Shit that Till Lindemann does during interviews.Part 1.

Climbs out of the window.(He returned)
Invites a dozen fans in to have drinks with him.
Hangs out of a window to hand out beers to waiting fans.
Forgets about the translator who has been hired for him and starts speaking fluently in the language of the country he’s in.(Multiple interviews)
Takes the microphone and interviews the interviewer on music and politics.
Squirts water over poor Schneider
Burps into the microphone
Convinces an interviewer that Germans eat reptile sushi.
Sings love songs to Peter Tagtgren
Threatens to eat Alice Cooper’s snake

I love my giant German manchild.


Horsens, Denmark. Photos taken by me.
(The concert was amazing but I was truly disappointed that Till didn’t wear the wings during Engel, other than that it was incredible! I started to cry as soon as I heard the first melody of Ramm 4 and saw Paul and Richard, hah)

Richard on making Mutter.

“I’m such a control freak, and I definitely had a vision of where I wanted Mutter to go, so I was dictating the whole thing and didn’t listen to anyone else’s opinion,” Kruspe said. “The guys were so mad at me, we were not talking at all. With all the flamethrowers that we use, I’m lucky I didn’t go to sleep one night and then wake up with my bed burning!”