Round Two

Jaehyun wants more because Jaehyun is in love with your body and knows he can’t ever get enough.

Anon said: YAAAYYY~~~ i was waiting for it since forever:DD sooo please, can i request a scenario based on Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of you?? idk, i just really like the lyrics of it v.v aaand…with Jaehyun omgiamsosorryiknowyouhavehadenough but  P L S i need some smutty-fluffy Jaehyun in my life ASAP TT

…i’m the worst this request is two months old and i dont even think it’s what you wanted i’m so sorry. i tried. it was kind of more the smutty-fluffy instead of being based off the song i’m sorry. there’s smut though hopefully that makes up for this if you dont like it. enjoy ^^

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anonymous asked:

Can you tell me the best fanfic about camren that are like DIWK??

You mean like Non-AUs?

I don’t read non-aus that much, but I like
Surreal Perfection, Boyfriend Lauren, Girl is Like a Sunburn, Roommates, Say Something.

All of those are in my “favorites” list

And if you haven’t read mine yet, I wrote:

A Good Reason to Go

Or Is It Real?

staraptorpower  asked:

How does it feel to almost be infected by the freshtastic parasite TT Gaster? Also how are you feeling about coming back into existance, well almost back. Stay determined my friend.

TT Gaster: Ugh. Don’t remind me o-of him. I am still mad about the fact that he betrayed me a-and used Sans’ voice to lure me out of the Omega T-Timeline. B-Being possessed by him was pure agony. These r-relentless tentacles are digging themselves into your SOUL, your mind, your very being. And he uses your body and your face to do t-terrible things.

* Gaster takes a deep breath.

TT Gaster: I’m feeling b-better now. I m-may have changed, a lot, thanks to everything b-but I can handle it.

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I need your help! I've just finished binge reading all of your stories and I need you to recommend me some books you've read or even the books you haven't read yet. Your writing and how your mind works really makes me curious. Thanks :D

Hi, thanks for reading my stories 💚💚

Here’s my “favorites” list, you really can’t go wrong with this lol,

Right now, I’m reading Coffee Breaks

And, Into You

SugaKookie Appreciation

Where to start with these two..

Lamb Skewers buddies

Smiley Yoongi :D

The way they look at each other *Fangirls in distance*

Oh My Heart TT TT

The Hugs Though 

Kookie and Yoonji <3

These two …OMG 

Pictures Together <3 

Sleepy Babies

My Favorite Picture of them Bare faced and Handsome as Ever 

Oh my sweet Sugakookie I could go on forever about these two <3 much like i do with Sobe/Yoonseok.  Sorry for the long post and ramblings just have to many feels lately TT TT  Probably do some more appreciation posts later on but for now Love you All!! :) <3

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Hi, I’m here because recently I read a very interesting comic created by @thebbros, and I have to say, I was fascinated with the story, so I leave a fan art of ozzy and ortensia (this couple es so cute >w<).
I love your work, keep it up
(sorry for my poor english TT<TT)