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Re-post this and tag 10 mutuals you want to get to know better at the end.

Favorite fictional character: I think I have too many favorites to even attempt to pick one out of them all, but I really, really love Carolina from Red vs Blue.

Favorite book: Like the last question, this one is rather impossible for me to answer, but how about a random favourite book from one of my favorite series: A Civil Campaign from the Vorkosigan Saga is a wonderfully hilarious read.

Favorite Game: Either the first Knights of the Old Republic game, or Mass Effect 3 (right up until its ending at least).

Favorite Sport: Hockey! *is a stereotypical Canadian*

Last Song I Listened to: Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray.

First Language: English

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1. Name: lets go with daedalus
2. Nickname: dae, ds, and d are the most common ones online, grandpappy is an offline thing
3. Star Sign: cap
4. Gender: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
5. Height: 5'9" I think???
6. Orientation: pan/demi romantic, ace
7. Favourite Colour: blue ofc
8. Time Right Now: 9:08 am
9. Current Location: in bed (at a cabin that has the bed in the fuckin kitchen??? why???? my friend is eating cereal across the room from me?????)
10. Average Hours of Sleep: like six I wanna say
11. Lucky Number: seven, tho three is good solid number
12. Last Thing I Googled: “moose size" so I could show my friends how abSOLUTELY TERRIFYING THEY ARE
13. Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: one sheet, one duvet
14. Favourite Fictional Characters: stRIDERS, artemis fowl was a fav but its been a while, aaand fred and george
15. Favourite Book: if homestuck or problem sleuth counts??? otherwise idk I wanna say artemis fowl but its been so long rip in pieces
16. Favorite Artists/Bands: fall out boy and tmbg probably
17. What I’m Wearing: my doom shirt and these weird black pajama capri pants???
18. Random Fact: I can just feEL my awful bedhead and both my sister and my friend have pointed it out
19. When did you Create your Blog: summer of last year I think
20. Do you have any Other Blogs: oh man yeah. @davestriderascend is where I reblog headcanon stuff so I can find it again @inactive-asklileri is a dead askblog that still has art on it @nonsensicaltriggering and @directingthetimelines are rp blogs for kankri and abro respectively @askthedirectoroftime @askyourmergodhussie and @askmerdavesprite are askblogs for abro hussie and davesprite respectively
21. Who is your Most Active Follower: idk im not on the computer so I cant check
22. What Made you Decide to Get a Tumblr: all the rpers who I tried to exchange info with and they only had tumblrs also I wanted to follow viria (who ive since unfollowed bc we no longer share interests)
23. Do you get Asks on a Daily Basis: hell no
24. Why did you Choose your URL: this url is kind of my trademark at this point

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Chrom X Olivia and Subaki X Hana!

Hey! So it’s been a LONG LONG time. I forgot how to rate these, so I’ll give them my own rating!

Chom x Olivia- 8/10

If Robin isn’t her parent, then Olivia is the best parent statwise. But also Prince Inigo and Dancer Lucina? Um, YES. And I know Olivia comes super late before the time skip, but I think they’re cute together! And I like pink and blue together :3

Hana x Subaki- 8/10

I married these two together in my first file in Birthright and THEY’RE SO CUTE. And since Hana does have a nice strength stat, if does give Caeldori some justice from Subaki’s crappy strength. Also Astra. No. 1 Samurai and Perfect Sky Knight