I’m back!

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been taking quite a lot of time away from the blog lately. Some days I’m still here keeping up-to-date with everyone’s posts but I haven’t really been online much over the past month or two.

I’m going to be back to normal (hopefully) from now on, including posting regularly. I’ve kept my Instagram regularly updated lately but nothing’s really been happening on here.

I won’t be trying to play catch-up for everything, as there’s just too much that I’ve missed sharing here. There are several book reviews that I’d love to share here so keep an eye out for those over the next week or so. (New book photography and book quotes are a given.) I’m looking forward to getting back to regularly posting about what I’m currently reading and discussing other bookish things that I’m currently involved in!

22 Today!

It’s my birthday today, it’s always a rather different NYE experience for me. We’ve got a lot planned for today - this morning Wade and I are about to head off to The Sicilian for breakfast! I feel like it’s going to be a very busy day ^.^“

What are your New Year’s Eve plans?

So, apparently I’ve become really bad at drawing. Holding that pen and pencil in my hand just now felt so unnatural, I felt so stiff and hesitant. This is what happens when I don’t make art for months. The last thing I sketched properly was back in May and that now feels like a really long time ago.

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I didn’t really make the time to work though much of the Official Participants list, but I did get to do a lot of other things today, including:

  • Catching up with Tilly whilst wandering around the city.
  • Purchased some new magnetic bookmarks and heaps of cute page markers.
  • Made some updates to my Trees of Reverie Wordpress blog. I think that I’m pretty much up to the stage where I just need to start posting there now!
  • Topped up the queue with not just book quotes but also some of my photography for the books-cupcakes April Book Photo Challenge. It’s been quite a while since I last did a photo challenge!
  • Lots of planning for the Read-A-Thon has now been finalised in my notebook and is ready to be typed up into posts for Friday!

I’ve just spent the past two hours working on some Magic: The Gathering related things for my gaming blog. It felt really good to be back playing a few rounds today. I’d like to get into playing more MTG now, and I think that having a blog solely dedicated to it (and my other gaming endeavours) will really help me to record what I’m up to and motivate me to do more!

I’ve also back-posted some book photography for Books and Cupcakes April Book Photo Challenge. I had already taken and edited the photos, but I didn’t realise until tonight that I hadn’t put them in the queue.

So far on this lovely Friday night I’ve been:

  • Drinking lots of tea.
  • Sketching! I’ve completed my second drawing within the past 24 hours. Both subjects have been girls reading books. I’ll have them scanned and uploaded shortly.
  • Watching more of Supernatural, Season 4.
  • Listening to Cut by Hopium on repeat.
  • Talking to some lovely people on Tumblr.
  • Searching all over the internet for Volumes 6 to 10 of the Mushishi manga with no success. Why didn’t I buy them when I bought the first half of the series? I just want to read them and everywhere is selling them for ridiculously high prices. I also discovered that there’s a Mushishi game on Nintendo DS, unfortunately it was only ever released in Japan.

I’ve just started reading Love is a Burning Building by J.P. Dancing Bear and I’m about to run a bath. Drawing is much more intense than I remember, maybe I just need to remember to relax more often.

I had a great time at work today and tonight I’ve tried to just relax and take some time out. I (finally) got to meet some of Wade’s uni friends, but I didn’t really get a chance to talk to any of them properly. I felt pretty left out tonight as I’d arrived late after having worked all day and everyone was drinking and playing pool or poker, but it was still nice to put some faces to a few familiar names.

I’ve just added a few more quotes to fill up the queue for tomorrow as I won’t be online because I’m working all day. I bought two books at work today! I’ll be sharing some more information on them over the weekend!

I’ve turned anonymous asks back on! I have a strong preference towards being contacted via a person I can actually interact with, but the option is back again if you prefer to remain ‘anonymous’. Please keep in mind that I do not answer all anonymous questions and messages that I receive.


I’ve got lots of exciting things happening today. Some of my highlights will include attending my youngest sister’s high school graduation, going to see Mockingjay with arnnathebookcook and (finally) sending off bookdrunkinlove’s book package!

I’m also hoping to have quite a bit of blog-related tasks completed or at least attempted in the evening. Here’s a little to-do list for the blog:

  • Start adding more Official Participants to the December list
  • Finish taking photos and editing for readthebloodybook’s November Bloody Book Photo Challenge
  • Upload some quotes from at least 2-3 books
  • Finish editing responses for Jo’s questions and send email

I’m not sure exactly how much I’ll get done, as this will depend on how I’m feeling. I’ve been working almost all the time and haven’t had much down time lately. I feel really bad that I’ve barely been online and I feel like I am missing out on so much here, but at the moment there’s really nothing I can do about this. Lately I’ve just preferred to spend my quiet time reading instead of being on the computer.