At the Nitrate Picture Show this weekend, I was lucky enough to meet one of my all-time heroes: writer, historian, and filmmaker Kevin Brownlow! He is not only a legendary advocate for film preservation (to whom all cinephiles owe a debt of gratitude), but also a marvelously humble and lovely person. 

If you’re even remotely interested in cinema (and if you’re not, why are you looking at my blog?), Brownlow’s book, The Parade’s Gone By, is really the best thing out there on silent film, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Needless to say, it was a great thrill for me to tell him how much I admire his work!


Yoo! I’m so glad that everyone liked the first Kevamie pic I drew. I just honestly love this ship I’m so blessed. So anyway, here’s some more as promised.

In this comic, Kevin (who, yes, is a ballet dancer) wants to show Jamie a little of his moves, but Jamie is appreciating more than the dancing if you know what I mean~ dA link/full view (sorry that text is too small, tumblr’s resizing is terrible)

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