My mother finally agreed to letting me upload just her! She was a wonderful Heavy, would not stop quoting him and got ridiculously excited when she spotted any other TF2 Cosplayers.

I leave her alone for like an hour and come back and she’s already made friends with some BLU scout she saw at the food court!

Hope to take her out again in this, she seemed to have a blast!

I’m sorry, I know everything is terrible and so many people have unsupportive families they are with or go home to for the holidays, but I just showed my mom the “Fuck GamerGate Forever” shirt I had already bought myself and she heaved this big disappointed sigh and handed over one of my Christmas gifts.



Chatting with my mom after Hannibal 3x04
  • Me:So basically, Mason wants to kill Hannibal, Alana wants Mason to kill Hannibal, Jack wants Hannibal dead, Chilton wants to institutionalize Hannibal, and Will wa-
  • My mom:Will wants to fuck him.
  • Me:...
  • My mom:...
  • Me:...
  • My mom:...
  • Me:...
  • My mom:Look at me in the eyes and tell me he doesn't.
  • That's it. I've created a monster.
I came out to my Mom today
  • Me:So, you know what October 11th is? (it's national come out day btw)
  • Mom:No...oh shit, is your brother doing something stupid on that day?
  • Me:Wh-no, Mom.
  • Mom:You sure?
  • Me:Yeah, this has nothing to do with him...I can't do this.
  • Mom:(seriously now) What is it?
  • Me:Mom...I'm bisexual.
  • Mom:Oh. (silence) You know, I looked at girls too. *laugh* When I was younger, this girl-
  • Me:Oh God, please no details.
  • Mom:So you're allowed to look but not me?
  • Me:...You're not pissed?
  • Mom:No! Lots of girls like girls. I bet even your grandma-
  • Me:(shudder) Yeah, we're done here.
  • Me:mom, if u saw 2 teenage boys constantly touching and staring at each other would u believe them when they said they were just best friends?
  • Mom:depends.. i'd mainly just look to see the looks in their eyes..
  • Me:COME HERE. *pulls up larry post*
  • Mom:oh wow.. theyre sitting way too close.. to fling your head back like that towards somebody..
  • Me:I KNOW I KNOW *keeps scrolling*
  • Mom:he keeps going out of his way to stare at him..
  • Mom:hes starring at him like hes going to rape him right then and there
  • Mom:yeah.. hes definately gay
  • Mom:u can tell that one(louis) knows hes looking so he wont look back
  • Mom:hes(harry) even staring at his mouth when he talks.. hes totally gay
  • Mom:yes...
  • Me:....
  • Mom...
  • Me:.......*still smiling like an accomplished idiot*
  • Mom:....
  • Me:....
  • Mom:... can i leave now
I love my mom.
  • <p><b>Me:</b> (telling mom about Tumblr) oh and the Supernatural fandom rules all. They'll come in and take over your post.<p/><b>My Mom:</b> Really?<p/><b>Me:</b> Yes. They have a gif for EVERYTHING. There's no escaping. You've just got to accept it.<p/><b>My Mom:</b> You've just got to roll with it and eat a piece of pie.<p/><b>Me:</b> YOU'RE ONE OF THEM <p/></p>