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hey i'm pretty new to the 100 fandom and i don't get why so many people scrounge around to make lexa 'bad'? they're like "adc is in brownface!" "lexa is bad lgbt representation!" "the show focuses unnecessarily on her!" "she's toxic!" when literally none of that is true. it seems like people use social justice terminology to hate on a character under the guise of caring rather than admit that they're pissed she gets more screentime than their fave and its kinda gross

one of the many reasons lexa (and alyica) is getting so much hate is the fact that the straights™ are not getting what they want for the first time in their lifes. most of the people who started to watch the 100 surely believed that clarke and bellamy would get together at some point in the show. but that’s not the case and it will never be the case. they are angry and frustrated because their ship is not going to be canon and to feel better about that, they are looking for reasons what could make lexa (or alycia) look bad.

in conclusion: i fucking love this show.

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I just wanted to let you know that you're seriously one of my favourite people in this fandom. It's hard to find optimistic fans these days so thank you for that!! It's really helped me be more understanding and appreciative of the story MK is choosing to tell

Thank you! 

Mindy Kaling has done something outstanding, not just by creating the show, but in the ways she’s worked to keep it alive and growing, and I’m forever grateful for it. She has worked so hard for this and continues to handle the quickly changing landscape with a determination and grace that I certainly wouldn’t possess in her position.

I have to admit I’m giving tumblr a miss a lot more these days because I’ve seen some people be truly awful to each other lately, but there are definitely many positive fans who are good at reminding us of all the joy in the community and the hard work that the cast and crew put in to make this happen, and I want to thank them too.

Its internet friends day and most of my most favourite people in my life are the ones I’ve become friends with through tumblr or twitter or whatever! Shout out to all my friends on here who are just the most wonderful people I have ever encountered in my life! It’s been crazy thinking about how even just as little as a year ago I had barely any people I could call my friend and I wasnt overly happy within my life but a year on I have so many wonderful, incredible and beautiful people that I get to call my best friends! I can’t tag everyone but just know that if we are friends that I thank you for all the good times, for all the memories ive made on here with you guys, for all the times youve all been there for me and for just being my friend and making me the happiest little vegemite in kangaroo land ever to exist! I love you all to the moon and back 💖

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I love your blog, I think it's amazing it's actually one of my favourites, people just like to hate so don't pay attention to it and ignore it, you are wonderful and so is your blog x

Thank you! I enjoy posting for you all and I’m happy people keep coming back for more 😁 ~R