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pairing: derek hale x reader

warnings: SMUT, swearing, dirty talk, NSFW GIFS. porn without a plot, basically.

prompt: going into heat while living in the loft with derek being the only available alpha. 

the cold loft was deserted as you laid in the middle of your bed, beads of sweat ran down your sore skin and your breathing was coming out harder than usual. you’d turned down the AC as soon as you’d woken up, the icy air doing very little to calm your raging hot skin. you had lived with derek and issac in the loft for 6 months after being turned by scott and having no where else to go; at first you thought of yourself as an inconvenience yet derek and issac constantly reassured you that you weren’t. al though they had said it many times, you still didn’t bother them with any of your problems and tried to keep to yourself in your room.

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anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me requesting, slytherin jungkook and hufflepuff tae for a hogwarts taekook collage? Thank you!! :)

Requested by: Anonymous 

Jungkook X Taehyung Hogwarts Aesthetic.

- One doesn’t seem to care much. Lives life as it is, the other cares, studies gets good grades and is always focusing. The two boys pull a forbidden act … They fall in love. - 

~ 🦋 So I do hope you liked this, I do apologise it wasn’t one of the best collages I have done but I gave it my best shot. Thanks so much for requesting xox  

madgesundersee  asked:

top 5 minty fics you've read

How dare you make me choose??? This was so hard???? I tried to limit myself to one per author because I think otherwise my head would have exploded but even that was hard so here is my best shot and I couldn’t even limit it to five. Again in no particular order I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH:

  1. you’re my armor, i’m your defeat by @madgesundersee​: possibly my first introduction to sad, worried-that-monty-doesn’t-love-him miller and it broke my heart and healed it all over again, I love it.
  2. Bow Chika Bow Wow by @ponyregrets​: remember that time Chash wrote me minty bedhsaring fic for charity and then surprise it was minty smut because I sure do. (literally everything chash writes is fantastic though so I’m lucky she wrote one for me because it was like oh hey easy pick.)
  3. mouthfuls of forever by @madgesundersee​ and @melika-elena​: this is so long and epic and wonderful and the progression and the poetry and how at first it’s just nate and then monty starts reciting poetry back at him it’s all so much and I love it.
  4. i’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice by @katchyalater​: adorable canon!minty cuddling in the cold = the dream.
  5. hold you close (wake up next to you) by @growlereish: in which casually hooking up is clearly not casual for miller and monty can’t tell, adorable
  6. The Spy and the Movie Guy by @queenofchildren: This is just so adorable with undercover!miller accidentally going on a date with civilian!monty love love love.
  7. the look in your eyes, this dancing juice by @melika-elena​: as I have told mel, cute boys in formal wear making out against a door may be a personal weakness of mine (this doesn’t count as breaking my rule because you both wrote it shhhhh)
The World Was Wide Enough Monologue

The World Was Wide Enough Monologues, with other songs from the show mixed in (song order under the cut)

Use headphones

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when i got this ask i got so nervous because i really suck at teaching;;; sorry for getting to this so late and letting this stew in my drafts but here’s my best shot! 

Some things to consider: Line of action is perhaps the most important thing when drawing poses and figures, as it is the balancing rod that guides the body’s movement. If the line of action is weak or doesn’t make sense, then the pose will not work no matter how much you try to fudge it. 

I forgot to mention this in the drawings but you can see that i start every drawing with a basic skeleton. As much as i wish i could draw without the aid of a skeleton, it’s the most essential part of drawing figures. 

USING REFERENCE PHOTOS IS A GODSEND. Do not disregard using references, it helps clarify the way a body can move and bend so so much. If you have trouble imagining how the fingers in a pose should look, try it out in the mirror and study your own hand!  

there’s so much to talk about with posing and figures, i feel like i hardly scratched the surface. But i hoped this helped somewhat! 

i finally got my best friend to watch Supernatural and she’s now on season three and is growing impatient because she “just wants to see luci” and also said “can dean just go to hell already i want to see this gay angel you speak of”

Nothin’ like a good old milkshake pozol date ♥ ♥ ♥

I have other things planned for the actual 14th, but in case helping my sister with her wedding shopping prevents me from completing the other stuff I wanted to do, consider this my early celebration pic. Happy chocolate-! I mean Valentine’s day!


some people are confused about what happened in One Shot, so i made this to clarify ur welcome