Alec looks kinda serious in that shirtless picture and I just like to imagine that he’s talking about some serious shit like the clave and valentine, and Magnus is there thinking like shit get it together Magnus, stop look at Alec’s chest and focus on the serious stuff. But he fails so miserably and Alec realises where Magnus is staring and gets so flustered in the most adorable Alec Lightwood kind of way and…gah!!!

Clary + Alec = A Lot of Feels

When we all talk about how great it is that the writers changed the scene when Clary tells Alec she knows he’s gay… We all talk about how we love that they changed Alec’s reaction, but like…?

I like that even when Alec is so indifferent to Clary, she still doesn’t react with hatred or anything. He says something negative and she’s like “why do you always look so miserable?” And then she tells him it’s okay that he’s gay and in love with Jace. She doesn’t react by poking fun at him or shoving it in his face. She genuinely cares as to why he’s making himself so lonely and closed off.

In the books Clary just calls him a dickhead and hangs his sexuality over his head like it means nothing. I like that show!Clary understands how hard it is for him to deal with this, and she can see how upset it really is making him.

The book scene of that made me mad because no person should ever fear their own feelings being used as a weapon over them. And Clary would NEVER do that to someone. It’s funny that though Alec resents Clary so much, she’s one of the only people who really understands his depression and anger.

Flower Crowns

alright, this is for the lovely and amazing @allofthefanfic because she inspires me and she helped me with the idea for this

This was not the happiest Alec had ever been. He had just walked in on Jace and Clary doing something he’d’ve liked to never see. He knew nothing could ever happen with Jace, (he had a girlfriend for crying out loud!), but that didn’t help with Alec’s feelings.

He just couldn’t understand why he felt this way and why he couldn’t stop feeling it. He didn’t want to feel like this anymore. He wanted to be over it all so that maybe he could move on and find someone else he could love, and that’d actually love him back.

Alec sat under his favorite tree in the park and put his face in his knees. The willow’s long branches were shielding him from almost everyone else in the park, it was perfect. Until someone saw him.

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So last night I had this weird dream about shadowhunters in which, at pandemonium, clary told Jace he wasn’t hot because of how cocky he is, then Isabelle and clary made out, and then Magnus came and vaporized clary. Simon was there too, probably just dancing cluelessly
L'Oud and the Abstract Truth
Live double CD, and book of poetry -- Mediterranean music based on custom of joining a musical form with each portion in the Torah.

It began with poetry based on sources and a traditional musical form called Maqam, and an obsession with a Mediterranean music played on the oud, classic lute of the middle east. I shared my obsession and inspiration with my friend Zach Fredman. Zach had acquired the oud obsession, much exceeding my ability on the instrument and gathered a group of international musicians who knew how to swing the music.

We were mining the music of Abraham, beneath the separations of Arab and Jew, Isaac and Ishmael. Beneath the separations and deeper than the divisions: Maqam. Hebrew cognate Maqom signifying Place the setting for music, the word. Improvisation – roots and wings. It became The Maqam Project.

We first recorded the pieces as a video project: you may visit

To find its current form, we produced a double CD with a booklet of the best of the spoken word pieces. We did it for pleasure and study, and the pleasure of study, to teach and inspire. We would like to enlarge the circle, teach others to coax out the sources that inspired us. We need your help to share this effort, not only what we did, but how we did it. Our process.

Now we would like to take it to audiences and other artists – in community centers, arts collaboratives, synagogues, mosques, visionary cross cultural projects – to demonstrate the craft of standing on the shoulders of traditional sources to build original forms.

ive been like this for a while but i sooo much appreciate musical instruments, objects, machines, ect. i think theyre sentient maybe its a delusional thing but i love “meeting” pianos i named every piano at my school and i have a favourite one and i name all of my instruments haha