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2, 21, and 55?

Babeeeee ♡♡♡♡
2. What would you name your future kids? As dumb as it sounds i have always liked the name Ruby Rose, and since i like unique names that have a meaning, if i have a daughter i will name her Amethyst or Moon (idk why i would love it as a name) and if i have a boy his name will be Stefan or Liam ^^
21. Age and birthday? 25th October 1999 which means i am 16 ^^ (oh and wbu???)
55. Tumblr friends? Omg i am so blessed to have sooo many wonderful kpop babes i can call friends. Gotta start off with my noodles and wizards @the-ultimate-szuzanya @wolfpcy @layminary these guys are the best my dearest TTS ilysm!!
Then, the one and only hoe squb @exoownsthisass aka smut hoe, @saltedsehun aka art hoe and @kyungsoosthickthighs aka thigh hoe (im the emo hoe what a shock right) anyway Siearra and i are married but dont talk too often and Elle and Bao are dating and im tellin u they are like two puzzle pieces that match perfectly.
The unnamed squad @whalien-17 @kaisasshole @yohosh and @etherealay my lovely partners in…..thirsting to the extreme i lub u all and god bless ur lovely (thirsty) souls and hopefully we think of a name for this.
Senpais and cuties i adore: @kimjongkaissoo @jungkook-e @thigh-king-jimin @moan-yoongi @cypherslut @jikooksgf @hoseokbaby @hornykaisootrash @magiclitchii ily nerea @17caratjokespledis @hunhans-cartier-cockrings @sapercookiemonsters sara my pun babe @jeongnahs I probs forgot some ppl pls forgive me okay ^^ Send me numbers

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