why are we never talking about the grinch?


Happy Halloween!

Of course Hans would dress up as a king. 

“My dearest friend, if you don’t mind

I’d like to join you by your side,

where we can gaze into the stars.

And sit together,

now and forever

For it is plain as anyone can see,

we’re simply meant to be”

If you’re going to love me
I want you to mean it

I want to know what it’s like
Not for cliché love-at-first sight
I want someone who feels like
The words to my favorite songs
Christmas morning
Or watching home movies
I want someone
That feels like coming home

I want introductions
Your bright red cheeks
And handshakes to my father
I want see your closest family members
Singing happy birthday to you around
A cake with your name written in icing

I want spontaneous
Road trips with no where to go
Driving in your car with the windows down
Setting off fire works on the Fourth of July
I want a collage
Of undecided mornings that turn into memorable evenings

But I want to take things slow too
I want anticipation
I want to become your best friend
Someone I can talk to for hours
To be the first person you call when you get accepted into the college you always dreamed of
And I want you
On the other end of the phone
Reassuring me everything is going to be alright

I want to know you better than I know myself
I want to know why you got your scars
Even if it’s the name of the first girl you loved
Or why you don’t share the same ambitions your father has
because you want to be there for your child’s elementary school graduation
And where you picture yourself in
Five, ten, twenty years

I don’t want something perfect
I want something passionate
Maddening, intoxicating
I want you to make me so mad that I can’t think straight
I want someone who challenges me
Someone who knows how to push my buttons just because
They know what makes me tick

I want someone to be a team
But can accept my independence
I want someone who I don’t want to live without
But can accept that I could if I had to sustain myself

I want someone who’s proud of me
Even when I trip over my own two feet
Or stumble over my words
Or burn just about everything I bake
Someone who can accept my faults
And still loves every one of them

Most importantly I want someone who loves me like I love them.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all time favorite movies, but I’ve never done a fan art piece for it.  Today I amend that with ‘It’s Krampus Time’.  Done in inks with calligraphy pens.  I scanned it in before adding color, so I have two versions of it up on TeePublic.  This print is on etsy. 

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