Anyways so going on the tails of (my tags on) that last post, here are a selection of my non-standard ships:

FiveThirtyEight/the Internet Archive: One seeks to preserve all the world’s knowledge – one seeks to make sense of it. Together they dance – into the past, into the future, finding equal beauty in the depths of history and the depths of rigorous statistical analysis. FiveThirtyEight, of course, has the fancier house and clothes, but they always end up wandering – not quite lost, because they are exactly where they want to be – in the Internet Archive’s infinite attic.

Communism/Free Software: What chemistry can there be between an older movement, which has always been characterized by the empathy for the common man and the emphasis on practice as well as theory it’s practitioners hold so dear but is so often twenty years late to the scene, finding it’s lifelong opponent capitalism already entrenched in the latest change in world affairs – and a young movement born from the chaotic foam at the cutting edge of technology, which all too often forgets that not everyone understands or wants to understand every last bit on their computers, but deserves freedom regardless. And yet watch how they bond – over a shared passion, over a shared outrage at the unacknowledged de facto wholesale theft of rights, over the shared history of being watered down and packaged and marketed in ways slightly advancing but far more outright betraying the movement as a whole. And Free Software helps Communism build their lines of communication and a decentralized infrastructure, and push forward into the future, and Communism strokes Free Software’s cheek and laughs at how stringently they’ve been following every single rule: “If the source code is so vital to the First Freedom, why only try to replicate it?”, and they run laughing together toward Cupertino, and Redmond…

The Social Justice Community/Richard Stallman: Have you seen his political notes? And the shared obsession over making sure people use the Right Words for things, and the sometimes weird restrictions backed by such passion… Plus if you’re coming from Tumblr, specifically, you have the whole “two lovers separated” things with Tumblr being where Everything Is for the Tumblr Social Justice crowd, and RMS’s website being terribly ugly, and with RMS’s flat-out refusal to touch or encourage other people to use non-Free software services. (Plus it would force Social Justice to reconsider the term “fat neckbeard”, and RMS into discussions of “okay, but I can’t learn enough to take software as my own”.)

… probably some others as well. I dunno.


Happy Valentine’s Day! Undyne and I had to make some last minute treats for everyone’s favorite royal scientist and Papyrus so why not share the experience with you?

Undyne: @027azi

Mettaton: @swimmingintulle

Photography: @batsybby

Find more HERE
extremely long hiatus

first of all, i’m really sorry. i’m no one important but i know i’m making like 3 people sad because of this. i am really sorry. <3

so like you probably already noticed i’m never here. i sometimes show up and say hi but leave again after 20 minutes. the reason is time. i don’t have time. i have a lot of school work. a lot.

because of that i decided to take an extremely long hiatus from this blog. i’m not leaving forever (i hope :c). i’m not planning on touching it until june. (in the end of march i have some free time so maybe i will come and say hey)

but i’m gonna try my best to still post on @fhdaily !!!!! not weekly obviously but i’m gonna try my best.

i hope life is nice to you while i’m gone. <3

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So I really need to get back into playing Inquisition, simply because while I’m still scoping lore I haven’t been playing it. So to do that and to have something to do for my liveblog blog, I’m going to take walkthrough-ish requests.

Don’t know how to find a specific item, event, or room? In anything from the Base Game to the DLC, shoot me an ask and I will do my absolute best to post a video and explanation on how to get to it. This includes collections, so if you need that last Warden’s brew or blood-stained cog from Descent let me know.

Basically I’m taking requests to help you figure out how to do something, so examples are:

  • Finding all the Wolf Statues in Trespasser
  • Figuring out a Shard Jump Puzzle
  • Figuring out on of the Elven or Dwarven Puzzles
  • Finding a missing piece of the mosaics or a missing bottle

So on and etc. I’m just looking to help and to show others what they know they missed. So just leave what you want to know or see in my askbox.

LetUsPlayInquisition Ask

anonymous asked:

Can you do a few more that don't have to do with romantic love/relationships? I really love your blog but I can't relate to some of the content, and I love your posts about the stars/space and stuff.

ya of course! I’ll try to do my best to post more non-romantic related posts 

anonymous asked:

So, when I begun to write my novel I made it complicated then I broke it down made a ending last yet I can't seem to make a middle part of the story which would be the second book and I was wondering if you had any helpful advice on conquering this writers block? Thanks for this blog by the way, I really enjoy it and it helps a lot! Keep it up!

My best posts about writer’s block (and other motivation issues) are in the motivation section of my post masterlist. Check it out and let me know if you still need help after that. :) <3

Have a question? I’d love to hear from you. Please be sure to read my ask rules before submitting your question or it may not be answered. Thanks! :)

anonymous asked:

Omg! Yes! Please keep posting your pictures on here!!!! You don't understand how much they make my day! I see them and I smile!!! You are perfect and amazing!! You are good enough! Your cosplay rocks! Don't stop posting your photos on here!!

Really? they make your day? omg ;.; I’m… I don’t know what to say, I mean, I’m super happy right now cause people feel like this about our stuff [cosplay and vids]  THANK YOU HUN. So I’ll do my best to keep posting here our cosplay photos, even not many people like or reblog it. Cause at least some of you like it and somehow it makes you smile! <3 <3 <3 thank you for telling me it t.t³²¹³²

“I think we live in a culture that makes you think ‘oh, I’m a little bit too fat, or I’m too thin, or I’m not right, and I don’t fit in’, and I think like, you know, increasingly I’ve realized as I’ve tried to change and tried to adapt and amend and pursue these ambitions, that ultimately, everybody has a beauty within themselves, and if you find this, and accept this, then you will be happy regardless of external attributes or material things.”

- Russell Brand.