I feel like - between the last chapter of CL and the 2 prompts - I’ve been pretty productive writing-wise this week…so it feels like an excellent day off to do nothing buy play video games. Maybe I’ll start Life is Strange since I’ve seen so many traumatized posts about it in the last week? 

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“the response focuses primarily on those features of the text that are most relevant to addressing the task” is one of those college board sentences that is almost admirable in its total vacuousness

Tonight I opened up my endgame DA:I save to screw around with crafting Qunari armour, and I discovered that, for some reason, Loranil was pathed to follow Michel do Chevin around the Skyhold Courtyard. 

I left the game running while I did my nails, no lie, they kept at it for the entire ten minutes.  


Loranil, no. 

Loranil this crush is a worse idea than you can possibly imagine.