So this morning my mom brought home some Native American sheep figurines made with actual wool and Jack has been absolutely obsessed with them ever since.  She thinks his shepherd instincts are trying to kick in.


Her name is Belle. We call her Belley. (pronounced exactly like you think it is “belly”) For good reason.

She is a 2 and a half year old mutt, and I love her.

Most people who see her for the first time think she is an overweight fox, if that gives you any indication of her actual size.

And yes, that derpy grin NEVER leaves her face.

She decided to come inside tonight for some toy-time. She usually is an outside dog. Once she gave us all her smiles and tossed that poor purple…thing…around a bit, she wanted back out. 

i was tagged by @syd-parrot to do this and I’m really excited!!

Rules: tag those that you want to get to know better.

BIRTHDAY: April 21st

GENDER / PRONOUNS / ETC: she/her (but really whatever, I identify as cis tho)

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: me and my boyfriends 2 year anniversary is in September 💖

ZODIAC SIGN: Taurus (all the zodiac things are tru btw I’m very stubborn and sensitive)

SIBLINGS: none! I’m free from a sibling-hell (no shade to those of you who have siblings but I’m a person who needs like, A LOT of alone time)

PET(s): 1 dog who lives w my grandfather bc my dad doesn’t like dogs, 2 cats (artifact and derp)

WAKE UP TIMES: either 6am, 10am, or 1pm

LOVE OR LUST: love, because it doesn’t need to be romantic

LEMONADE OR ICED TEA: lemonade. Iced tea can suck a duck

CATS OR DOGS: both omg. I guess if I had to pick, dogs

COKE OR PEPSI: either I guess, but Coke for sure. Pepsi if Coke isn’t an option (they don’t taste the same tho)

DAY OR NIGHT: day tbh

TEXT OR CALL: text bc I’m a weak bitch n I hate phone calls

MET A CELEBRITY: I’ve met a couple people who weren’t like, FAMOUS but were well known in the drag/burlesque community. But I’ve seen morrissey, ringo, devo, and Reggie watts live

SMILE OR EYES: geez idk both I guess?

LIGHT OR DARK HAIR: they both look good on different people but I’m gonna say dark cuz my hair is dark

SHORTER OR TALLER: taller. I’m 5"4’ and I can’t reach SHIT

CHAPSTICK OR LIPSTICK: lipstick. Any lipstick. All of it.

CITY OR COUNTRY: city!! I’m a city girl born and raised

LAST SONG YOU LISTENED TO: intermission by patd

i tag: @helothisismyworld @octopusridee @ringodino78 @mysterious-black-hippie and anyone else who just feels like doing this for fun


What do you like to do in your free time? ^_^

Read, hang out with friends, lay in bed and try to drink water out of a glass without dumping it on myself! 

Vanilla or chocolate?


What’s something funny that happened to you recently? :)

My dog is such a derp and he got so excited when I walked in that he jumped and farted simultaneously … he’s so talented

Why did you delete your personal blog?

Well I kept posting things on the wrong blog and then all of the haters that I had blocked on btslovenotes had found my personal one and were ruthless in the inbox. So I thought about it and deleted it and if people get annoyed by my personal posts on here they can unfollow or scroll past. 

How do you ground yourself or recharge?

Sometimes I just sit down with my mom and have a glass of wine to recharge. She’s an amazing person that I can turn to and talk about just about anything with. 

Any ways you treat or spoil yourself?

I get my nails done every couple of weeks (I have fakes that I get filled in lol) or I will go get myself a candy bar spontaneously! 

What helps you fall asleep?

Cold air, like having a fan blowing right in my face. 

Have you ever received a letter or written one to someone else?

Yea! Me and one of my best friends go to different colleges so we will write each other notes. I have kept all of them from her as sort of keepsakes from college. 

Your favorite things to wear?

Black leggings, a massive white sweater, and fuzzy socks! 

If you had to come up with ten words to describe your life story so far, what would they be?

A unique journey of learning to love myself and others.

Something that makes you feel better after a hard day?

Going for a run or playing with my dogs, they seriously are the happiest little creatures 

Author’s Note: I’m making this a series so feel free to send me questions. I’ll post when it gets to about 10 questions or so! Link can be found in the description or right HERE