that I just mentioned to say that, “Oh, well because this is all happening so soon (right ‘soon’, when Barry’s been in love with Iris for at least a decade, 'soon’ my ass), Westallen are not endgame.” Well maybe they’re on to something.

Now before you go, “WHATT??? HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?” Allow me to explain (I’m going to get slightly philosophical here so bear with me). The term 'endgame’, in my opinion, usually means that the ship you want to be together will be together by the 'end’ of the show. It also tends to mean that when your ship gets together that’s it. That’s the end. I think most writers and showrunners find it incredibly difficult to keep the story going and keep the chemistry between their actors once the main couple gets together which is why they don’t put the characters in a relationship until several years into the show (see Bones, Castle, Gilmore Girls, Smallville etc…oh and just to be clear I am fully aware of the restrictions that were on Lois/Clois when she came on the show). It is terribly hard to find married couples that are together from the beginning of a series, that stay together throughout the course of the series, that are well written and don’t deal with any third party garbage (yes Naley got together early on AND I LOVE THEM, don’t get me wrong, BUT REALLY MARK SCHWANN? REALLY? They were a married couple for 8 out of 9 seasons on the show and they had at least four third party storylines, which averages to one every other year. Can you say LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT AS NEEDED? Okay I’m getting off topic.) 

BUT…maybe, just maybe, the writers and the showrunners for The Flash are altering the definition of 'endgame’ so it doesn’t inherently mean the fans have to wait til the end (or close to the end) of the show for their couple to become a couple. Maybe TPTB on The Flash are saying that the story doesn’t end when the couple gets together. Maybe the best stories are yet to come. Maybe a show can be successful and have a long healthy run without sticking their main couple in the 'will they/won’t they’ circle of hell. Maybe a show can thrive without a love triangle birthed from the depths of Tartarus (The love triangles on LOST and OTH drove me to the brink of insanity, I swear to God). Maybe a superhero show can work better with the leading lady in the know, instead of keeping her in the dark just for the sake of drama or a good laugh. Maybe Westallen are the exception to the rule and TPTB are telling us that Westallen getting together is not the end of the show-it’s only the beginning.

To those of you who kindly took the time to read this whole post, I leave you with this: