wgm with woozi

screw you woozi. i h8 u for making me feel emotions i can’t fathom. i am woozi trash in denial.

  • yeah you best know that he’s keeping his cool like a fucking boss before he meets you.
  • he’s actually dying inside.
  • in the interview, he’s super duper smiley with that eye smile that just……….. UUGgHHGHHH
  • he asks you a lot of questions just to get to know you better and can actually keep up a really good conversation.
  • he remembers details well and would be very aware of what you like and don’t like. so he’s really careful with the plans he has for you.
  • most of the conversations you had at first were about work but after a while, you guys talked about anything ranging from ducks to the universe.
  • he takes you to his studio and you’re pretty surprise because someone like woozi didn’t seem like the type to have a bunch of plush toys around his computer or anywhere for that matter.
  • you buy him a huge plushie he can hug while he works and he took a selfie with it once and posted it on twitter.
  • CAUSED LOTS OF RAGE like everyone was fangirling and got feels.
  • he takes a while to initiate skinship with you. even when you’re in private, there’s always a gap between you two when you’re sitting on the couch.
  • but after a while, he starts holding your hand in public just because he doesn’t want to lose you in the crowds.
  • no hugging or anything past holding hands in public tho. he can’t do that he’ll probably cringe to death.
  • he IS SO THOUGHTFUL. omg once he saw you eye a pair of shoes and and right you were about to leave, he bought them for you secretly and asked the pd-nims to hide them for him until you got home.
  • he writes really sentimental letter and asks you to read them in private because he might die of embarrassment if you read them out loud.
  • when you’re out, he buys you food a lot and you’re like “stop feeding me so much, i’ll get big!” and he’s like “i’d rather you be big than starving.” TT__TT JIHOON PLEASE.
  • he made you a song on your anniversary and sang it with vocal unit.
  • he made sure he kept eye contact with you while he sang and i am in tears.
  • he hugged you in front of vocal unit and they all cringed and teased him and jihoon just gave them a death stare and they all shut up.
  • since he’s getting better with skinship, he starts showing it around more in the house.
  • you’ll be sitting on the couch and he’ll come over and sit on the floor in front of you just so you can play with his hair or give him a massage.
  • he would rest his legs on top of you lap and fall asleep like that.
  • he vented to you once about the burden he feels to produce music better than the last time and he was on the verge of tears so you told him how he should have more faith in himself because he makes amazing tunes and that it’s okay to ask for help once in a while.
  • he made you listen to part of their new single once and it WAS AMAZING and it was only a snippet like damn jihoon you got talent.
  • he gets protective when seventeen talks about you like “no you can’t talk about them at all, you guys aren’t their husband so don’t talk at all.”
  • he gifts you a plushie from his desk, the one he thinks reminded him the most of you and is like “if you ever miss me, you’ll always have this.”
  • cringes at matching clothing so you bought matching socks so it isn’t as bad.
  • you wear them around the house a lot. 
  • you also bought matching slippers.
  • he’s a surprisingly good cook. chef woozi can you imagine.
  • on your birthday, he made you a cake with the help of seventeen members and it turned out pretty well. he also made dinner of kbbq and it was just heaven like woozi jihoon can you not give me feels!!
  • when you guys have a mission to do, he is super determined to finish them and gets really frustrated when something goes wrong.
  • you have to remind him that it’s only a game sometimes and he get really shy about getting frustrated. :3
  • he always feels the need to buy you stuff or lend you his card and it’s like jihoon no “you can’t waste your money on me just because you feel like it, you’ll be broke at the end of this hour.”
  • and he’s like “i don’t care i want you to be happy.”
  • SHIT.
  • he doesn’t show emotion at all when you have to leave the show. he keeps a straight face when you’re about to leave each other because he feels that if he shows emotion, only tears will come out.
  • he gives you the plushie he owned before the one you bought him and gives it to you.
  • “this guy gave me a lot of encouragement while i worked and felt down, so this is for you to gain encouragement whenever you feel down.”
  • he hugs you first and it was one of those hugs where he can’t seem to get close to you so he hugs you as tight as he can. TT__________TT
  • says that he wished he had more time to get closer with you because it seemed that you guys were just getting close to each other.
  • no time was wasted when he was with you because you made him smile almost every second of the time he was with you.
  • tells you that if you ever need someone to talk to or to just be with, he’ll always be there for you.

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Empty (Vernon)

request:  Heyo!! I hope you’re doing fine and dandy. Can I have an angst with Vernon because you feel ignored/neglected in the relationship? I would like in the scenario; “I’d rather be empty alone than empty in our relationship.” I’d prefer it to have a happy ending, but I don’t care if it isn’t. Let your creativity juices flooooooooowwwwww! Thank you so much. Have a awesome and blessed day💕🌙✌🏾️

genre: angst/fluff

word count: 879

synopsis: you’re tired of being ignored in your relationship, but Hansol doen’t think it’s his fault.

author’s note: thank you for requesting my friend! this had my heart hurting TT_TT I was having the feels for Y/N and Hansol’s relationship. I ship them hella hard okay bye. I’ll be writing this as I usually write my scenarios, but I think after this, I’ll start writing my scenarios in the 3rd person. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

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“It’s like… That’s what you’re supposed to do. All these other people out there who are dealing with something similar… Why do they keep insisting on showing everyone? Because there’s plenty of followers, sitting back and hoping that it doesn’t happen to them. And then it does. You think it’s interesting so you pick up a camera and start filming things too. You start uploading things, because you think you see, like, a flicker in the frame, or someone that’s there that’s not supposed to be. You upload it too. Someone watches that, they grab their camera and start brining it around. Then he comes around… That’s the virus. And you can’t stop. I can’t just stop.” - Michael Andersen