Watching House
  • Friend:does the patient die?
  • Me:I dunno yet
  • Friend:*sees wilson* that's the dude from dead poets society
  • Me:mhm
  • Friend:he's the one you like?
  • Me:yeah
  • Friend:does he die?
  • Me:don't
  • Friend:I heard he gets cancer
  • Me:do not
  • Friend:so does house have to live without him or-?
  • Me:fuckin don't

agreatbritishthief asked:

📱[for Jo, just like before :D ]

  • What ringtone my muse has set for yours: Pretty girl Rock by Keri Hilson. 
  • What my muse thinks of the way yours texts:Childish but funny. 
  • How quickly my muse responds to your texts: Takes a few minutes. 
  • How often our muses text: A lot. 
  • How often our muses call: Only when one needs something. 
  • Does my muse purposefully miss calls from yours:Only if she’s annoyed. 
  • Last text sent from my muse to yours:{Text;Bel} I don’t like him. Shut up. 

{That’s the picture.} 


anonymous asked:

Momo is bae. She's from Japan and will be the main dancer for Twice. She's done covers to Paradise Lost, Problem, 2PMs My House, and Keri Hilson's Way You Love Me. She was actually eliminated but JYP brought her back at the end bc Twice needed her.(:

Wow lmao this girl stared death right in the face she got people sprung even jyp was like shit man i fucked up