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White rose for the line "I can't believe I'm sitting in space jail with you of all people"

Okay @tigerlilly-22 This was my best shot hope you like it

      “I can’t believe I’m sitting in space jail with you of all people!” Weiss had grown up being told the Solar Hunters were the roguish kind. They were always getting into trouble and fighting grimm outside the law. Sure she expected some, odd, behavior. The pilot, Yang was always drinking, who ever heard of a one armed pilot, she might get in a fight or two. Blake the faunus, well faunus could always be problematic. Yet with all that, in all the scenarios Weiss spun in her head, being dragged off to a zero-g holding cell on her first day off planet, with Ruby, the innocent hunter, that didn’t make any goddamn sense.
      And yet, I’m here, stuck spinning in the center.

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so i decided i wanna start doing illustrations for my fanfics because why not if i’m arty right?? so please if you have any favourites of mine that you think i should illustrate (and u can be as specific as you want from a chapter to a scene) send me an ask and i’ll give it my best shot c:

i will also be down for illustrating other people’s fanfics too but that will come under my commission work!!


You can just see the moment it clicks for Quinn that not only does he get to jump off the platform into the water, he gets to push Chaos in too. And he just gets this amazing happy grin on his face.

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Rose quartz didnt shatter pink diamond there is proof in a really old episode. Her diamond is bubbled. She just poofed her.

i saw that theory going around but i believe it’s incorrect. the gem isnt the right cut–thats not pink diamond. 

all diamonds have a distinct size and cut gem–one that matches how they look on the murals: 

they are actually diamond shaped, but the theory going around featured a bubbled gem with many more facets than these. I’m pretty sure its also smaller


my name is rylee and i desperately want to meet dan and phil and also bianca del rio !!!

My Best Shot 2012 ~ Haunting on Flickr.

I had seen him on the street here and there before.

I’d even taken his photograph.

But I’d never seen him in light like that.

Man I just jumped on it.

It was only later that I saw myself in his eyes.

It was the best of me.


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An Exclusive Roundtable With Destiny: Rise Of Iron's Story Team

[Game Informer has posted a 50 minute video with the story writers of Rise of Iron! You can find it here!]

Here is my best shot at summarizing some key points of Rise of Iron talked about in the video:

  • The idea for the Iron Lords was this knightly order from the Dark Age, but during the Golden Age before the player makes an appearance. This was the feeling and the theme they were going for with Rise of Iron.
  • When Destiny came out, the Iron Lords were just names on weapons and hints in Grimoire. They (the writers) looked at it and saw “that there was so much there” that they could dig through and build upon
  • Lord Saladin had untapped potential to explore, and Rise of Iron was the perfect opportunity to do it.
  • Grimoire was a fantastic avenue to explore the corners of Destiny that maybe weren’t going to be in the main game.
  • Over time the writers are trying to evolve grimoire into something that is fleshing out elements and not simply moving away from it.
  • Grimoire is one the most passionate topics for the writers!
  • One writer claims to have essays of Efrideet (Efrideet’s Spear)! Not all of it will make it into the game or grimoire, however!
  • The Grimoire helpls flesh out who the Iron Lords are as a group.
  • The Iron Lords are characters each with their own personality and reason for joining the Iron Banner.
  • You won’t be able to interact with most of the Iron Lords! The Grimoire will help you see who they were
  • The Ahamkara Scale Artifact (Hunter) flavor text was a reference to the Ghost Fragment: Warlock grimoire card!
  • Everyone across the team wants to talk about the flavor texts put in the game! There is much debate one whether some makes sense, how could they be better, etc
  • Some of the story goals and themes were the idea of ‘duty’ and ‘honor’.
  • Rise of Iron is more of a personal story rather than a world-shattering event like Crota and Oryx.
  • Much of the story is about the Guardian, and the Guardian being a side-kick or catalyst for things going on despite it being mostly Saladin’s story
  • There is also a focus of nostalgia. Like, going back beyond the wall where you first started.
  • The world “recognizes” you more in this release. You are not just another Guardian, you have history.
  • Rise of Iron was an opportunity to do more cinematics for DLC than in the past (I assume small DLC?).
  • Some grimoire tells of how the Iron Banner was formed!
  • Lore (sorta)! The Iron Lords essentially pre-date the Guardians we know now. Some of the earlier Guardians became warlords, using their gift of the Light for wrong-doing.
  • SIVA has a Pandora’s Box element to it. The Iron Lords wanted to use SIVA to rebuild the Golden Age. Because it is untapped power, it reflects who is using it.
  • Timur is an eccentric, interesting character. 
  • Skorri is well-spoke; also known as the “battle bard”. Skorri is female! She wrote the “Iron Song”
  • Radeghast is “interesting” in the leadership position he filled
  • We spend the most time in the game with Jolder! People will have an emotional connection with her. “She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll punch you in the face.”
  • There is a depth to Felwinter that people don’t know about yet. The lie of Felwinter is only part of that depth.
  • Felwinter named the mountain after rediscovering the mountain. So, he named it after himself
  • Efideet is “back”! (Didn’t know she left). She is very open about her problems and feelings. She however will not talk about the details of why she seperated herself from the Iron Lords
  • There have been many, many Iron Lords. The group in Rise of Iron is considered the “final group”. Iron Wolves and the Iron Lords are the same thing.

day three of having free time!! this one was never in jeopardy of not getting written NOPE. all on time. completely. this one is a little background heavy, it was meant to finish at a different point but honestly it was getting a bit long so i split it into parts

5. bamon + the falls pt. 1

Bonnie wiped the droplets of water mingling with sweat from her brow as she walked towards her cabin. Despite housing some of the youngest campers CMF had to offer, the Green Cabin dominated at the inter-cabin water balloon fight (with only minimal friendly fire from a certain particularly troublesome camper).

After the campers split up into their chosen afternoon activities, Bonnie dug through her duffel bag for some dry clothes to change into for her break. A light rapping on the cabin wall came from the hallway between the boys’ and girls’ side and Bonnie started when Damon’s head peered around the corner.

A hand over her racing heart, Bonnie let out a breath. “I thought Ric needed you to help in admin,” she said, pulling her shoes back on.

“He did. I’m done…ish.” Damon shrugged, waffling his hand.

Watching Bonnie struggle to shove her duffel bag back under her bunk, he added, “So?”

Bonnie looked up at him, brows furrowing in confusion. “So what?”

“We have the same break.”

“That does seem to be the case…”

“I wanted to show you something?” Damon could feel himself deflate like a balloon as the confidence whooshed out of him.

“You did?”

“Yeah, I uh, mentioned it the other night. When you stole my sweater…”

Bonnie stiffened, casually tossing her bag overtop of the sweater still laying on her bed. He probably didn’t need to know it had made it into her regular pajama rotations.

“What sweater?”

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Not Fair / M.G.C

Pairing: Michael x reader 

Word Count: 827

a/n: This is my first fic. I think it’s pretty good. Anything italicized is a flashback.Give me feed back here 

“Run away with me, Y/N! We can get away from all of this. You won’t have to move away, we can be with each other forever. Please, you can’t leave me.”

“I’m sorry Michael.”

“At least tell me where you’re being taken to! This isn’t fair to me.”

“I’m sorry.”

It’s been three years since I’ve seen Y/N. Since she disappeared from my life forever. She didn’t even have the heart to tell me where she was going, but I understand where she’s coming from.  I would have done anything to be with her. I didn’t want her to leave, but it was inevitable.

“Michael, you there mate?” Cal snaps me out of my thoughts. Staring at me intently with a worried face. I force myself to smile, letting him know I’m okay. But of course, Cal didn’t buy it. He plops next to me on the couch. “You’re thinking of her aren’t you? Mike, it’s been three years. She’s not coming back.” Calum was always straightforward when it came to talking to people. He knew thinking about her hurts more than the truth. Cal pats my knee, and gets up. “You gotta get ready. The show starts soon.”

Calum leaves room, and I let out a huge sigh. I lay on the couch, and stare up at the ceiling. Letting my thoughts get the best of me.

“They can’t do this Y/N. It’s not fair.” I begged her on the phone. But there was nothing but silence.

“Y/N, you’re almost 18. They can’t take you away.”

“I won’t be 18 for another 6 months. The state can do whatever they want since I’m still a minor. My parents can’t take care of us. It’s not fair to me, Michael.I have to go, they’re home.”

Before she hung up, I heard a slamming of a door, and a scream. I wanted to call her back, but knew that would get her in trouble.

I hear the sound of the dressing room door being opened. “Michael, get up. We’ve got 30 minutes till show time.” I look up and see Luke standing in the doorway. I groan and get up from the couch. I put my shoes on and head to get ready for our set.

From backstage, we can hear the screaming from the fans.We await the “go” before we run out onto the stage, waiting for our queue to start. The lights were all on us, thousands of eyes on us, thousands of voices screams for us.

“Are you guys ready?!” Cal screamed into the mic. Ooo’s and Ah’s in different pitches were the response. “That’s what I like to hear!” Luke yelled to the crowd.

“Michael, would you like to kick off the first song?” Calum asks, turning to me. I smirk at him and turn to the crowd. “That sounds like a great idea Cal! How do you guys feel about that?” I joke to the crowd, already know that they’ll clap and scream in agreeance. But in that moment, I noticed a familiar face in the second or third row. I shake it off, knowing it couldn’t be her.

We play our songs. Throw out a couple of jokes and smart ass replies to each other. Played our hearts out to the songs and to the fans. Making sure they know how much they mean to us. But no matter how well the show went, I couldn’t get her out of my head. I couldn’t stay that focused, and Cal realized this. Right before we went back out for our encore, Cal pulled me aside.

“Michael what’s wrong? You don’t seem like you’re all there tonight.” Calum grabs my arm supportively. I sigh and stare at my feet. “When we go back out there, look at the first few rows in the middle section. I swear Y/N was there.”

Calum just looked at me puzzled. Not knowing what to say, but agrees to look for the girl.

We go back on stage for our final song. Ashton starts talking to the crowd and to Luke, when I noticed Calum stopping in his tracks. He looked at me, and shook his head. But before I could figure anything else, we had to play.

The crowd loved it, and chanted for more. But we played all that we were allowed to. We got together for our group picture. Luke, Calum and I threw out our picks. Ash tossed out his drumsticks. And ran off stage.

“It was her, Michael. Y/N was there.” Calum rushes to tell me. My heart and stomach drop. Three years, and we finally meet again. I hesitated for a moment, but I rushed away from Calum and headed outside. Calum running after me, shouting at me. “What the hell are you going to do Mikey? There’s way too many people out there.”

“I have to find her, Calum. I can’t lose her again.”

Your Arms Wrapped Around Me and This Moment

u can ask me what this is but i guarantee u i have no idea i don’t even know if i like this one but i liked the concept and took my best shot

it’s not terribly long but i threw it under a read more just in case

i need to be stopped

“I just…knew.”

Amy hates that phrase.

There is no logic behind it. There’s no solid proof, no incontestable facts. While intuition and instinct are both important and vital, they’re hardly reliable sources on their own. The phrase would never hold up in court, is all she’s saying; she can practically see Sophia scoffing in her head.

“Mama, how did you know Papa is your alma gemela?”

“I don’t know, niña, I just…knew.”

Honestly, she still doesn’t know what she was expecting as an answer. But it certainly wasn’t that.

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