happy asian face appreciation day!

british born hong kong chinese

- when white people ask ‘where are you from? where are you really from?’ i tell them i’m from hell

- when my white friends tell me i’m actually british, not chinese, or when strangers tell me i’m chinese, so not really british, did it ever occur to them my identity is for me to decide and i could be both?

- when white people shout ‘nihao! konichiwa!’ on the street i ask them if they know what 'fuck off’ means

- when white people tell me my english is very good, i tell them yeah, it’s probably better than theirs

- when this white girl asked me if i’d gone on holiday because i looked really tanned and i told her 'i hadn’t left the house all weekend, i’m asian’

- when i was very young i drew myself with blond hair and blue eyes because that was the ideal, but now i fully embrace how i look and am fiercely proud to be chinese

- when people told racist jokes i used to laugh politely and feel uncomfortable, but now i tell them to shut the fuck up

- when i saw a white lady on the tube with disposable wooden chopsticks in her hair and i wanted to ask her if she put plastic knives and forks in her hair as well but i didn’t want to be confrontational so i just stared at her till she felt uncomfortable

- when i was 19, a 39-year-old white man approached me outside a bar asking if i wanted to 'have fun’, and when i said no, he asked me if i had other 'chinese friends who wanted to have fun’ so i told him he was being disgusting and creepy

i’m asian, i’m proud and i am here for my asian brothers and sisters and non-binary siblings and i will support and defend you forever

This is a stylized version of the anti-possession symbol from Supernatural that several characters have tattooed on them, to keep them from being possessed by demons.

Things have been hard over the past few years. I struggled with depression, had trouble finding my identity during all of the weight loss and loss my best friend since childhood due to a terrible illness.

I’m not spiritual, but it never hurts to have help keeping the monsters out.

Happy #WeirdThingWednesday

You think you’re having a bad fucking day?

A centipede fucking fell on me as I was getting into my car. I tripped, ripped my pants more or less straight into two pieces as I lunged in panic and bit through part of my tongue. I passed out, I guess from a vasovagal response, and came to with blood running down my face and pieces of crushed centipede on my arm. I am suing planet Earth.

Personally -

I was a lot more invested in the idea that as a bisexual woman, I couldn’t trust anyone who wasn’t bisexual when I had just come out .

I thought I was supposed to hate lesbians. I thought lesbians were supposed to hate me. That’s what I read. That’s what the internet was like for me in 2010, and that was the only community I had. 

When I became involved I realized it wasn’t my identity that mattered the most to me. I was happy to have an identity that matched my sense of self but my day-to-day was less defined by it than what I had been prepared for by reading. There was biphobia to deal with and lesbophobia but there were countless women who loved each other. Women who at one point had identified as bisexual but now understood themselves as lesbians and vice versa.  

It was the experience and reality of being surrounded by other women who loved women, that was what I had been hungering for. It still is what I hunger for.

((full disclosure:: My first real life ~community more or less hated women-loving-women regardless of identity which reinforced my belief I had more in common with other WLW than not))

Okay, my new DID advice blog is up! It’s still under a bit of construction (and might be for a while due to my lack of computer access) but this will do for now :) I hope you guys can get some use out of this.

5087) I wanna pole dance and wear booty shorts and be flamboyant but I'm afraid my identity will be erased by others...

100% chinese-american!
as a swimmer from california i’ve always had to bear the weight of not conforming to the ideal pale skin shade and the fact that i have a visible goggle tan on my face made me insecure at times.
sometimes i really didn’t want to be asian, especially when all my “friends” would come up to be with their racist jokes about things like how asians are “good at math” and why don’t you solve this problem for me.
i am not asian for you to use, mock, or judge. this is my identity.
i’ve finally come to accept that i love who i am and would not like to change that.
i really don’t give a fuck what racists think. this is me.

(i run the tumblr @jeonisgolden but i do not have a personal account)
Help Riley Move Out and Go to School
My name is Riley James and I'm a transgender asexual male that has recently come out to his parents. For the past three months, my parents have not been accepting of my identity and have not been accepting of my "behavior" (asking people to call me my preferred pronouns and name, wearing men's...

Dear Friends and Followers,

I am begging you for help.  For the past three months since I came out as an asexual trans male, my family and home life has become a too much for me to live with.  My family is not accepting of my gender identity, and are adamant that my asexuality is just me being “immature”.  Adding to this, I have severe anxiety and depression that I’ve had to be treated for for several years.  It is a constant struggle to even leave my room when I know they are waiting outside of my door.  I’ve been forced into “family therapy” in which a therapist wastes my time and money by invalidating my gender identity and trying to convince me that my asexuality is a result of me being, again, “immature” or “maybe you’re doing it wrong” or “maybe you just haven’t met the right person”.  There are many instances that I’ve discussed with personal confidants that have occurred between my mother and I, and many have agreed that what she has been doing has been abusive.  To add to the frustration, my significant other is struggling with some complications he’s having at his job and having trouble finding housing.  And, I’m trying to go to college!

I SERIOUSLY WILL NOT SURVIVE WITHOUT HELP.  Currently I am unemployed, and though I’ve been hunting for a job all summer, I’ve had no luck.  I am still going to continue to look for a job, but if my home situation worsens, I may have to have an escape route before I can even get a job.  I need a home for my significant other and I, and I need assistance paying for my education.  

Honestly, I’m a very proud person, and having to ask for donations really hurts my heart.  I hate feeling like I’m just taking money from people.  But I seriously can’t do this without you guys.  If nothing else, please reblog this link to my YouCaring if you can’t donate.  Every penny helps!

Also, again, as I stated, I hate feeling like I’m just taking money from people, so if you’d like, I’d love to do something for you in return if you ask it of me.  I’m not an artist, I can’t draw or paint for you like a commission, but if you would like, I would love to do any of the following in return for your donation:

1. Write you a poem. You can give me a topic, or a word, or a theme, and I’ll write you a poem based of that topic/word/theme.  

2. Send you a hand-written letter in the mail with positive messages and thank-you’s.  Thought this would be a cute idea because hand-written things, in my opinion, mean a lot more than stuff typed on the computer.

3. Follow your tumblr blog

4. Make you a hand-made bookmark.  I used to be really good at making bookmarks out of index cards.  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a little something I can put my thanks and love into.

5. Take a picture of something that you really like (i.e, a pretty sunset, a rainstorm, a spooky abandoned building,a dog, a cat, etc.) and dedicate it to you on my photography blog nonsensicalimagery

Please signal boost this even if you can’t donate!  I love you all and hope you have a splendid day!


I had a thought this week while I was watching new episodes of Hidden Identity and My Beautiful Bride. 

As much as I love the dark crime dramas that OCN and TVN churn out on the regular, I wish that for once there would be a female lead. She should be dark and twisty while fighting crime instead of being the token female of the group. Instead of being the moral compass for the male lead, it would be nice if the heroine was the one who stops at nothing to protect the ones she loves. Killer Girl K is the only drama in recent years I can think of that had a female lead and it was more of a drama special than a full out drama. 

5066) I'm romantically lonely and been wanting to date/pleasure women (so far, I've only dated men). Only thing that's keeping me from doing it is if I end up dating a lesbian and, once I tell them my gender identity, they call me a liar. That, or I date a straight woman and, as someone who's pre-T, it makes her uncomfortable--and I don't want to be a liar that makes people uncomfortable.

A quarter Irish, a quarter Scottish, and half Filipino.

Grew up in white suburbia with a mother who’s knowledge of other cultures barely extended beyond her high school French classes. My father was nothing more than an anonymous sperm donor, creating a huge disconnect between my genetic structure and actual culture.

I know next to nothing about the Philippines, and have spent the better part of my life avoiding the sun so I could pass as white, and despising the way my skin tans in the summer.

I’ve just started grappling with my multi-faceted identity. I am not half anything. I am whole, and I am myself.

How We Mesh - Arundhathi

Mesh is characteristic of it’s name. Mesh is not defined by the solid whole, but simultaneously is the whole. Mesh is held together by its meeting points, and strengthened by closeness and multiplicity. Mesh is a safety net. We are supported while offered visibility.

For me, Mesh came out of a desire to have the intersections of a community be the strongest points rather than their weakest. In my experiences, the tendency to retreat when intersections meet weakens communities, and causes them to collapse. Sometimes, being a part of a group has meant stifling parts of my identity that do not mirror the collective. And sometimes, being a part of a group has meant ignoring identities that do not mirror mine. Dialogue is easy where experience is similar, but it isn’t productive. Mesh is a response to this. Mesh is about solidarity through honest discussion of each person’s authentic experience. This can only be realised with a transparency and willingness to offer safety without the condition of silence.

Hello everyone!!! I’m a beautiful mix of Vietnamese and Mexican in the U.S.

I struggle with connecting with my Asian side of my identity, I tend to cling onto “Asian” trends and traditions even if it isn’t Vietnamese. I don’t think it’s right, but I don’t know what else I could do about it.
I struggle to be pale and skinny like the other Asian girls I see. I know I should love my body but it’s really hard to do so when everybody is telling me that ALL Asian girls are pale and skinny.

But seeing everyone’s submissions of their own photos really helps. Not being pale and skinny is normal. Everyone is beautiful, and so am I.

Thank you.

anonymous asked:

I've heard people say that Pearl is Bi, but with a very strong female preference. Opinion?

ridiculous, there is no reason to suggest that she’s bisexual if she’s shown no interest in men whatsoever. like its erasing lesbians sexualities and trying to force some warped idea that we still need men because we don’t. Pearl is a lesbian, she’s not bisexual- and me saying that isn’t bi erasure. if she had shown persistent interest in men throughout the series, then me denying that would be biphobic, but that has not happened- she’s only ever shown interest in women and female identifying people, and therefore is obviously a lesbian, and the people who try to prove otherwise are being very lesbophobic by erasing that. I’ve only ever shown interest in women and if people were to say I was bisexual and erase my actual identity, which is a lesbian just like Pearl, I would be fuckin livid


After many years of feeling confused about my gender identity/sexuality, I finally feel comfortable enough to identify with a term…

I’m androgynous! 

I’ve never felt completely like a girl. I shop in the boys section, somedays I like flower tops, other days I hate my curves and want to wear button ups and shave my head. I remember when I was 12, I prayed to God that I wouldn’t have big breasts. I’ve always felt uncomfortable about them and usually wear a sports bra. (Which he apparently answered, having 3 sisters and a mom with D cups. Thank you Jesus.)

I always felt confused about my sexuality until I learned that gender identity and sexuality are two different things. I always knew I didn’t feel attracted to girls, but I also didn’t feel like a girl, if that makes sense. (Thus many years of pent up self hatred and confusion.) 

I”m hoping that me saying these things not only helps me (because it’s fucking amazing to finally put out there), but that this helps someone else feel more secure about who they are and what they are feeling. 

anonymous asked:

hi so i recently have been questioning my gender identity. i was assigned female at birth and sometimes i do feel female but there are other times where i feel fairly agendered. demigirl was suggested to me but i'm not entirely sure it fits just from the definitions i have seen. what do you think?

You might be bigender (female and agender), genderfluid (between agender and female), or genderflux (female changing in intensity)