every episode of criminal minds ☰ 7.20 the company

                                              You know what? This is my favorite part.                                                                                This is where you hang yourself with your own tongue.                                                                                          So, please keep talking.


Whatever scared Marianne when she entered the dark forest, looked different and beautiful to her, when she was with Bog,which is my favorite part in the movie… I just love the fact that they have paid so much attention to all the small details, which makes it much more beautiful…

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Could you do Dark with a POI trying to show him Hamilton and Dark actually enjoying it possibly?

Sure! Here you go! I tried keeping it relatively spoiler-free for those who don’t know what all happens in the musical.

You reached forward and pressed the volume knob on the radio, shutting it off after the last song had ended. It had been a long car trip and you took the opportunity to show Dark a musical that you had enjoyed: Hamilton. You figured he wouldn’t dislike too much since it had historical influences. He seemed to like history at least a little.

“So? What do you think?” you asked, looking at Dark for an outward reaction.

There was a pause before he answered. “Some parts of it were better than others.” You couldn’t gauge an exact opinion from that statement.

“Is that good or bad?” Dark shrugged at the question and you grimaced a little. You couldn’t read him at all. “Well, what parts were better?”

Dark thought for a moment. “I prefer moments of action over moments of romance,” he stated. You figured as much. “I enjoyed the second act more. Particularly the songs before the one about the 1800 election.”

Again, you figured as much. “So… you like it?” You felt a smile spreading across your face.

“I did not say that. To be concise, I like parts of it. It’s not necessarily bad, though.”

That would have to do, you suppose.

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I was a listening to blonde again and the bit where frank goes "jasmine fucking wrecked my heart" made me laugh so loud

jfjskfjdj that’s my favorite part of the album because i’m self centered


Chibiusa from Sailor Moon

Fun with magnets and backpacks! Tried out a bunch of new things for this one, and I think they paid off! I think my favorite part was the moment I figured out how to make the little hair curls.

Want a plush of your own? Contact me for info! I’m willing to make just about anything with a decent reference. Or check out my finished dolls for sale here!

Honestly my favorite part of the new episode is when Panda thanks Charlie for liking his art. It’s such a small moment but there’s so much emotion packed into that one line and you can really feel for the first time just how much Panda appreciates having Charlie in his life. Damn near melts my heart.

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did,, did u just say linearting is,,,, f u n,, as an artist im disowning you from the art community ((please dont take this seriously your art is gorgeous ;o;))

YES I did!

Sketching and linearting is my favorite part of the art process! ;v;
While coloring/shading is the most tedious one! TwT

Now fite me!!!

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Okay so hi I'm the anon that a little bit ago asked if you recommended Rescue Bots and I finally got the time to start watching it and holy suit man have I been sucked into another hell. It's actually rly fucking good. So far my favorite part so far is from episode 7 where Cody's Dad is riding in the go-cart and he says 'one more time around the park' and when he comes back around he's just says 'I lied' and fuCKING DRIVES OFF LIKE BRUH. THANK YOU FOR CONVINCING ME TO WATCH THIS SHOW

OMFG im so glad youre liking it !!!!!! that makes me really fucking happy aaahhh yes chief is a fuckign savage

just wait till you get to seasons 2 and especially 3, the animation, jokes and plot just gets better and better!!

if u want u should come off anon and message me so we can talk abt the Boys more :3

hello everyone today i was invited to go to the renaissance faire, it was my very first time ever and i had a really wonderful time. my favorite part was when i got to see a big sleeping boar in the petting zoo. i didnt pet him because i was shy but i did take his picture. he oinked very much

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🔪🗡🐢 for the ask thingy~~

Soo cute… Thingy~~? Haha

🔪 My favorite part in Cypher 3? (parts… sorry tie)

I’m still not over the fact that Yoongi wrote this…

As you know, my voice will turn you on
Whether it’s a guy or girl,
my tongue will make you come

And well this part is just too true and that chop chop chop is just iconic…

Whatever it is, I’m a new standard to kpop
This rap will cut through your ears
A slap to your ears like a storm,
chop chop chop

*wheretf is the sword emoji??*  In hunger games who do you think would die first and who will survive to the end?


if landmines and traps are involved… and loads of running…

I’d be worried about Namjoon… he might die first…

if it would involve any amount of random luck from the get go…

Jimin would be the worst bet…

if scary shit like mutts and height stunts are present from the moment they enter…

Jhope might collapse from the get go…

if acidic boils would hit their faces and scar them for life…

Jin might rather die…

if there was a maze in any part of the arena…

Tae might get lost from the moment they enter… and end up somewhere he shouldn’t be… game makers won’t be too happy…

if any of the members are in danger…

Jungkook might jump in front of a blade to save his hyungs…

wait… what is Yoongi’s weakness? he said he had none. (I’m too biased for this shit)


During the games, Yoongi can survive by fending for himself and if there are caves like Peeta’s… Good job! Jimin and Tae can make great alliances! Namjoon and Jin can pick stuff and know which are poisonous and which are safe to eat. Jhope can def be great mid game, running and keeping the alliance together… BUT BEST BET! Would be KOOKIE! coz… come on!

🐢 3 Emojis to describe Yoongi…


P.S. Who are you, anon? I went through the list when I reblogged and I legit wanted to answer these three… you know me sooo well! LOL *goosebumbps*

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Have you watched The Great British Bake Off? It's sooo shimmy to watch, especially when they pipe icing on or work with dough. And it's just really pure and pleasant in general!

Yeah omg I love it!! It’s super stimmy watching them make so many great desserts, plus you learn so much about baking, and the history behind certain desserts too!! 

I think my favorite part is how pleasant it is, like you said?? Like, in most cooking competition shows in America they take the word “competition” to the extreme and everyone’s out to get each other and all the judges are portrayed as these terrifying overlords who are angry about everything all the time, but in GBBO everyone’s just really chill and supportive for the most part! The way they all genuinely congratulate each other when one of them wins a challenge is really nice ;w; And when someone makes a mistake in an American competition show the judges are really unforgiving and it’s just like “they’re SCREWED!! They messed up and now their dish is RUINED FOREVER BEYOND REPAIR and they’re going home in TEARS, and they just barely managed to scrape a few scraps together off the floor to present to the judges like dog food”, but in GBBO when someone’s dessert goes wrong they do their best to salvage it as best as they can, and the judges actually recognize that they overcame their mistake to still be able to present something, like….idk, I just wish more American shows were like that!

anyway that was really long but I just think it’s a really neat show haha ^^;;

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Why would u believe it's temporrary ? do you hate Frank?

i choose to believe it’s temporary because i frankly don’t like how rick magically made frank skinnier. it’s been a long time since i read boo, but i think it would’ve been better if frank had learned to be more confident with his body and himself without the blessing. it’s just not one of my favorite parts of the book, and i don’t think is the greatest message to be sending? 

but i definitely don’t hate frank. i love frank. he’s one of my absolute favorite characters in the series and i’m not sure why this would make it seem like i hate him

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What I notice most about your art is the floof! And your clean lineart is fab!

The floof and the clean lineart! Aaa some of my favorite parts to draw! 

Floof is fun to Draw, and linearting is fun!