Pardon my messy room and camera shake as I dump these finished photos of Sapphire here! I’ve been working on this straight through since yesterday and LEMME TELL YA IT WAS A CHORE.

I need to get gloves and style the wig (and obviously put on the makeup), but other than that it’s all coming together. Tomorrow I finish up Ruby’s shorts and wig for pitchimperator, then we’re ready to go to Matsuri next weekend!

pls help a fellow queer move out

so im going to be getting an apartment (hopefully) for next school year in boston with some friends

i need to move out of a bad situation

my dad is really abusive in a lot of ways and living with him gives me terrible anxiety and fucks up my mental health. i can’t talk about not being straight at home and most of the time im just quiet because im too scared to talk. i need to get away from him tbh

i also commute to school now which has stressed me out and caused me to get in a scary car accident lmao it makes my depression and panic much worse to worry about commuting

i also need to take certain courses next semester like a lab that will take double the class time and i can’t reasonably expect to commute with the type of hours ill have to put in next semester 

between my on campus job and class i commute six, sometimes seven days a week for anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours one way and it’s really exhausting and time consuming

rent will be like 1800/per month for the two of us even in a tiny apartment outside of the city with no living room and we’ll also have to pay about 200/per month for utilities 300/per month each for food and other assorted fees bc city living is very expensive

as you can see this is a lot of money and i wont be able to cover it all myself so if you are feeling generous here is an opportunity tbh 

i know a lot of us are young and poor so please donate what you can and if not please signal boost! i appreciate it all (: i am also open to writing fic or helping you with a paper in exchange for a donation! just message me and we’ll talk about it

my paypal is here

In Which Everyone Knows

(Very loosely inspired by another tumblr post, I’m sorry I can’t remember which one. BBRae. Romance/Humor. Unadulterated fluff. Rated T for titans lmao jk rated T for strong sexual implications)

Everyone knows.

Okay, in reality Raven is fairly certain that no one has the slightest inkling. Already struggling enough coming to terms with the situation on her own without the added anxieties and other unpleasant emotions which will come along with three extra meddling parties, she knows it’s best if it stays between just the two of them for now. It’s for her sanity. (Which he already threatens enough by himself.)

And yet, despite all her efforts (and his non-efforts) to keep it quiet (on the down low, he loves to amend), despite her ability to physically feel what the others are feeling, she still worries that everyone knows.

"Nobody knows, Rae. Besides, why would you care if they did? Don’t I meet your standards?"

In the glass of her handheld mirror she can see the source of all her worldly troubles shifting on her bed, assaulting her with the saddest face he can muster. His lip quivers and when he meets her gaze in the reflection shallow lines form under his eyes. But the actual emotions she feels radiating from him are far warmer. Emotions tend to surround people like suspended lakes—like personal snow globes. Right now Garfield’s is a shake-up of contentment snowflakes. A little bit of sleepiness, undertoned with comfort. The dark quilt on her mattress all but consumes his long, lanky limbs in its folds, except his feet, which stick out the bottom. (Your bed is too freaking small, he loves to whine.)

Raven catches a smile tugging at her mouth in the mirror and dutifully tucks it away again before resuming the steady brush strokes through her tangled hair.

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ok so sousuke ate haru… so he gained all of haru’s memories. then when he finds mako, he is compelled to protect the poor baby 


P.S. when your art style doesn’t fit what you want to draw (ノ T o T)ノ ┫:・’.::・

P.P.S. remember when mako x shovel was a thing

"It’s like… That’s what you’re supposed to do. All these other people out there who are dealing with something similar… Why do they keep insisting on showing everyone? Because there’s plenty of followers, sitting back and hoping that it doesn’t happen to them. And then it does. You think it’s interesting so you pick up a camera and start filming things too. You start uploading things, because you think you see, like, a flicker in the frame, or someone that’s there that’s not supposed to be. You upload it too. Someone watches that, they grab their camera and start brining it around. Then he comes around… That’s the virus. And you can’t stop. I can’t just stop.” - Michael Andersen