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Oooh, petrified wood!

There is magic in one thing becoming another, and magic again in crafting stone into dragons. It couldn’t be done they said. To give life to something that had already lived? Impossible. So far only one artisan has managed the feat and then only twice.

The first dragon is small and mottled and cheerfully assists the university’s gardener with the bonsai, fascinated with the tiny trees. The second dragon is larger, long and sinuous, its body carved from an entire ancient tree. It takes off into the forest almost as soon as it comes alive, blending with the trees and protecting them from fires and lumber folk.

There is no third dragon.

The prize we pay (John Laurens x Reader)

Prompt requested by anon: “Hi! :) I was wondering if you could do a John Laurens x reader where she’s really good at fighting but some soldiers don’t like that a woman is fighting along side them and they’re horrible to her so Laurens stands up for her and gets super over protective. If that makes sense? lol Thank you!”

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A/N: Okay, so this totally escalated. I’m not sure if this was what you wanted anon, but I just couldn’t help myself. Sorry, guys! Alright, Off to write We had our chance

Also, since two of my absolute favourite people on this website, @ruth-hamilton-delrio and @yayhamletnonstop published amazing chapters on their own today, I couldn’t help but to be inspired. Thank you for your awesomeness!
Also, I would like to tag @hopeandlovelastlonger because you’re the best. If you want me to stop tagging you in things, then please tell me. Hugs! <3

Warnings: A lot. Violence, blood, mentions of sexual harrassment and swearing. Slight bit of angst. Seriously, if you don’t like this kind of thing, then don’t read this. I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable!

Wordcount: 4,173 (Yeah, sorry…)

After spending months on the battlefield, you could no longer understand how there could possibly be any glory to gain from this. The fighting conditions were horrible, more people died every second from fatigue and malnutrition than on the actual battlefield. There was mud, blood and bug infestations everywhere, and when it wasn’t too hot outside to even move, it was raining for days, washing away every bloodstain that told the story of the horrible actions that had been committed there. At night it was so cold that the water froze, along with some extremities that were lost to frostbite.

Yes, to say that war was a prestigious thing would be an outright lie. Men without much wealth, who was seeking a way to rise above their stations looked to the military to maybe have a shot at a better life after the war, but was more likely to be killed in the span of a week.

You had managed to survive on that particular battlefield for a month now. Why, you didn’t know. maybe it was because of the brilliance of the officer in charge of the company, Captain John Laurens, who with bravery and passion took good care of his soldiers. Or maybe it was because you, surprisingly, had been a lot better at this than you initially thought.

They had wanted to enroll your brother at first, but seeing as he could barely walk on his malformed feet, you had begged and begged your father to let you go instead. After weeks of trying to convince him, he had finally agreed. The news of a woman fighting alongside the men in the military had not been recieved with joy, and from day one you had been exposed to everything from bullying to sexual harassment. This had not made you crack, however. You were determined to show that you were just as capable as the men, if not even more capable.

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So Sarah here broke over a hundred followers somehow when I wasn’t looking and I’m not very good at these things, so I just wanted to thank some people who have been so nice to me since I started up Mama Ulric.

For Heart (the people I can’t wait to log-on and interact with or spy on):

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Holly, you're increasingly one lf my favourite people to ever walk this planet ('cause you're super nice and kind and seem really compassionate) - baby anon

Aww Baby Anon. Thanks for those kind words. 😘💕😘

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I've seen that you also like Brooklyn99, and i was wandering if you ever have doodled something. I like your style so much, but i had a break from tumblr for two years so i don't remember if you ever did something about the series. :)

Aw thanks! I do really love the show and the characters but I haven’t done any art for it, no. I should really fix that.

Here’s a little Holt doodle

edit: now available as a sticker

Remember how Ron Weasley sat with Harry on the Hogwarts Express his first day of Hogwarts not only because it was the only place, but because he saw that Harry was sitting alone? 

Remember that time when Ron Weasley wrote home to his mother that Harry wasn’t expecting any Christmas presents so that she could send him something?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley told Neville Longbottom that he was worth 12 of Malfoy?

Remember when “Ron was the only one who stood by him”? 

Remember when 12 year old Ron Weasley sacrificed himself to a chess game so that Harry could move ahead to stop Snape (Quirrell) from getting the Philosopher’s Stone?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley fiercely defended Hermione when Malfoy called her a mudblood?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley was terrified of spiders but went following them into the forest anyways for his friend?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley turned up at Harry’s house in the middle of the night to rescue him because he was worried that Harry wasn’t answering his letters?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley stayed at Hogwarts over Christmas because he didn’t want his best friend to be lonely?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley completely took over the studying for Buckbeak’s trial?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley stood on a broken leg in front of his best friend and told the man they thought was a mass murderer that if he wanted to kill Harry he would have to kill him as well?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley was personally insulted and guilty about the fact that he had been keeping the man who had betrayed his best friend’s parents as a pet?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley told Harry that they were coming to get him whether or not his aunt and uncle liked it?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley was the thing that Harry would miss most, even after he had fought with him just earlier that year?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley gave up time he could have been studying for his exams to help Harry prepare for the third task?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley used his powers as a prefect to defend Harry to the students who thought that Harry was lying about You-Know-Who?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley kept standing by his best friend all year even though it labelled him as a liar as well?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley fully supported the idea of Harry teaching them Defence Against the Dark Arts and stood up for him to Zacharias Smith who was being extremely rude to Harry?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley was absolutely furious about what Umbridge was doing to Harry in his detentions?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley removed the junk from on top of the knitting that Hermione put out to free the house elves because he knew it would be insulting and rude for them to pick it up without realizing it?

Rember that time when Ron Weasley supported Harry’s decision to talk to Sirius telling Hermione that Harry could “make his own decisions”?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley immediately agreed to go and save Sirius from the ministry?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley stood by Harry even after hearing about the prophecy which said that his best friend would either be killed by Voldemort or kill Voldemort?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley helped Harry find out what horcruxes were and get the memory from Slughorn? 

Remember that time when Ron Weasley told Hermione to lay off on Harry about the Potions book and cursing Malfoy, because obviously Harry never wanted to hurt anybody?

Remember when Ron Weasley supported his best friend even though he was dating his little sister?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley stayed and defended Hogwarts when Death Eaters broke into the castle, even though he could have stayed safe by staying away?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley agreed to leave school to help his best friend destroy the horcruxes and told him that they would be there whatever happened?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley risked his life by taking the form of Harry to help him get safely away from Privet Drive?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley was a source of comfort to Hermione when she was upset about the fact that her parents didn’t remember who she was?

Remember that time when Ron was the source of all of the important information on the ministry when Harry, Ron, and Hermione needed to break in to get the horcrux?

Remember how Ron kept wearing the horcrux even though it was affecting him in a way much stronger than it did Harry and Hermione? Remember how he did that without complaint, accepting that it was all of their jobs to wear it?

Remember how Ron Weasley regretted leaving the moment he did?

Remember how he came back and saved Harry’s life?

Remember how Ron Weasley knew there was no excuse for him, but came back anyways, not expecting his friends to forgive him, but because he had promised he would be there?

Remember how Ron became the driving force of the trio after he came back, keeping them moving and on track, trying to make up for his mistake, still not expecting to be forgiven or even feeling like he deserved it?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley flat out refused to hand over Harry to Xeno Lovegood in exchange for Luna?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley screamed for him to be tortured instead of Hermione at Malfoy Manor? Remember how he ran around screaming her name and sobbing, wishing it was him instead of her?

Remember when Ron Weasley discovered a way to destroy the cup and made sure to get it destroyed?

Remember that time when Ron Weasley defended the House Elves saying that they couldn’t order them all to die for them?

Remember how Ron Weasley screamed out in defiance against Voldemort after they believed Harry to be dead? Remember how he continued to fight even though he knew what would happen if they lost?

Remember when Ron was the very best friend that someone could ever even ask for and how he was so loyal, kind, brave, and just an all around great guy?

Remember how Ron Weasley was a teenage boy who made mistakes but always acknowledged them and apologized, and never tried to make it seem like he didn’t do anything wrong? Remember how when he messed up he always worked hard to make his relationships stronger afterwards?

Ron Weasley is a great friend. Anyone who disagrees can fight me.


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Happiest of Birthdays to my darling, @ashtoncer *hug* Sorry this is over a week late, but hopefully this will help you get through exams! Much love!

Here are my mini succulent magnets! 🌿🌺🌵 I had so much fun making these, each one is hand drawn so I hope people like them 😊 Which ones are your favourites? 🌱💕


But like can we just appreciate the Doctor’s look when Hydroflax says “false wife” I MEAN WHAT A SMUG IDIOT.— @hegaveallhecouldgiveher